The cocksuckers hidden deep inside every one

Written by , on 2015-08-31, genre trans

Get on your knees and show me how much you need a shemale cock like mine. I know there are nasty fucking shemale cockcocksuckers hidden deep inside every one of us and you just need a shemale mistress to bring it out.

My sissies beg and plead for me to fuck them but I make them serve me and carry out freaky tasks before they are allowed. I am so good they do just about everything I ask to be honored to have my cock up their ass. Sometimes I just want my cocks sucked so I call upon those crossdressing faggots to satisfy my desires. I have such a wide variety of followers I know I have one who just wants to fuck my man pussy to feel our balls bang against one another.shemale cock

In the reality each one of you are just looking for the hardest, deepest fuck of your pathetic life. My body intrigues you and my capabilities of teaching you cocksucking skills makes you want to be near me. I am the one that will make you into what you truly are whether its cocksucking perfection, learning to be a faggot or just to be laid.

I will teach you everything there is to know about this shemale cock way of life. I know how to make you irresistible and to get the cock of your dreams. If you need help in dressing, walking I am the one to do it. Let me guide you to the world of this. Get ready I’m nipples and cock are tingling thinking about you.

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