My Brother

Written by , on 2019-04-13, genre incest

My brother Reggie 26 is single and is reclusive, lives and works on our aunts Marie's farm. Reggie love it there and only comes to town with Marie. Marie has no children of her own and she took in Reggie, when our mother died. She died in a car accident and Reggie was 10 at the time and our father couldn't look after us both. Reggie has always been shy and it was the best option for him. I'm Gwen 31 single, lawyer and the complete opposite to Reggie. Our father Darren passed away 3 years ago now. Our only family now is Marie, her late husband John pasted away 10 years ago after an illness. Marie 48 and I went to visit her and Reggie for a month last December. I arrived earlier than I had told them I would arrive. There was no one around the house so I went to the barn and saw them fucking inside. I watched for a while and was getting aroused, but recovered my sense and returned to my car. I waited a few minutes, then blew my car horn and they came out of the barn. Reggie was tucking his shirt in his pants as they walked across to me. They were both happy to see me and we went inside to talk. I settled in and Marie asked if I had man yet. No I answered and I asked her How was Reggie doing as he had left to get some firewood for the fireplace. Reggie is doing great and as long as you don't try to pressure him into anything. He likes a quiet life and is happy I think was her reply. No girlfriend then I asked. No and I don't try to get him to try as this would stress him she replied. Then Reggie returned with an armful of wood and then left for another. Later on after dinner we sat around talking and getting up to date on our lives. Reggie went to what the dog was barking at, Marie asked me How I liked her fucking Reggie in the barn earlier. You saw me I said, Yes she replied and I saw you touching yourself also she added. She then went on to tell how they had started the sexual relationship after uncle John had passed away. I was not as shocked as I thought I should be and it was a loving relationship. Marie then asked If I would like to join in with them, I didn't answer straight away and after I said I would let her know. About an hour later we all went off to our beds. Mine was towards the front of the house and theirs at the back. I was laying in bed thinking about what I had saw and started to get aroused, I started to play with myself and then Marie came in and got into the double bed with me. She was naked and was soon helping me get off. Shortly after Reggie came in and joined in and that was the first time Reggie fucked me. After that I was fucked by him almost everyday and now I have returned to live with them. I'm pregnant to Reggie.

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