The happening at North Point.

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(Mother and son)

The sun was just setting over the Rocky mountains as Rick Davis pulled off the dirt road and drove down the long driveway to his grandfather's ranch. His grandpa had passed away and left it to him, knowing how much he always loved coming out there in the summers as a boy. It hadn't been a working ranch, his grandpa used it as a vacation home and it was on the most beautiful piece of land Rick had ever seen. With the Rocky's in the back ground and hills and valleys and streams running through it, it was paradise.

Rick had packed up and moved from Michigan to live there full time now. His grandpa had also left him 750.000 in cash to start a life with, he had time to find a way to make a living out here in Montana. He missed his grandfather very much but was very happy to be able to start a new life out here in this wonderful place. He would miss his mother in Michigan as well but he would just have to go back and visit as well as bring her out to visit him at his new home. Rick and his mother were very close and it had been a very hurtful blow to her when Rick told her he was moving. It was also very hard on Rick to see her cry so. But here he was and here he would stay he thought to himself as he stepped onto the big front porch of the house and turned around to look over his land. It was all his, farther than the eye could see. He felt as if he must be closer to God when he was out here?...... But something else crossed his mind. Being here would help him get rid of those disturbing thoughts and feeling's he had for his mother. He was 21 now and had been feeling like this about her for 6 or seven years now. As a young teenage, he masterbaited thinking about her and almost only her. When he was having sex with girls or women he was thinking of his mother in his mind. When Rick was 19 he moved out and got an apartment because he thought if he wasn't living with her and seeing her every day, it might help him to get her sexually out of his mind. But this to was futile. His mother couldn't stand to be away from her baby boy and came over to his apartment almost daily. When he told her of his moving here to the ranch, he had never seen such sorrow and pain in her eyes, it hurt him deeply but it hurt more to be around her all the time and not be able to love her the way he needed to. When his grandfather's will was read, he knew this was the change he needed if he was to ever rid himself of this terrible longing. He just prayed his mother wouldn't be to lonely, she acted like Rick was her whole life.

He couldn't understand how she wasn't with a man? He saw men looking at her all the time. Even at the age of 50 she was a goddess, at least in Rick's eyes. His mother Kimberly was 5'9, 140 lbs of breasts and ass. Her legs were toned and long. Her ass was far to big for the rest of her body. Her waste was curved in nicely and her breasts were huge and tear-drop shaped with big puffy nipples that were more than a mouth full. Her hair was auburn color and came down midway on her back, her face was, well... Let's just say to Rick, her face was breath taking.

Over the next few weeks Rick fix things around the house and ranch to suit the way he wanted it. He even drove out to a live stock auction and bought two horses so he could ride his land. All and all he was over the moon happy! He was so busy he didn't have time to think about Kimberly his mother. He was so tired at the end of the day that he had gone over two weeks without even masterbaiting, which was a new record for him by two weeks!

....... It had been a month since Rick had come to his new home and he was just riding his horse back twords the house when he noticed a dust trail forming in the distance.
Then he saw a far off car coming down his long driveway. He kicked the side of his mount a rode off twords the house to see who this uninvited visitor was?

As Rick rode up he knew who it was before he could even see her clearly. His mother stepped out of the rental car and was smiling from ear to ear as her strapping son came riding up like some stud in one of her romance novels. Even though Kimberly had eyes and could see the 6'2, 225lbs of muscled young man in front of her, to her he was still that 8 yr old little boy that held her hand everywhere they went together and would fall asleep in her loving arms at the end of the day. She had nothing but a pure motherly love for her son. The problem was she loved him so much she was incredibly and deeply depressed since he had left for Montana a month ago. It had taken every ounce of her sanity to wait as long as she had before coming to see Rick. But her eyes watered at the site of him approaching her now.

The second Rick saw her standing there with her little loose summer dress blowing in the breeze, his cock jumped in his pants. His breath quickened, his heart beat increased. She was so beautiful to him,... Why did it have to be his own mother that made him feel this way? Women had always thrown themselves at Rick since he was 15. He could have his pick of them. Why in God's name did it have to be her that made his blood boil? He knew she was head over heels in love with him, but he also knew it was the love of a parent for a child. He felt love and pain as he got down off his horse to embrace his teary eyed mother.
He thought to ask her why on Earth she would make this trip out here all the way from Michigan without telling him she was coming, but he knew better. There was no way she was going to give him the chance to make up an excuse for her not to be able to come. So instead he hugged and let her kiss all over his face and when she was finally done, he walked her into the house and showed her around the place.

Kimberly was quite taken back by the home. She had somewhat expected a hunting cabin, but this was a beautiful ranch home that any man of means would be proud to own on a picture perfect piece of land. She could see how it had drawn her son away from home. But she hated it for taking him away from her, she couldn't help but feel that.

The next few days mother and son spent around the ranch and a few trips into town for shopping and dining. Rick did all he could to spoil his mom and show her a good time. At night when they went to their separate rooms for bed, Rick was stroking himself two or three times a night to take the pain away from his list for his mom that would build up through the day. She wasn't giving him a straight answer on how long she planned to visit and he couldn't bring himself to say anything that might make her feel like she wasn't welcome. The fact is, he wished they were always together and he could hold her and love her. It's just that it was incredibly hard for him the way things were now.... But tonight, life was going to change for the both of them weather they wanted to or not.

.... It was the fourth night of Kimberly's visit and the mother and son had just returned from a long horse ride over the hills. Kimberly sat on the back porch as Rick saw to putting the horse's away in the barn for the night. For some reason the horse's were uneasy as Rick put them in there stalls. He began to wonder if there might be a wolf or coyote wandering around? As he closed the barn door he turned around and started to walk across the yard twords the house and his mother,who was sitting on the porch swing smiling at her beautiful son.

Halfway across the yard Rick froze!
There was a blinding light enveloping him. His body felt like a frozen statue. His mind was screaming in fear but his mouth and voice we're unresponsive.
Rick then felt as if he was in some kind of dream state. He saw blurry images and felt flashes of pain in his stomach and groin. He could focus or form any straight thoughts and then he just faded to black.....

The light was blinding as Rick tried to open his eyes. It took several moment for his vision to clear. As he looked around he was laying in his back yard on the grass naked. Then as he got up to his feet he saw that his mother was laying behind him naked as well and she was starting to come to as well.
Rick ran to her holding her in his arms and asking her if she was alright? Rick picked her up in his arms and carried Kimberly into the house and got her into bed and covered her with the blanket. As they starred at each other in confusion and fear, the other kept waiting for the other to say it first.
Finally, Kim whispered,... We we're taken.

Nothing else was said for quite a while. The two just sat together, holding each other on the bed for a few hours. Sitting in silence and in thought.

Rick finally said, mom I don't remember much of anything, I just know that something happened to me. They did something to me, I could feel it.
Me to Ricky, I felt them poking me and sticking me with things. But it's all like a fading dream in my mind. I'm scared Rick, I'm so scared.
It's ok mom, I'm here.

Then with the sun starting to set the two fell asleep next to each other.

Kimberly woke first and got up. She was hungry and decided to go and make breakfast for Rick and her. About a half hour late as Kim was busy in the kitchen, Rick began to stir.

Right away something felt wrong. His head was pounding, every muscle in his body was on fire with pain. Rick got up and stumbled out of the room and down the stairs. When he got down stairs he collapsed in pain and screamed out!
Kim heard him and came running. Rick was curled up in the fetal position and writhing in pain. At first Kim was beginning him to tell her what was wrong? Then right before her eyes she saw what seemed to be impossible? She could see his muscles actually growing bigger, his vain's were thick and deep blue. He was saying he felt on fire and ripped the close right off his own body. Kim felt terrified and helpless. Rick fell back down to the floor and curled up in a ball. Kim got up and went to grab the keys to the car so she could try and take Rick to the closest hospital when all of the sudden it went silent.
Rick's only sounds were heavy breathing. Kim turned around and was about to go back to his side when he started to get up with his back to her. She couldn't believe her eyes!
His legs, his back and shoulders, nothing but rippling muscle. Rick slowly turned around to face his mother. The look on his face terrified her to the core. He had the look of a wild animal. His eyes were blood shot red and his face seemed completely flushed red. He was starring at her like a piece of meat, as though he didn't even recognize her. His body looked like he had put on 40 lbs of pure muscle and when her baby blue eyes gazed down between her son's legs, she almost choked on her own breath. Her cock was almost hanging to his knees and was as around as a normal persons four arm. He stared at her as though he would jump any second.

Rick started to sniff the air. He slowly walked twords Kimberly and kept sniffing as he got closer to her. Then when he was in arms reach, he reached out and took hold of her wrist and brought it up to his face and began to sniff up and down her hand and arm. As he did, what Kimberly saw next would be burned in her mind until the day she died. She watched as her son's horse like cock got hard in front of her. It must have been 15 inches long and as wide as a grown mans arm. It looked throbbing and angry and pointed up right at Kim's face like a shot gun.
Just then Kim panicked and turned around with a scream!
Rick lunged and grabbed her like a beast throwing her down across the kitchen table and began ripping the clothes off her body while she helplessly laid there and screamed out in fear! Once Kimberly was completely naked, Rick seemed to calm for a minute as he looked down at her bare back side. Then he leaned over and started to sniff her. He got down on his knees and began to sniff her ass and shoved his nose right into her pussy, causing his mother to Yelp as his powerful arm kept her bent over and pined to the table. As Kim yelped Rick growled loudly like an angry dog that's giving a warning. Kim quickly covered her mouth with her hand and hoped he wouldn't hurt her.
She was realizing two things, one this wasn't her baby's fault, he wasn't in control of himself, and two, if she was going to make it out of this, she would have to play dead like a possum and hope he would lose interest in her like predators she had seen on nature shows.
Rick moved the big paw that was holding her down to the table and with both hands grabbed hold of both her huge ass cheeks and spread them open and buried his face up her giant 50 yr old ass and started lapping up and down her brown asshole and pink pussy like a dog dying of thirst. Kim screeched and screamed into her hand as he only child made a sloppy meal out of her asshole and cunt. She could feel his saliva running down her thighs and even though she was terrified, she couldn't control the building orgasm that she knew was coming. When she came she hollered out and felt her pussy squirt three big gushes out on to her son's face and in his lapping mouth and down his guzzling throat.
While she was twitching and reeling from Rick's non-stop assault on her back side, she feel something hitting non-stop on the inside of her legs. Then she realized it was the baseball bat made of flesh that her son had between his legs. He was on his knees behind her and that massive hard meat club was swinging back and forth, smacking her on the insides of her legs as he devoured the birth canal he came out of.

Kim almost somehow thought the worst was over until Rick stopped eating her ass and she felt him begin to rise up off his knees. She felt that huge swinging flesh log begin to stop smacking off her thighs higher and higher until it stopped under her cunt like she was strataling on a tree branch. Then the true fear of what was going to happen to her really began to sink in. A sudden streak of panic ran through her, OH GOD HE CAN'T!!!
She jumped straight up and tried to get away from the table, but Rick was far to fast and strong and he simply pressed her back onto the table and took ahold of his mighty cock and began to rub the huge mushroom over his mother's wet cunt lips. Kim screamed out in terror!
Rick paid no attention, his mind was concerned with only one primary thought, BREED HER!

With a strong push, Rick forced the head of his cock into his mothers pussy. Kim screamed in pain!
Then he pushed hard again and pushed half his monster inside her. Kim started to scream but her voice failed her as she dug her nails into the wood of the table. Then Rick pulled out some of his cock and then he pushed forward and put all 15 inches into his dear mother's body and Kimberly fell dead unconscious.
It was probably best that Kim past out, because for the next five straight minutes, Rick pile drived his cock into his poor mother like an animal gone mad! When his massive balls finally emptied, he flooded her body with his sperm until it flowed out of her and down her legs and on to the floor were her feet dangled.
When he pulled his weapon out of her poor beaten womb, he picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and took her into the bedroom and put her on the bed. He got on top of her and again started to sniff her body. He sniffed his way to his mom's armpit and it pleased him. He moved her lifeless arm and stuck mouth in there and licked the sweat from her underarm. The sent from her body was making Rick hard again and the only thought running through his mind was,...BREED HER.

Rick got on top of his unconscious mother and lifted her legs up and put her feet on his massive shoulders and set his cock head at the entrance of her swollen beat red abused pussy. As he pushed inside her, Kim came to with a scream. Her eyes tried to focus and her hands tried to grab the log that was spitting her open, but she could do nothing. Rick just pushed back into her and his cock head went into and opened up her cervix. She grabbed the head board of the bed and her jaw was as tight as it could be as Rick began to fuck her with force. She went through so much pain that somewhere a long the line it changed into some kind of abusive pleasure and after a few minutes her orgasms began to come one after the other. A few times she came close to passing out, but he was fucking her so hard he would fuck her back to consciousnesses again. As Rick fuck the life out of his mother, he began to sniff her feet. He began very pleased with them and licked and suck on her feet and toe's as he pounded away at her helpless body. Kim was in a non-stop orgasm and was wondering if it was even real anymore, her mind was jelly. Rick finally jerked and spasmed and pushed his animal seed into his mothers body. He fell next to her on the bed and pulled her to him. He wrapped her limp body up in his arms and wrapped a leg around her and held her into him as he fell into a slumber. An hour or so later, he woke up a little bit and shoved his cock back up into his mother again as they lay on their sides, her pussy had been gapped open and it went in easier this time. He laid next to her, holding her as he lazily fuck into his mothers destroyed cunt until Rick shot off a last blast of sperm deep into her guts and then fell into a comma like sleep with Kimberly tight in his arms.

....... The next morning was horrible for Rick. He remembered everything, but didn't know what made him go crazy. When he saw his poor battered mom he just held her and cried for hours. She couldn't walk without terrible pain. Rick carried her to the bathroom and helped her bath and carried her back to bed where she would stay for the next three days recovering. In that time they talked. They both knew this was from the night the bright lights came. They knew Rick had been made to do this by them somehow. Kimberly told Rick over and over that it wasn't his fault, she loved him and that could never change. She wanted to make sure he knew that he was her whole life and nothing could come between them. She knew he hated himself for what he did and she wanted to take his hurt away. Part of her wanted to tell him the truth, that even though there was a lot of pain that it was the most beautiful and frightening and incredible thing that has ever happened to her. She wanted to tell him that she will never be able to let another man touch her ever again. She wanted to tell him that if any man ever touches her again, it will only be him, she so wanted to tell him that, but he seemed so repaulsed by what he did, she didn't want to confuse him any further. Kimberly had no clue how much Rick was in love and in lust with her before all this.
But it seemed something's were permanent. Rick's body was still much more strong and full of new muscle. His cock had shrank some and seemed to be staying at just over 10 inches now. They had done this for a reason, but mother and son did not understand for what.
..... That is until a week had passed and Kimberly's morning sickness had started. At first she couldn't believe it. But all the signs were there. It seemed impossible, Kim had already gone through the female change. She couldn't get pregnant anymore! But after three home pregnancy tests, there was no doubt anymore. Kim was pregnant with her son's baby.

The next few days Kim became sick, nothing was helping. She also was already starting to show. Her belly looked like it was two or three months pregnant already. Rick was very worried and told Kim that tomorrow he was taking her to the doctor. Both had no idea what they were going to tell the doctor, but Rick wasn't going to risk anything happening to his mother.
They had begun sleeping in the same bed together since the rape night because Kim said it made her feel better and safe. So they laid down and decided to go to the doctor in the morning.
That night both had a very real and clear dream.

..... In there "dream", they were both sitting on a bench in a darkened room. There were several people around them but they were in the shadows and Rick and Kim couldn't see there faces. But someone spoke to them and said this.
Please don't be afraid, we mean you no harm. We have chosen you to help us save our people. Your female carries our young one. When the time comes we will take it out of you with no harm to your female. In thanks for your assistance, we will greatly so your aging process and give you greater health and wellness. Greater strangth and sexual pleasure. We will also give you the thing you call gold that your people value so very much. All we ask is that you care for the little ones inside you while they are in you.
The one called Kimberly, you have been unwell because you need to consume the sperm of your partner to give nutrition to the little one. You must do this every day as much as your the little one tells you it needs, you will know when you feel it. We have made Rick's body able to produce as much as you need. The more you take from him the more his body will provide. Each little one will take 6 of your months to grow. When it is ready to come home to us, we can take it while you sleep and with no pain or harm.
We hope we can have many little ones together with you two. If you help us we will greatly reward you.
Rick, if you start to feel like you are becoming weak from sperm feedings. Drink Kimberlys breast milk and it will reenergize you and restore your strength. Remember Kimberly, take Rick's sperm right away and it will help you and the little one.

......... Rick and Kimberly both told each other of the dream as soon as they woke up together. They both had the exact same dream. They knew the truth now. They had to talk in out and see how they felt about all this. It was so much to take in and wrap there mind's around.

As they talked about it together, Kim began to feel sick again.

Oh Ricky, Mommy doesn't feel good baby.
What mom, what can I do? do you want me to get you something?

Oh sweetheart, it's the baby, it's hungry,son.

Oh, Rick said. Now knowing what his mother meant.

How mom? I mean, what do I do?

Come to Mommy baby.
I'll feed my baby, and my baby can then feed me.

Come lay down next to Mommy.

Rick laid down next to Kimberly and his mother opened her shirt and freed her huge milk dripping breasts. Her tits were huge and vain's were thick and blue on her big 50 old hanging utters. She lifted herself up above next to Rick's head and craddled his head as he latched on to a big rubbery nipple and suckled from her. After a minute or two the warm milk began to flow from her body and into his. Kim reached down and started to stroke Rick's 10 monster as she remembered how he mercilessly raped her with it. As she remembered, her cunt became soaked. Rick was in heaven nursing from his mommy while she handled his throbbing cock.
Rick then rolled his mother over and got between her spread thighs and dove face first into Kimberly's very hairy snatch. Her was so wet and juicy. Her couldn't get enough of her sent and flavor. He lapped her and suckled from her big clit until she screamed out and filled his mouth with his mother cum. He drank it down and then crawled up to mount his beautiful pregnant sow.
She was all his now. He would spend a life time taking her over and over and over again. He impregnate his beautiful mother over and over again. He would drink from her body and drive his seed deep into her and she would be him to violate her in every way possible.
He put the head of his cock hard massive tool at his mother's opening and started to push in. Kim cried out in pleasure. It was like giving birth to him again in a sexual way. Her beautiful baby boy was back inside her were he belonged. He kicked kim slow and steady and lend down to kiss her deeply. Their mouths fucked each other. He fucked her through three orgasms and his mother finally said, oh Ricky, I need you to feed the baby, sweetheart!
Rick go off her and laid down on the bed. He had his mommy sit her huge jiggly ass on his face in a 69 and then she suckled and stroked his cock while he feasted on her asshole with his face deep between his mothers big ass cheeks. When he was close he told her to get ready for her meal and he blew like a volcano into her starving mouth and she guzzled down ever drop into her pregnant belly and feed their baby.

They found out that having the little one inside mom made her body hair grow very fast. So Rick only let her shave her legs and he got really into licking and sucking kims hairy armpits and super hairy cunt.

As the years passed, Rick and Kim produced over 67 little ones for there friends. They were given long life, well beyond a normal persons life. They given gold to live in luxury and comfort and most importantly, they were given each other.



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