My old high school Sweetheart's Mother

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I Gerald, when I was at high school I had a girlfriend called Judy. But after we went off to college we parted ways. After finishing college I return to my home town and worked in the family business. I didn't have a girlfriend then, but a few friends I went out with. I was passing my old girlfriends Judy's home and saw her mother in the garden and stopped to say hello. Wendy 53 was divorced and lived alone, we had the usual talk how are you and what you doing now and I asked how Judy was. I was told Judy married the month before and was living the city. It was hot day, so Wendy invited me in for a cold drink. We sat talked some more. Then I had to go, Wendy asked to around again and I said I would. About 2 weeks later on a Saturday I was in the area and dropped in on Wendy. She was happy to see me and I said I had been busy out of town. She said No worries, your here now. It went the same as before and I was there about 2 hours. As I was leaving Wendy asked What I doing the next weekend. I said nothing planned. She then said She had to go to her father's old house near the lake and wanted if I would go with her as she had no one else. She to do some cleaning see what needed to done before summer rental season. I said I would love to go and out of town for a while. It will mean staying overnight she said. Mo worries I said and left. I picked her up early on the following Saturday and we stopped a diner on the way and breakfast and then to the house. While she went inside I looked around the outside and gave the yard a quick cleanup. She started on the inside and then we went to the diner for lunch. There wasn't anything wrong the house was in good shape. By 4pm we were finished and I told her I was going for a swim in the lake. She replied I would join you, but I didn't bring my bathing suit. Nor did I said I'm going in naked, it out of sight anything around here. She went I was younger I done same thing when I was alone. I said You could if you want, she smiled and said she would think about it. I was in the water about 10 minutes and heard a splash, it was Wendy she decided join me. The water was cold at first, but you soon got use to it. After about 20 minutes she decided to go and make dinner. I followed soon after, only wrapped in my towel. She had on her dressing gown and was in kitchen, I enter and said That was a great swim. She replied Yes but I'm cold now, so I walked over and gave her a cuddle to help warm her up. She turned around in my embrace and we were face to face and I just kissed her and she kissed me back. I started to feel her up and soon had her dressing gown open. My towel dropped away and our naked body were touching and my cock went ridged and was pointing at her belly. I walked her the lounge and we had sex on it and we slept together that night and were lovers for 15 years, even after I had married. We loved each others company.

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