Gay Celebrity Red Carpet Scandal

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This story is completely fictional for your entertainment. Hope you enjoy.

My name is Jake Winston. I'm 27 and I'm an actor on a popular TV series. My character on the show was so popular that it basically made me famous. I knew that I was probably going to get nominated for the role and may get an award.
One day, I was workout at the gym when I a man came up to me. "Are you Jake Winston?" He asked. "Yes I am," I said to him smiling. "I am a huge fan and find you to be super hot," he said smiling. "Thank you," I said. He was strange but I couldn't help chatting with him because he was too hot. He told me that he's a fashion designer and showed me pictures of his work which really was creative.
"How would you like to wear one of my clothing to the upcoming award show."
I was so interested in his work that I could not refuse. "Sure, I would love to," I replied. I saw a photo of this really nice long leather coat which I love leather. I think leather is sexy and I showed him how I would love to wear that. He agreed that I would look hot wearing it. "I can give it to you before the award show." He said. "Sure," I said blushing.
A couple days later he had me try on the coat. I decided to surprise him so I asked if I can use his bathroom. "Why do you need privacy to put on a coat?" He asked. "You'll see," I giggled.
I went into his restroom and stripped completely nude and looked at the mirror at my body I feel so comfortable in the way I look. I'm 5'8" weigh 140 pounds and fit with a six pack and huge chest with round dark nipples. I'm tanned and feminine. My cock is pretty average around 7 inches uncut and trimmed. I got a nice bubble butt that his firm and have a tight smooth asshole. I feel great about everything. I put on the coat and covered myself up.
I walked out of the restroom. "It fit perfectly," I said. "It's a good look for you sexy," he said. He had no clue that I was naked underneath but without holding back, I opened my robe and flashed him.
He was so shocked with his eyes wide. "WOW, you look better without the coat," he said. Once he said that he all a sudden had the best idea. He explained it to me which was pretty intensed but he promised if I do it then he'll fuck me the day after the award show so I went along with his plan.
The next day, I got ready for the award show and I put on my leather robe. It was very nice out which is perfect. The limo showed up with my co-workers inside the limo on our way to the red carpet. They compliment me on how nice my coat is but was wondering why I was wearing it in 70 degree weather but I kept quiet.
We stopped right near the red carpet I can already hear the crowd cheering with happiness. Once me and some of my co-workers stepped out of the limo the crowd went wild excited to see us. I smiled to the fans and paparazzi feeling great showing the leather coat off which is not the only outfit I'll show off.
I saw the guy that designed the coat in the crowd looking and I just had to do what I agreed of doing to get his dick up my ass. Basically the plan was that I would go on the red carpet without clothes underneath the coat. I was nervous because I just got to go along with it. So I just said "screw it."
I walked towards the paparazzi and stood in front of them and just randomly opened the coat and tossed it completely off and placed my hand on my hips as the paparazzi was so shocked.
"OH YEAH, JARED WINSTON IS NAKED," a guy yelled out. The crowd of paparazzi went wild with clicking the cameras bumping into each other feeling less nervous now to very proud. I felt the nice breeze on my bare body and I was so free but also exposed. I began to constantly make different poses showing off my full nudity and having fun with it. Every movement I bad to made everyone crazy constant wolf whistles and camera clicks.
"Over here Jared"
"Look at the camera baby"
"Nice balls"
"Somebody's been working out"
"Such a bad boy"
The compliments kept on and on while moving around making posing nude with my cock and balls bouncing everywhere with a bit of wetness dripping from my foreskin and the tip peaking out. I had a beautiful Brazilian waxed trim above my cock which is fancy
I was acting a bit feminine showing off my body with so flexing, raising my arms up, walking around, and smiling for the perverted vultures. "Yes baby, how are you feeling Jared?" Asked a man. "I feel amazing," I said. "Oh Jared, your body is amazing," he said.
I felt so many cameras flashing on my body that my soft nipples getting stiffed and pointing out within' my dark round areolas. I looked at the guy that gave me the coat and he had his hand rubbing down his pants and enjoying the view.
I began to wrap up the fun and turned around with my butt jiggling looking back at my right shoulder smiled at the paparazzi while they're snapping photos. I finally put my coat back on to cover up while everyone applaud and I continued on with the night.
I woke up the next morning and my phone was ringing. One of my coworkers told me to turn on the news. I turn it on and saw that I was on the news naked but with my private part censored. I knew I would get exposed which was ok but then I looked online and saw nude photos of me with my private part uncensored. Probably a bunch of gay men jerking off right now and zooming in on everything. I did all of this just so that guy can fuck my ass.
Later on that day, he called "Do you want to fuck tonight bitch?" He asked. "That was the deal," I said. "I'll pick you up around 8pm." We fucked all night and my cunt was so wide from him fucking me with his cum dripping out. He really wanted this ass so bad and his dick was bigger compared to mines. I guess you can basically say that I'll do anything to get a hot guy to fuck me.

The End.

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