Life's Pathways - Breaking Free

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Jenny woke to find the bed empty. Her father was an early riser so it did surprise her to much.
She sat up and noticed that her pussy was still swollen and there was a dull ache inside. She was glad her dad, sorry Ben had made her a woman because she had just experienced the most wonderful night of her young life.
She went down stairs and walked through the lounge noticing her yellow thong and white T-shirt lying where she had thrown them. The sofa was now her and Ben’s special place where it she became a woman. She shuddered and felt a warm glow as she remembered how his manhood had reached far into her secret lady chamber.
Continuing into the kitchen Jenny saw Ben sat on a kitchen chair wearing last night’s boxers and holding a mug of coffee. Morning baby she said and kissed him on his forehead.
Listen, Ben said about last night. Before you go any further Jenny said, get those dirty boxers off so I can wash them. We need to talk he replied. We will analyze the food and how much it cost you last night after the washing is on Jenny said just like his wife. He stood up and removed his boxers. Jenny let out a little squeal as his wonderful manhood swung into view. Fuck it looks a lot bigger than it did last night she thought. The foreskin hadn’t rolled back to cover the head which was red, shiny and huge.
She bent down and picked his boxers up letting her cheek brush against it. She could smell the stale semen and pussy juice that had dried on it and it took all her willpower to resist slipping it into her. Washing first she thought.
She stood up and collected her gear from the lounge. She went into the wash room leaving the door open so he could see her ass hole and swollen pussy lips. She started the machine and strolled back into the kitchen.
Where were we she said as she straddled Ben hips, and placing her bare pussy right on his growing cock?
About last night Ben began. Sorry if I drank too much but it was you that got wine on your shirt. And your key didn’t go into my thong; I put it in the key pocket on my jeans so it is still clean. I need to cuddle up to you because my nipples were so cold they hurt. No after that he said went we got home. I put stain remover on your shirt and put it in the machine along with my jeans in the wash. No it was what happened next that was wrong Ben said. I know it was my first time but I wasn’t that bad was I Jenny said? No you were good Ben replied but… She stood up and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy.
That’s better she said, it was pressing on my pelvic bone and it is a bit sore from last nights action. Carry on Jenny said. Ben said it was wrong that a father and daughter should have sex. Why Jenny replied? You didn’t force yourself on me and I would have rather have you take my virginity instead of some dirty old man. She kissed him. It’s not like we are going to tell anybody and you might find you need me because it will be some time before mum is ready to fuck again.
Ben just fuck me or we will be sat here all day. Please don’t call me Ben in front of your mother. Fine she said now fuck me. He lifted her up and stood there slamming her on his rampant cock.
Jenny screamed has Ben emptied his balls deep into her. He put her down and told her that would be the last time. We’ll see she said as she walked to the stairs, his cum running from her ravaged pussy.
She showered and put a zip front dress on. She was free now. She was a woman and didn’t need to wait any longer.
She went back to the kitchen where Ben was still sat, naked on the chair.
She lifted his cock which was still sticky with cum and pussy juice. Such a wonderful sword for a wonderful swordsman she said and licked her fingers.
She opened the fridge and took a big swig from a carton of milk. No glasses then Ben said? Yes loads of them but who would be doing the washing up she replied?
Talking about milk Ben said changing the subject, have you ever done a milking? No, she replied but I have seen mum do it loads of times. I’ll get Jack to show you because we have quite a few booked in during the next couple of weeks. Great, I get to sample a bigger cock than yours then? No not sample, assist in the process of artificial insemination OK. Yeah what ever Jenny said and went out for a walk around the farm.

She walked around and observed the small dog that they breed for handbag dogs. They hardly had problems breeding. It was the larger dog that were stupid. She noticed Bill was not in his cage so decided to look for him.
Bill was a Labrador and had fathered over a hundred puppies for the Guide Dog Scheme. He loved fucking and would fuck a wasp if it stayed still long enough, or so mum said. Mum said he once did it over 8 times in a day. That’s the kind of dog he was. But he was also very gentle with people and loved children.

Jenny followed the path through the wood and came to a large clearing. Paul was sat on a felled tree trunk with his shirt off taking in the sun. Bill was lying on the floor also sunning himself.
Jenny unzipped her dress past her cleavage and walk up to them. Hi Paul she said. Jenny Paul replied come and sit down. She sat down making sure he got a glimpse of her braless breasts. How is your mum he enquired? Quite badly bashed up but she will recover, Jenny replied. They chatted more about her mum and about some of the things she would be doing to help out.

Suddenly she asked Paul if he would show her is cock? Paul stuttered that if he did her dad would sack him then kill him. No he won’t because he wouldn’t find out. If you do I will remove my dress and let you play with my naked body. She stood up and inched the zip further down. I don’t know Paul said. Your choice Jenny said. It would be better than yesterday and I just want to see your cock. I won’t touch it if you don’t want me to she said. That was her Ace card.
Paul stood up an removed his shorts completely. His cock was semi hard and it was thinner than Ben’s and not quite as long but it did have a large bulbous head.
Jenny stood up and unzipped her dress and threw it on the tree stump. She grabbed his cock and placed it between her thighs and closed her legs, trapping his cock right below her pussy lips. He gasped has he felt her hot pussy juices coating his cock. You like this Paul, Jenny asked?
Lie down on the grass I want to try something. Paul lay do down and Jenny knelt between his legs.
She took hold of his throbbing cock and licked it, it didn’t taste too bad, and she could smell pee but only faintly. Jenny licked it like she had seen male dogs do after they had mated. Paul was moaning and grunting so she was doing it right. She could feel the sun on her bare pussy and ass hole because her backside was in the air. As she licked around the rim of his cock head, Paul grabbed her and slowly pushed her mouth down his shaft. He was moving her head as though he was masturbating using her mouth. That’s sexy see thought. Suddenly she felt a cold nose touch her pussy lips and then a tongue started to lick them.
Jenny forced her mouth off Paul’s cock and she looked behind her. MMMM she said and put her mouth back on Paul’s cock. She was now bobbing her head without Paul helping her. Bill’s tongue was now worming it’s way into here pussy. Isn’t sex good she thought, maybe I should have started doing it sooner. She slid her hands up Paul’s body and started to tease his nipples.

Just as she was about to climax, Bill stopped his licking. Fuck no she thought. Please Bill carry on just for a few seconds more. Bang and totally unexpected, Bill mounted her and after two stabs thrust right into her pussy. All the air was pushed from her lungs and she fell forward, Paul’s cock slid down into her throat. She gagged and then vomited. It had touched her epiglottis and she kept gagging. Shear panic overcame her, Bill slamming his dog cock in one end and Paul’s cock in the other.
She used all her strength to lift herself off Paul’s cock. Vomit and mucus covered it, thankfully mostly the later. She gasps for air and Paul asked if he can have sloppy seconds. Jenny didn’t know what that was but agreed.
Jenny could feel Bill’s pre cum running out of her pussy down her clit which in it’s self was making her hot.
Jenny let out a blood curdling scream as Bill pushed his huge knot onto her. She looked at Paul, tears streaming out of her blue eyes. Then she felt Bill’s super hot cum was shooting way into her body via her ruined pussy.
To try and stop the pain, Jenny put Paul’s vomit covered cock back into her mouth and tried to get it all the way down her throat again, this time without gagging. It took all her concentration so it lessened the pain in her poor vagina.
As she fondled Paul’s balls his cock twitched and started spurting his seed down her throat. She had never tasted cum before and was surprised it wasn’t so bad.
Jenny removed his cock and rested her head on his stomach while waiting for Bill to disengage. You are the best cock sucker in the world Jenny, Paul said. Thank you she replied not mentioning that he was her very first. I loved the way you took me right in your throat and didn’t pull away as I came.
After what seemed forever, Bill pulled his cock out of her with a slight plop. His cum gushed out of her and splashed onto her bare legs.
Jenny started licking Paul’s cock it was semi hard and covered with her own mucus. What are you doing Paul asked? I am getting you ready for sloppy seconds OK, I need to climax too. I was only jokes Paul said. So you and Bill cum and I am left high and fucking dry Jenny replied. I’m not going to put my cock in your pussy; it’s full of dog cum. Well you better come up with something or I will tell my dad that you raped me. You wouldn’t Paul said? Fucking try me Jenny shouted.
Paul stood up; his cock was fully erect again and walked behind her. Her swollen pussy lips looked sore and there was dog cum slowly leaking from between them. He slid two fingers in and slowly moved them.
I want more than just your fucking fingers Jenny shouted as she wiggled her ass.
He took a large dollop of dog cum and spread it in her ass hole. Jenny squealed with delight. He push a finger in to see if she minded. She didn’t say no. He pushed his cock deep into her over moist pussy and thrush a few times until his balls touched her sticky clit. Even after a dog had pounded her, her pussy was still tight he thought. Jenny was quietly moaning to herself, enjoying how Paul controlled his movements unlike Bill.
This is going to hurt you more than me Paul thought as he slowly withdrew his cock from that wonderful pussy.
He lined his dog cum coated cock up with her pretty ass hole and then thrust forward. He quickly passed the barrier of muscle and then the second. He pushed until his balls were rest against her swollen pussy lips. Fuck she was tight he thought and so fucking hot.
Jenny was enjoying his long slow strokes and to keep him happy she occasionally squeeze his cock with her pussy walls. All of a sudden pleasure turned to extreme pain. She was overcome with excruciating sense of something not being quite right. There was no tranquil pleasure just a sense of absolute fear and panic. That soon wore off the pain really kicked in.
She could feel something pushing deep into her bowels and it made her want to go to the bathroom. She could also feel some one or some thing gently slapping her swollen pussy lips, so she decided to concentrate on that.
The pain gradually easy to be replaced with a warm feeling over her whole body.
Paul looked down and noticed his cock had streaks of faecal matter on it. He upped his tempo because he could feel his cum rising.
Jenny squealed and started squirting all over Paul’s balls. The feel of her hot juices spraying on his balls took him over the edge and he pumped the biggest load of cum he had ever produced into Jenny’s tight anal passage.
Jenny screamed as she felt his hot cum filling her bowels then passed out.
Paul gently pulled out of Jenny. He didn’t want her to have a prolapsed ass hole. He gently laid her on her side and lay down beside her.

She was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Blonde hair that cascaded over the face. A cute little nose that was made for sucking and licking. Her lips were red and full, made for kissing. Her neck, ripe for kissing and nibbling. Then there were her breasts, perfection and topped with two cherry shaped nipples. He shivered just looking at her.

Jenny opened her eyes and stared at him. I was an ice cold stare and Paul move his eyes from her gaze. Paul, I asked you to make me climax because I hadn’t had one, correct? Yes Lou he replied but you did have one didn’t you? Correct she said but I didn’t expect you to fuck my ass hole you fucking idiot.
Like a flash of lightning Jenny reached out and grabbed his cock and pulled it.
WTF she shouted as she felt this slime covered cock? You may find that it’s your poo Paul said in a calm voice trying not to laugh.
Agh she shouted as she looked at her shit covered fingers. Get it off you dirt bastard. Hang on a minute, you grabbed my cock. Get it fucking off jenny growled?
Paul took hold of her wrist and started to lick and suck her beautifully manicured fingers. That is the most discussing thing I have ever seen and human being do Jenny said. There are not many burger vans in the desert Paul replied.
They stood up and Jenny asked what he was going to do with that, pointing at his dirty cock? Here Bill, Paul shouted. No fucking way you cruel bastard she screamed. Bill ran up to him and started to lick his cock clean. Animals don’t need bog rolls love Paul said.
Jenny picked up her dress and put it on. She noticed Paul’s cock was getting hard again. It was a nice cock. Maybe you would like to have another go after it’s clean Paul said.
Fuck off Jenny said and stormed off.

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