Extreme cuckold

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I sensed my pretty young wife was getting fed-up with my addiction to total-enclosure bondage, although she knew about it before the marriage. To cut a long story short, she waited until she had me trussed up in a "mummy" style sleeping -bag, then broke it to me she wanted a divorce - unless - I was willing to let her take a lover, who would be involved in our activities. It was non-negotiable, and I was desperate not to lose her, so I reluctantly agreed.

One Friday evening, she had me completely helpless in the 'mummy' bag, the built-in hood tied tight so that there was only about a one-inch opening left, right over my mouth, then she introduced the 'lover' who took one look at me, and said "Fantastic! I LOVE it! This is going to be so much fun!" They made love on the bed right beside me, as I lay there helpless, and listened to the whole thing, jealous but unable to do a thing about it, gagged with a rubber cock as I was. She was loving this, moaning and babbling with delight, and she came quickly, leaving him unfinished and unsatisfied.

"Put it in HIS mouth!" she commanded, sleepily, and he quickly unbuckled the gag, and straddled my head, jamming his hard length deep between my jaws, the taste of Emily's juices strong in my mouth. He drove it in and out remorselessly, until eventually a whole hot slimy load jetted out and hit the back of my throat, causing a swallow reflex. Then he withdrew, and buckled the rubber cock back in place, and they lay together, murmuring endearments, and proposing all kinds of nastiness for me.

"Stay here this weekend, sweetie, and we can do this all the while..." she suggested, then went on "I DO want to see you wank him to death, though, and not let him cum...that would be a REAL turn-on for me! He'll scream like a little girl eventually, which is when it really gets interesting! I can keep him on the edge for hours, but it's really too much work, which is where you come in! You DID say you really really liked to do that, so I'm holding you to that!"

"I did say that...and it's true...I've been used to studying the victim's expressions and gradual hatred of the proceedings, though..."

"Oh he'll writhe and buck, and scream as loud as we let him - you'll enjoy it, I promise! Anyway, it's non negotiable, if you and I are to have a future, it needs to be a very regular thing!"

"Oh, very well....let's have a look anyway..." he opened the zipper which lay over the mound I was making in the bag, which she had installed beside the main full-length one, and my semi-erect 8 inches burst out, along with my rock-hard balls. More laughter.
"Now That's a sight for sore eyes! Think I'm gonna like this gig! What really drives him crazy, hon?"

"I'll show you! Like...this...and ....that...look at him squirm, and listen to him moan! You do it...let me see how effective you are!"

The little bitch I loved so much, gave him an intensive training, then ordered "Don't DARE ever let him cum, without my say-so, or we're through! Clear?"

"As crystal! I can REALLY be cruel, if that's what you want....?"

"Fuck yes! I really don't love him any more, so I just want you to drive him to the edge of insanity, pretty much endlessly, and you and I will get along just fine! Oh and you can face-fuck him to your heart's content! I love watching that! How many times d'you think you can cum in his mouth over the weekend? Ten times? Twenty? I'll give you his fancy chronometer watch, if you can reach twenty,,,cost several hundred dollars - deal?"
"Fuck yes! I'm almost ready again...you want some first?"

"No, I'm good - I just want to watch! So, have at it! The weekend is young!"

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