Chat fight: The small monkey against the big dog

Written by , on 2015-11-29, genre gay

ring at a private gym...small crowd of guys there...4 different matches and we are the last card of the night...
ref announces me...Dan THE DESTROYER Miller coming in at 6'3...225 lbs
I charge out weairng black and white stripped shorts (as in pict)..slappin hands of some buds as I make my way to the ring..grab rope..leap over...flex and stretch out.

then the ref calls for me, Ben the italian monkey… i walk towards the ring, ignoring the audience, my eyes staring into yours with a cocky grin on my face… the tip of my tongue comes out of my mouth and licks the angle of my mouth as i reach for the ring, grab the rope and jump over them, my bare feet stomping on the mat… then i stand up, 5.8 for 160 lbs hairy body glistening under the lights in my red speedo briefs

I look down you grin...bounce my muscled pecs..FLEX my huge GUNZ...
you think you can take on this little man..and survive...DREAM ON.

i look at those muscles and slowly start walking around you… “i like bigger men…” i hiss, “they make bigger sound as they fall”

you do know this is a stakes match punk...and it will be quite painful when you ride this big I rub my huge soft bulge in my tights...I have a whopper cock. we both know it is you who will lose.

“of course i know, i never accept no stakes matches… and you can act as cocky as you wish, you already crave to feel what it feels like to be pounded by me”

as I let out a loud laugh
like that is gonna happen
you talk big for a little man....but lets see what you got.

“as you wish…” i hiss with a grin, and just a moment before the bell rings, i dive myself towards you… as i see you getting in position for a lock, i pass at your side, grabbing your face with my hand, and use it to hold myself in place during the run and circle at your back… while i turn around i raise my leg, and drive my knee damn hard into your lower spine bammmmmm

what the you get behind me...pull face back and drive a hard knee to my back...stagger forward a bit.bent back
drive a hard elbow back toward your ribcage.

“you are slow, big man” i tease you as i see that elbow coming… i lower myself and raise my palm, pushing your elbow and arm up as it arrives, while i raise the other palm and slam it right under your armpit, hitting your shoulder socket hard… then i let go your arm and ram both hands, closed as fists, into your exposed side

SuperA you shove my arm fowrad...ugghgh hit my you slam my side...stagger a few feet..
pissed...lift leg and deliver a quick ROUNDHOUSE kick to the side of your head.

i see that coming but don’t have enough time to avoid it… i just raise my forearm so that you hit that… my arm shivers a moment in the impact, and i grunt thinking of what would have happened if you hit my head… yet i raise my other arm, grab your ankle, bring your leg over me and twist it hard, forcing you to stumble and fall on your chest as i pull your leg up and twist it, your foot almost upside down

WHAT I fly off my feet..chest hits the canvas you twist my foot....pull back hard...try to kick my foot free.

i roll around your leg and sit over your hard buttocks, bending your leg, making it creak, giving it hard thrusts as i make my torso bend back towards yours

ARHARHHRHRAH..feel you torque my leg back..other foot ..and fists..hit the mat
buck hard..trying to throw you off me.

i hold your leg with just one arm, lay on my side over you and slide the other arm around your neck, forcing your head up and making your spine arch hard as i am pressing my firm buttocks over your lower spine… i bend over your ear and hiss “i bet you are liking it big bitch” and then i slide my tongue into your ear

SuperA you bend my leg up with one arm..pull back on my chin with the I hear you taunt in my ear
GET THE FUCK OFF I press both hands to the mat...trying to press up..
feel your tongue licking my ear..try to turn away.

“not sure you really want me to…” i hiss… then i slide away my arm from your neck and grab your wrist…
i pull my buttocks off of your back and press my feet into your side, pushing hard as i pull on your twisted led and your arm in an arc and bow with you face down...
your leg is twisted and it adds even more pain to the hold

ARHARHAHRHRHARHHRHHAHRHA ou stretch me out in a bow and arrow...feel your feet pressing into me....struggling hard..pulling..trying to get free

i stretch you harder for a while…
then i bend my legs over my chest
and RAM my bare feet into your side, letting your arm and leg go
so that you roll on the mat with red foot marks on your ribs

ufhghghghhg.feel you kick me free..roll on the mark of a foot print on my ribs
roll to ropes..grab them..start to pull myself up.

i roll back on all fours, but it’s just a way to give myself the bounce… i dive myself towards you as you are facing the ropes, and spear your back with my shoulder
i press hard so that your body is almost outside of the ring, the ropes stretching hard on your pecs and abs

ARHRHAHRHAHRAHHR.hit hard in the back...pressed hard into the ropes
reach back with one hand..grab your head..drop down fast...slamming your throat on the middle rope.

ouuuuugh! i gag hard as my throat closes against the rope, my body bouncing on that as i fall face down at the ring edge

see you slam to the mat..grab I mount your back...SLAM HEAD on the canvas once..twice
whisper in your ear as I slide down on top of you...gonna fuck you up but good.

my face slams on the mat hard, loud slam noises at every hit, my limbs shaking on the mat…
i feel your body pressing over mine as you whisper in my ear…
as you do, i bend my arm back, grab your hair, and suddenly ram my head back, headbutting your face hard

stunned by the headbutt as I lay on top of you
you can feel my huge hard bone on your ass.

your huge body laying over mine, your hard crotch pressing against my bubble butt
you are stunned… with a grunt, i press on my arms and make you roll away from me, making you lay on your back…
then i raise my arm and slam my palm on your throat, gripping your muscled neck and holding it down as i stand up over you
as you press up...I roll off..onto my back you grab my throat.....pressing down..gaghaghhg.aghhgh
bucking.thrrashing..kicking..trying to get some air.

as i stand up i let your throat go, but i grab the rope and use it to leap myself, raising my legs, and then fucking stomping my feet hard on your ripped abs bammmmmmm

UGGHGHHGHGHGHHG..body jsck knives in half as I SPIT OUT HARD..COUGHING...abs on fire
roll to my side..wheezing.

you are laying on your side… i bend over you and grab your gear, and with a hard jerk i tear them off, exposing your ass and hard cock


then i grab you by your hair, lift your torso and let the back of your neck lay on the middle rope, holding you down there
while i grab the lower rope, pull it up and make it snap over your neck, so that you get trapped between the ropes by your neck

ahghgahghhahghghhg..head trapped in the ropes..pulling down in a panic..trying to get free...making it even worse
as I thrash huge 11 inch rod bounces wildly
gahghghghahaghhghh...face turning red as I gasp for air.

i see your huge ripped body trapped, your cock pointing up and leaking pre on your abs…
i lick my lips as i see you trashing trying to free yourself
i kneel over your legs, forcing them to stay still, then i lick my lips and start ramming punches into your sore abs
again and again and again and again, making the ropes stretche even more on your throat

head snapping back and forth in the ropes
try to pull ropes apart...blows to my abs hurtin...weakens me as I pull on the ropes.

i stop punching you, grab your wrist…
“don’t you dare trying to escape, bitch”
i stand up, pulling and twisting your arms, and as i do i raise my foot and stomp it on your cock

as you pull my wrist off the ropes....rope snaps back on my adam's apple..aghahghghhahghaghhaghghhghgahghghh
THRASH HARD..gasping
as you twist my arms..
EYES BULGE FROM FACE ..face bright you stomp on my huge monster rod I get choked by the rope at the same time.

i grin, looking down… “that’s better, stay where you belong, dog”
my foot is still over your cock… i look down at you, still trapping you by your arms, and i start rubbing my sole on your enormous shaft, rubbing it against your hard abs, pushing the pre out of it

feel you working my huge shaft with your foot
wheezing as I struggle for air
cock starts to ooze precum
can't believe this is happening to me...body covered in sweat....panting.

i move my foot from your cock just for a moment
i spit on it
then i start rubbing that cock again
while i do, i raise the other leg, all my weight on your cock, and i press that foot on the ropes
as the grin on my face gets wilder and more evil, i start giving pushes down on the ropes with my foot, almost choking you

feel you take your foot off for a second..getting a respite as you spit on my rod
then you start up again...rubbing it
suddenly..feel you standing on it..try to thrash but can't
as your other foot presses on the ropes
head pressed to the mat...ropes choking me ..right on throat..buck wildly but can't throw you
short bursts where you step and then take off..get short gush of air only to have my throat collapse again
hghagghaghghagh..face bright red...wheezing..not sure how much more I can take.

“don’t worry, dog, it’s not going to last long…”
i interlace my fingers with yours and pull your arms up, making them press against the higher rope, and i use them to give myself balance
i raise the other foot from your huge cock
and fucking press it on the rope with the other
both feet at your head’s sides
as i start jumping on them like a monkey

aghha.ghagh.aghhg...coughing hard..struggling for air as my head bounces up and down in the ropes
arms thrash widly at first...but feel like lead weights
finally crashing to the mat
eyelids closed...head..body...covered in matted
as I lay motionless...out of it..t

i give some more bounces, then i step off from you
i let your arm go… it falls
i bend down and grab it again, just to let it go again… it falls… 2
i grab it again, lift it, let it go…

muscled body sprawled out on the mat..covered in sweat..chest my arm drops for the third time...crashing to the canvas
wheezing..breathing hard..out cold.

as your arm falls for the third time a roar comes from the crowd as i keep looking at you, ignoring the ref that tries to raise my arm
i push him away and kneel down between your legs
your throat is still trapped in the ropes, even if the pressure is lower
i grab your huge thighs and raise them a little, while i make my smaller but rock hard cock get out of my briefs
i press my cockhead against your hole
then i let your thighs go… your own weight makes you fall down, my cock stretching and then thrusting into your hole

out of you lift my your cockhead to my hole and then you press in..thrusting in....pain revives me a bit..gugahghgh...grunt a bit as you pump..

“that’s it, dog… i told you this was the right ending”
i grab your hips and start thrusting my hips up, fucking your ass hard

SuperA you thrust your hips..drilling my hole harder....gughg.

while i keep raping you, i grab your massive cock and start stroking it hard

ughhg....ughg..grunting as you fuck me hard
feel you grab my monster rod..start jerking it
bone hard rod...starts to ooze more precum...helpless to stop you.

i start giving you harder thrusts, pulling my cock almost all way out and then ramming it in
hitting your prostate at every thrust
while i stroke your huge cock
“you are going to cum, bitch, and then you are going to get marked as my own…”

ughaghahghghhg.gaghahghgahgh...feel you slam my you simultaneoulsly work my huge rod
body tenses up
as my rod starts to SHOOT its juices
spraying a huge load over my abs..pecs...

as you start shooting, your whole body flexes hard, and your ass muscles clinch around my cock
i grunt and groan… give some more hard thrusts, so fucking deep and hard…
then i shove my cock ballsdeep and with an animal groan, i shoot my italian load all inside your guts

ughgh.feel you thrust ass muscles alternating tightening ..loosening...around your rod...working it ram in deep...hear you groan
as you shoot

i hold my cock in you for a while, letting all my cum shoot into you
i bend over your ear and hiss “you are my dog now, remember that”
then i stand up, spit on you and move away
as the ref grabs my arm to raise it and declare my victory, i push him away and make him fall over your naked owned and covered in cum body
“take a taste if you want, ref, he won’t do anything to avoid it”
and then i step away

ughhg...lay there...moaning..cum dripping out of my ass
the end

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