When nothing was off the table - P. 2

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When ................ NOTHING ................ was off the Table
(First Time - Bisexual - Threesome - Zoophillia)

.................... End of Chapter 1 ....................

The taste of Dave’s fuck-juice was better than I could ever imagine. It was warm and a little salty on my tongue and lips, but to me, it reminded me of warm slippery ice cream ... as it slid down my throat.

.................... Chapter 2 ....................

Dave eyes’ were filled with fuck-lust as he watched me sucking and cleaning his fuck-juice-covered fingers. Once Dave’s fingers were cleaned, I wrapped my fingers around his long throbbing cock and slowly began pumping and squeezing his hard cock. It only took seconds before Dave’s cock was oozing more fuck-juice out of his red cock head and covering my own fingers.

As Dave was standing in front of me, I was seated on the couch with Dave’s dripping cock right level with my lip’s and mouth. While I pumped his cock I move closer to him, until his hard cock touched my lips.

When I started to open my mouth, Dave humped toward me sliding his long hard cock past my lips’ and into my mouth. While it surprised me, it did not stop me from sucking on Dave’s hot cock head and getting the taste of his fuck-juice on my tongue.

I pumped and sucked on Dave’s swollen cock for only a minute or two as I slid my free hand up to Dave’s asshole. I started working my finger around Dave’s asshole when I realized his asshole was covered in lubricating gel. With no effort at all two of my fingers slid up his asshole ... suddenly Dave, pulled his cock out of my mouth with a loud pop and stepped away from me. I didn’t know what happened ... did I do something wrong.

Dave said, he loved how I sucked his cock and fingered his asshole, but he really needed to go to his bedroom for something. As I waited for Dave to return, I could still taste Dave’s fuck-juice on my tongue and lips. The minutes seemed to go on forever as my own cock was swollen and throbbing with fuck-juice leaking out of it. I stroked my cock and spread the fuck-juice on my cock shaft and in a moment of sexual lust I licked and tasted my own fuck-juice-covered fingers.

In about two or three minutes, Dave returned from his bedroom with a huge smile on his face. Dave walked over to me with his long hard cock waving at me and making little bouncing movements. Dave stopped and stood before me and said, he had a little surprise for me.

When I questioned, what it was, Dave told me to look at his throbbing cock. When I looked at his throbbing cock, I saw a black rubbery strap surrounding his cock similar to a cock ring, but it wasn’t one. Dave then turned around and bent over, showing me that the black rubbery strap turned into a large black bulb which went up into Dave’s asshole.

Dave turned back around, and told me, it was a new toy he just received yesterday in the mail and he has been dying to try it out. Dave explained, the new toy was a Prostrate Massager and Electronic Simulator. Dave showed me a little hand held remote controller with two buttons on it. Dave explained, he could control the level of prostate massaging and electric stimulation he wanted.

Dave’s cock was rock hard and was oozing fuck-juice when I took hold of his throbbing cock and wrapped my lips around it and started sucking. Within seconds of stroking and sucking Dave’s cock I felt little vibrations within his cock coming from the prostate massager shoved up his asshole.

I was surprised and excited to feel Dave’s hot juicy cock in my mouth as I sucked his swollen cock head and stroked his shaft. I occasionally sucked his long cock further into my mouth, but as much as I tried, I could only get about six inches buried into my sucking mouth. The feeling of his hot hard throbbing cock touching the back of my mouth, made my rock hard cock release dripping amounts of fuck-juice.

My sucking of Dave’s wet hard cock became a burning desire within me to experience his cock throbbing and unloading its load of hot cum onto my tongue and into my mouth. I doubled my efforts by sucking Dave’s hot cock harder and deep-throating his long cock, as much as I could.

In a short time, Dave started making moaning sounds with little forward hip thrusts trying to bury his long hot cock deeper into my mouth. I knew then, my reward of Dave’s hot sticky cum was about to happen, but I did not expect what did happen.

With Dave’s throbbing hot cock in my mouth and with his ongoing thrusting, I focused on only sucking his hot cock as he pumped in and out of my vacuuming mouth. On my tongue, I could feel Dave’s deep prostate vibrating throughout his hard hot cock.

I knew Dave was on the edge by his moaning and his quicker thrusts into my sucking mouth. I did not however expect ... Dave, with both his hands grabbed the back of my head and drove his whole nine-inch hot hard cock deep into my throat. Dave withdrew about half of his hot hard cock and again drove it deep into my mouth and throat. Dave repeated his deep cock thrusting a number of times ... when he stiffened up and started to unload his hot sticky cum.

I could feel Dave’s hot long cock pump a big load of hot sticky cum right down my throat and has he pulled back another load of hot cum in my mouth and on my tongue. I swallowed his hot load of cum that was in my throat but kept his hot sticky cum in my mouth. I felt the texture of his cum with my tongue as I rolled it around inside my mouth, I was surprised, how good it felt and how good it tasted.

With some of Dave’s hot cum still in my mouth, I stated stroking and sucking his cock head again in an effort to get more of his cum cream. When it seemed like Dave finished unloading all his hot sticky cum, I kept stroking his hard cock but removed my mouth from it. As the last of Dave’s orgasm ended, he deposited another load of hot sticky cum on my lips and chin.

I was hot and crazy with fuck-lust as my own cock throbbing and was so swollen and hard it almost hurt. I wanted to keep on experiencing all these new sensations and feelings which were hidden inside me. So, it was no real surprise to me, when Dave leaned over and started licking his own cum off my lips and chin.

When Dave had finished cleaned my face, he put his hands behind my head and gently started to kiss me. I with no resistance kissed him back and opened my mouth to feel his hot tongue playing inside my mouth. It was a hot crazy moment as we hugged, kissed and tongued each another.

As we were kissing, Dave reached down and grabbed my hard swollen cock and stroked it several times. In no time at all, my leaking fuck-juice was on his fingers, as well as on my throbbing cock. Dave stopped his kissing and leaned down and kissed my cock head. Dave then said, he really needed a break as his bladder was full and begging for relief. I also needed a bathroom break after our heated fuck session. We both headed for the two available bathrooms.

When I got into the guest bathroom, I let out a little laugh to myself, wondering how was I going to piss with my rock hard cock. After a few minutes of trying to relax my cock, a gushing stream of hot bright yellow piss shot into the waiting toilet. I heard noise coming from the kitchen, as I walked into the kitchen I immediately smiled at the sight of Dave mixing us drinks in the nude with his hard long cock bouncing as he moved around.

We both sat down at the kitchen side counter and sipped our drinks with big smiles and while neither one of us speaking a word. We both looked at each other and burst into laughs. It must have been a sight to see, two grown men sitting and having a drink while naked and with very red and hard throbbing cocks. Dave broke the silence by asking if I wanted to go lay down in Bonnie’s and his king-sized bed.

I said surely, but also said, had to go and have a quick shower to clean off all the sexual activity cover my body. Dave looked at me somewhat strangely and asked, what was I saying. I told Dave, I felt dirty to go and lay in his nice big bed with our asshole lube, fuck-juices and cum on my sweaty body.

Dave said, he really liked me covered in our fuck-juices and cum as it was dirty and nasty making him hotter and hornier and wanting much more. Dave finished his drink, stood up and came over to me and wrapped his fingers around my throbbing cock. Dave pulled me up by my cock and started leading me to his bedroom. I didn’t know what to expect but, I was more then willing to follow him as he pulled and squeezed my cock.

When we got into Dave’s bedroom he walked over to the TV and plugged in another porn movie. As we laid down on his big bed the movie started, two men were sucking each others big cocks while a very nice looking young girl drove a huge black dildo up her own asshole. As I watched the movie, I felt Dave’s fingers wrap around my swollen cock and slowly started pumping up and down.

As Dave pumped my cock, I looked over at Dave to see his cock was also hard and standing straight up with fuck-juice starting to come out. Dave then asked me, if I remembered what he said when he first saw my hard thick cock. I thought for a couple of seconds and responded, Yea, you said you knew just where I could put thick cock.

Dave gave his usual smile and said, Yes that was right, and that place was right up his asshole as he really wanted to feel it my thick cock pumping in and out of his ass. With that said, Dave rolled over on his side and removed the prostate massager and electronic simulator from his ass. Dave reached for the sex lube and squeezed a big glob on his fingers. He then moved his hand behind him and covered his asshole with the lube.

Dave withdrew his hand from behind him and with the remaining lube started to stoke my throbbing hard cock. I was just getting ready to roll Dave over and drive my fuck-juice dripping cock up his ass. Dave however was one step ahead of me. Dave sat up, then got to his knees and in one quick move straddled my hips.

Dave reached behind himself and grabbed my greasy wet thick cock and positioned it, so it was just touching his asshole lips. Dave with a grin on his face slowly lowered his ass so the head of my hard fat cock slid up into his asshole. Dave lifted his ass a little bit and then lower it again taking more of my cock up his ass.

I could feel the heat of Dave’s asshole as my cock throbbed inside him and when Dave clenched his asshole muscles the feeling was insane. My cock Felt like it was in a hot vice. Dave raised his ass upwards again and then slowly settled back down on my wet cock till all of it was buried up his hot clenching asshole. At the same time, I wrapped my fingers around Dave’s long hard cock and started pumping it. Dave fucked my cock with his asshole while I pumped his cock with its fuck-juice dripping on my chest.

Dave’s hot asshole pumped up and down on my hard cock, I could feel the little spasms beginning, which signaled to me, I was getting ready to pump hot thick cum into Dave’s asshole. Dave also felt I was about to cum, as he lifted up and let my greasy hard cock slip out of his stretched and lube-covered asshole.

Dave quickly reached for a large pillow, Dave turned over placing the pillow under his stomach lifting his ass up in the air. I did not require any further invitation. I got behind Dave and drove my throbbing hard cock up his welcoming asshole. I could hear Dave grunting as I rammed in and out of his asshole. The feeling of my hard cock sliding in and out of Dave’s hot asshole was heightened, even more, by Dave clamping down on my greasy cock with his sphincter muscles.

My hot cock cum could not be held back any longer. I began to pump load after load of hot thick cum up into Dave’s wonderful clenching asshole. I did not withdraw and kept my cock fully buried in Dave’s asshole while he kept squeezing my cock with his asshole muscles. Ever so slowly I pulled my cock out of Dave’s asshole and rolled over on my back completely exhausted.

When I looked at my red colored cock, I could see my cock was covered in Dave’s asshole lube and my own thick cum. Dave turned over on his side and looked at my cum covered cock and just smiled. Dave then said, looks like his asshole sucked some of my cocks hardness out. My response was simply ... Yea Right. Dave only smiled.

Dave said, well I guess I should try to fix that. Dave reached over and grabbed my semi-hard cum covered cock and started pumping slowly. Dave bent over and placed his lips and mouth over my cock and started sucking and cleaning all the lube and cum off of it. In no time at all my cock stiffened up and filled Dave’s sucking mouth.

I in turn reached down and wrapped my fingers around Dave’s still hot rock hard and began to pump his long shaft. I removed my hand and moved it back to Dave’s gapping open asshole and covered my fingers in his asshole leaking lube and cum. I returned to pumping Dave’s long cock with my lube and cum covered fingers. I could feel Dave was starting to thrust his hips as I pumped his throbbing long and greasy cock. I was getting ready to start sucking his hot long cum cover cock to once again taste and swallow his thick hot cum.

Dave then said please stop, as he didn’t want to cum. Dave further said, turn-about was fair play, and he now wanted to put a load of his hot cum up my asshole. Dave asked me, to turn over on my stomach with the big pillow under my stomach. I did as Dave asked and for some reason became even more excited. With my asshole up in the air and Dave staring at me my own cock stiffened and throbbed in anticipation of getting ass fucked.

Dave moved closer to me, as he plunged his fingers into his own asshole, coating them in his asshole leaking lube and my cum. Dave moved behind me and placed his greasy fingers on my asshole. Dave slowly slipped one finger up my ass and began to rotate it around. This was followed by two fingers and then three, all the while rotating and stretching my asshole opening making it bigger and bigger.

To my surprise, the feeling of Dave working my asshole was great to say the least. When Dave reached down and under me to wrap his fingers around my rock hard fuck-juice dripping cock, I thought I could cum again in seconds.

Dave took his fingers off my throbbing cock and I felt his hands on either side of my hips. I could feel Dave positioning his hot wet cock head against my asshole lips. Then I felt a pushing pressure as Dave slipped his hot long cock past my sphincter ring and into my asshole. I had to force myself not to drive backwards and ram Dave’s whole hot long cock up my asshole. Once again, I was in heated fuck-lust mode and just wanted Dave to pound my asshole so I could feel his hot cum pumping inside me.

Dave slowly pumped his long hard cock up my asshole. It felt like Dave had all of his long hot cock in my asshole. The feeling was incredible with the heat and fullness of Dave’s cock sliding in and out of me. All of a sudden Dave jerked forward and rammed all of his long nine-inch cock up my asshole. Dave started to pump with deep thrusts into my ass with such force, I realized, I was grunting and was pushing backwards to get every inch of his long cock buried inside me.

Dave was pile driving my asshole while I was meeting his thrusts’ stroke for stoke. I knew, Dave was about pump a huge load of hot sticky cum into my asshole. Within seconds, Dave jerked and drove his hot long cock fully up my asshole as he started to unload his hot cum into me. I just laid there as Dave kept his long cock buried inside my asshole as his cock unloaded the last of his hot cum.

Dave and I just laid there, as if we were knoted together, both trying to catch our breath. Not a word was said between us. When suddenly we both heard ... Well, Well, looks like the boy’s are having fun and never even invited me ...

Bonnie stood in the bedroom doorway with her eyes’ wide open ............

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When ................ NOTHING ................ is off the Table
.................... Continued in Chapter 3 ....................

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