My Ex's Friend

Written by , on 2019-04-10, genre cheating

My ex invited one of her friends to our apartment a few years ago. She was staying over for a few hours before her bf picked her up. My girl (lets name her Mikayla) had to work from home that night so that left me and her friend ( Alyssa) watching tv on the couch. Mikayla was sittin at the dinner table on her computer working, and offered Alyssa a drink. Alyssa said yes and joined Mikayla in the kitchen. They were talking about shopping for clothes when Alyssa said it is hard finding cute bras when you have double Ds. While she said that, she glanced over at me, as i quickly looked away. Pretending i was not listening. My girl continued to work while we sat around the living room. I offered Alyssa if she wanted to smoke and she said yes in a little bit. My girl and i went to our room, opened the window and hit our piece a few times before heading back to the livingroom. A few minutes later, Alyssa asked if she could smoke so i took her to our room and packed a new bowl. Earlier, we had closed the blinds so no one can see inside into our room and it also made it dark in the room. I started to light the bowl and right away Alyssa pulled her shirt up, revealing her perfectly shaped double Ds. My heart dropped as a million thoughts ran through my mind. Will Mikayla walk in? Is this a trick? Alyssa had a grin on her face once she noticed i was hard. She knew what i wanted to do. I was too scared to do anything, so she pulled her shirt back down. I handed Alyssa the piece and she hit it a few times. I forgot to mention that i was off from work that day so i was in a long sleeve shirt and some sweatpants. When i started to smoke again, Alyssa dropped to her knees and pulled my dick out. She started sucking my dick and quietly moaning, which made me almost cum in her mouth. I started to fuck her mouth, but after 5 pumps i panicked and pulled out. I pulled my pants up and we went back to the living room. Alyssa got picked up and we never talked about that.

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