Playing around with my girlfriend's friend

Written by , on 2019-04-10, genre cheating

When I was out with my girlfriend, we ran into some of her friends and my god, one of them was SOO hot. She had brown hair, a perfect big round ass, a slim body, and some really good tits.
They were talking and I honestly couldn't stop looking every few seconds.
She stopped and looked me, and slightly bit her lip. When the conversation was over and the good byes were said, my girlfriend turned around to leave, her friend quickly slipped something in my pocket looking at me and made the "call me" gesture with her fingers. When I got home later that day, after dropping off Carolina at her work, I reached into my pocket to find a small folded piece of paper that, sure enough, had a phone number on it.
At first I decided not to call her because I was already dating someone else (my cousin if you didn't know) but even my relationship with her is getting boring. What really gets me turned on is doing something we are not supposed to do. Its what drove my relationship with my girlfriend for so long but everybody knows now and its kind of lost its magic. So I called the number.
The phone rang 3 times before someone picked up
"Hey, this is John, Carolina's boyfriend?"
"Where do you want to meet?"
"Can you come to Carolina's place? I live her also"
"I know, Carolina used to fuck me whenever you were at work, she definitely knows how to eat pussy, ill be there in 15"
She came and right as I opened the door for her, she immediately ripped off my shirt and started kissing me. She wasted almost no time. I was so horny, I licked her yoga pants in the crotch and she really seemed to like that. I don't last that long so I always eat first. And that's what I did.
I took off her yoga pants and panties and I dug in. She was already pretty wet so I licked all of her juices clean. I put 2 of my fingers inside while I focused my tongue on her :) it. She cummed pretty quickly and then I finally put it inside and slowly thrusted.
She moaned like crazy and I finished on top of her black bra.

It was fucking fantastic

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