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I leaned back on the arm of the couch smiling, cleaning the corners of my mouth with my fingers tips looking Lucas in his pretty brown eyes.

"Yummy!" I grinned naughtly licking the last of his cum from my finger tips.
"Your so naughty Marsha." Lucas grinned.
"That's why you love me." I grinned.

Lucas grinned and pulled me to him a bit by my legs making me laugh.
But, I instantly threw one leg over the back of the couch to give him a good view of my mature, bald pussy.

Slowly he inched one finger to me. Then just as slow slid it in side my moist pussy.

I looked at him grinning as he finger me enjoying our selves.
When I was open enough he slid a second finger into me and continued to work my slit in the same slow manner bring me to a little mini orgasm.

"How about you add another." I grinned lustfully at him after I quit shaking sliding down on the couch more.

This time my orgasm was a bit larger. But, just as pleasurable.

When I widen my tone legs more, Lucas didn't need to be told what I wanted and added a forth.

"Mmmmmmm, just like that." I moaned in pleasure looking him deep in the eyes enjoying how he was stretching me out.

When I started to get a bit dry I reached over the arm of the couch and grabbed the lube handing it to him with a naughty grin.

"A little more please." I grinned big.
"Yes ma'am." Lucas smiled back at me with that cute little boy smile.

Lubing me up good he cupped his hand and gently started pushing into my overly stretched pussy.
I never took my eyes off him.
Intently I watched him as he pushed more and more of his hand into me.

I pulled my legs back and held my knees as the pressure became over whelming.
"God yessss!" I hissed looking hom in the eyes. "Don't stop."

When the pressure subsided I looked and my pussy and the only thing sticking out was his wrist.

"Good that feels good." I moaned softly.

Slowly Lucas worked his hand back and forth till he could slid all the way in me and back out with no resistance.

I came harder and longer then I had ever came before.
But, was enjoying every second of what he was doing to me.
Lucas fist fucked me till I started to get sore and couldn't take it any longer.

When he removed his hand for the final time I climbed up on his lap and made out with him like a high school slut.

After he carried me to bed I mounted him agian and took him anally riding him to a powerful orgasm filling my guts with his sweet nectar.
He fucked me twice more in the ass filling me with cum ever time, before we finally collapsed from exhaustion.

I woke him the next morning with a good nasty dick sucking, getting one more reward before he had to leave.

God I love my younger stud

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