Life's Pathways - The Stud Farm

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I am Jenny. I am 21 and been surrounded by sex all my life because my parents run a stud farm. My dad is the business manager and my mum is the veterinarian.
I never had sex myself before I was 16 because I didn't think I was old enough.
OK, I watched both horses and dogs since I was very young and I understood the facts about procreation at 5 years old so my first time not what I thought it might be.
Weekends are busy for my parents because that's when people bring their mares to be studded and mum's work is important.
As we women know men are shit at sex. They prod about until they find the hole, move about a little then they're finished. Animals are the same. And sometimes the females don't want to do it.
Mum's job is to make sure that it happens and that's how I ended up having sex.
It was a Saturday morning and the first customer of the day was there to watch their horse get fucked. She has a reputation for getting the best out of her charges. Her routine was to let the happy couple stand in separate stalls to get the smell of each other. Then she would tie the mare to the post then lead the stallion to her by a long rope fixed to his collar.
There was 4 people including mum there to watch the performance. Mum entered with the stud, she was wearing her red hard hat and at checked shirt, blue jeans and safety boots. He first trick was to unbuttoned her shirt and then wipe the juices from the mares pussy between her breasts. She would hold her hand to the stud's nose and then get him to smell her cleavage. This always made their cocks slide out of the sheath and dangle.
She would then lead him to the mare and when he jumped up she was there to help him get in the mares pussy otherwise it would take ages for them to couple.
I always looked on in amazement how my mum grabbed the huge cock and fed it in.
This day was different, the mare clearly didn't want to be fucked and moved around a lot and has he tried to mount her she kicked out and hit mum full on the body.
She flew backwards and lay motionless on the floor. I screamed and climbed over the fence and tried to shield mum. Her left arm was bent funny I could see her legs looked wrong. She was breathing very shallow and was making a gurgling noise.
Dad ran in and phone for an ambulance.
After what seemed forever she was taken to hospital. Dad asked me to close up and tell everyone that the sessions for the day were cancelled.
I apologise to the people who were there and got their horse back to them.

As I walked back to the house I saw a dog and bitch fighting in one of the cages. I went over just as Paul the young dog handler came around the corner. I'll sort this out, can you please stand at the gate and inform people that the session has been cancelled. Sure he replied and ran off down the road.
I entered the cage and the dogs stopped fighting. What's up with you two then I said? Nero the dog yelped and jumped up at me. Or my poor baby doesn't Lulu want to fuck never mind and I kissed his nose.
They were German Shepherd Pedigrees and we had them like all the dogs to sell their puppies. Lulu put her nose up my skirt and started to sniff my pussy. She was trying to get her tongue in my panties so I pushed her away.
Nero had gone behind her and was trying to lick her pussy but she kept snapping at him.
Then I got a eureka moment so I thought. I removed my panties and threw them to one side. I unbuttoned my dress and sat down on a bench in front of Lulu. Come here girl I said.
She walked over the and I grabbed her head.
I lowered it to my pussy and she started to lick my pussy. Nero babe come on I said and pointed to Lulu's back end. Like a flash Nero mounted her and was soon fucking her.
In the meantime Lulu was having an effect on my pussy, her tongue was lapping it and I was feeling so wonderful. I slid forward and then lent back against the fence and opened my legs wide.
I screamed as her tongue entered me. I was still technically a virgin but because I rode horses I wasn't. Her tongue wormed its way right into me so I grabbed her head again. Fuck if this is sex the yes I want more.
Nero had knotted so we were here for a while. Lulu's tongue came out and she started to lick my love button. I squealed and I must have climaxed because my body was tingling.
I cupped my breasts and my nipples were rock hard so I pinched them. Fucking hell this way the tops. I must have had four climaxes before I realized that Paul was stood there watching.
I pulled my dress over my body to cover myself but Lulu made me climax again and this time I squirted on her face.
Nero dismounted Lulu and I tried to push her away. No babe not now, please. I stood up but my legs were like jelly.
How long have you been watching me? Long enough Paul replied. I tried to button up my dress but my fingers wouldn't work. Fuck it I thought he has seen my body now and left the two buttons that I had fastened do. I don't think he could see anything anyway.
We reached the house and I said to Paul you won't say anything about what you have just seen to my dad will you? It just depends on if you are willing to let me see your naked body close up. And if I say no I replied? You will have a lot of explaining to do.
Fuck I was just trying to help and now I am being blackmailed.
OK I said and undid the two buttons and let my dress fall to the floor. Wonderful Paul stuttered you are so beautiful. I smiled nervously and thanked him. May I he asked holding his hand out towards my breasts. I wanted to make sure that he didn't tell my dad that I said sure.
I closed my eyes as his trembling fingers touched my exposed nipple. Only my mother had touched my breasts before because she said she was checking for lumps.
Paul placed his other hand on my other breast and gently toyed with my hard nipples. I let out a low moan and I shivered.
The phone rang and I said I need to answer it. Yes, sorry said Paul and stepped back. He had a huge bulge in the front of his jeans so he was as turned on as me. Bye I said and gave him a kiss. I picked up my dress and ran to the phone.
It was dad telling me that my mum had a broken ankle and a dislocated hip, six cracked ribs and that she was in the theatre having her badly broken arm pinned. He was going to come home and get changed and take some clothes back for her. I started to cry but he said that my mum was made of tough stuff and would be back in no time. I giggled and said I know she is.
I hung up and put my dress back on but I only fastened three buttons. I sat on the sofa thinking about what had happened with Nero, Lulu and Paul, I had never done anything like this before and I felt like I had changed. No real sex had happened but I knew what I had done was wrong. I might change my mind after the puppies are born then it would be fine.
Dad arrived home and I went to ask how mum was. She's in the best place, she will be well looked after. Go and have a shower please while I sort some clothes and things out for her.
I ran up stairs and went into my bedroom. I removed my dress and thought, shit my panties are still in the dog cage but I'll get them later. I grabbed a towel and had a shower. I dried myself and then dabbed some of mum's favourite perfume behind my ears, and cleavage. I also put a dab just above my pussy.
As I came from the bathroom dad walked out of their bedroom naked. I had seen him and mum naked loads of times but suddenly it was different. I noticed his cock and how big it was and he had a well toned body. I now saw him in a sexual context. Before today he was just my dad.
At the time I had 34C breasts a flat stomach and what my mum called child bearing hips. I was as tall as mum but she had bigger breasts and in a way we could have passed as sisters.
I decide to wear a yellow thong, white t-shirt and black hipster jeans. A pair of black pumps completed my outfit. I hate bras and only wore them for school.
I went downstairs and waited for dad to get ready.
Dad came down; he was wearing a white shirt, black trousers and black shoes. He looked great. He stood 6 inches taller than me and was powerfully built. I could see why mum married him. God I thought I was seeing my dad as a sex symbol.
Dad phoned Jack the supervisor and told him that we would be back later. We climbed into the Range Rover and headed for the hospital.
I hate them places they give me the creeps and make me sad.
We entered the hospital and found out that mum was on the third floor in a room of her own. The room was just off the main ward and dad told the ward sister who we were and she showed us in.
I gasped when I saw mum. Her left arm was in a harness and was hanging out and her breasts were exposed. She had a tent like thing covering her lower body and legs.
Dad kissed her on the forehead and said Hi babe. She opened her eyes and gave a weak smile. Dad looked so vulnerable just then and I was fighting back the tears. Be brave I thought, don't let mum see you crying. I kissed her cheek and said I love you.
The doctor came into the room and told us about mum's injuries. Poor mum I kept thinking but he did say that she was expected to make a full recovery. Her arm was going to take the longest. She may have some discomfort around her ribcage as well. A nurse came in with mum's clothes.
The doctor told us that they had to cut off most of her clothes and that she had evaluated her bladder and bowels right after the accident because she went into shock.
I looked at mum and she had gone bright red. We have fitted a catheter to drain her bladder and she will be on a drip for a while. He also said that she was nil by mouth for 24 hours. Poor mum she loves food.
The nurse came back in and said that she was going to sedate mum to keep her calm. I lent over to kiss her and she said cry and when I get out of here I will give you something to cry about. I giggled and she whispered look after your dad for me, you’re the woman of the house until I get home. I will I said and walked away letting mum and dad have a moment together.
Dad came out and we walked to the car park in silence.
Dinner dad said? Fine I replied, let's have a steak. Good choice young lady he said and gave me a kiss on the cheek. He smelt wonderful and I got a tingling in my pussy.
We arrived at a posh restaurant and dad booked a table.
Dad ordered a beer for himself and a glass of wine for me. OK I was 16 but I did look older.
Our table was ready and we sat down. Dad ordered a bottle of red wine and I said to him you won't be able to drive because you're over the limit. I'll be fine he said. Keys now I said holding out my hand. Dad reached into his pocket and took his car keys out. I removed the car key and handed them back to him.
I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans and put the key in my thong. Don't think I won't go down there to get them back he said. Try it I replied and with all these people watching I don't think so. We'll see he said as our food arrived. As they ate Jenny noticed how her father kept looking at her and she was getting a glow in her jeans. They chatted about school what she wanted to do when she finished school and the most important thing dad's asked their teenaged daughter's, did she have a boyfriend? Only you daddy she replied in and little girl voice. She licked her lips and gave his a big smile. Fuck he thought she has grown up. She is not my little girl any more. And she is just like her mother, strong willed very beautiful. He wanted to ask if she was still a virgin but decided not to. He took her hand and kissed it, it was warm and smelled of well, woman.
He called for the bill and paid it on his card. They stood up to leave and he asked her for the keys. Would mum let you drive after so much drink she said? No, but not your mother he said in a harsh tone. Well you'll have to put your hand down the front on my jeans and how that would look in front of lots of people, a father feeling his daughter's pussy. She did have a point he thought and said lets get a taxi.
They stood out side the restaurant, it had gone cool and Jenny started to shiver. Her dad wrapped his arms around her and she snuggled up to him. The black cab arrived and they climbed in. She cuddled him the notice a red strain on his shirt.
They arrived back at the farm and dad phoned Jack to tell him we were home. They went into the house and Jenny kicked off her pumps. Come on dad, remove your shirt and then I can put stain remover on the wine juice that missed your mouth. They walked to the washroom and he took of his shirt, Jenny shivered at the sight of her father's body. She applied some stain remover and put the shirt into the washing machine. She then unfastened her jeans and removed them putting them in the machine too.
Won't they run her dad said admiring his 16 year old daughter's wonderful buttocks? No, they've been washed loads of times she replied. Let's go into the lounge dad I need to tell you something Jenny requested. All he could think of that she was pregnant but she knew all about babies and things.
He sat on the sofa and Jenny did something she hadn't done for years, she straddled his legs and putt her arms around his neck. It must be bad he thought.
Just listen to me first dad, please then you can comment OK? Yes fine Jenny, I will not speak until you have finished.
Well she started, I did something bad today and I hope you don't get too mad as I was only trying to help. She told him in great detail how she had helped Nero and Lulu mate and that a kennel hand had seen her naked. As she got into more details he could feel the heat from her hot pussy burning through his trousers and boxers. He hoped she couldn't feel the huge erection he had just a fraction away from her.
She finished and looked down ashamed at what she had done.
He thought for a moment witch was difficult because his cock was about to burst. So you did something you thought was right and ended in a good result he asked? Yes she whispered not looking up. He lifted her chin up, and a boy saw you body? Yes, her eyes were filling with tears. And he said he would tell me if you didn't show him your naked body close up? Yes but I wanted to show him. She suddenly pulled her T-shirt over her head so her father could see her naked breasts. He took a sharp intake of breath and said he touched your naked breasts did he? Yes and I got a tingle all over but mostly between my legs. And what was his reaction? He hade a big bulge in his jeans but not as big as yours.
She stood up and removed his shoe and then undid his trouser and pulled them and hid boxers off. Is that better daddy she asked as she slipped her thong off? Yes baby he said as he saw her neatly trimmed pussy come into view. She climbed back on him and rested her pussy right at the top of his shaft. She lifted his big hands onto her breasts and let out a little moan.
As he played with her stiff nipples he felt her hot juices flowing onto his cock. He knew he couldn't last much longer but she said, Daddy you can take me if you want. I promised mum I would look after you.
That did it. He reached down between them and lined his cock up against her virgin hole and gently pushed home.
She moaned out loudly and buried her head in his shoulder. He wanted to be gently but he knew he couldn't.
He grabbed her ass and started to thrust into his daughter pussy with force. He parted her ass cheeks and started to rub her butt hole. She squealed and thrust down to me him. He had now gone past the point of no return and spewed his red hot seed into his daughter's virgin womb.
Fuck yes Daddy jenny screamed and started to bite his nipples. He dug his index finger into her ass hole and she screamed with delight.
As they both came down from their searing climaxes they seem to realize what they had done was wrong. I am so sorry Jenny, a father should never do that to his daughter he said. No it was my fault daddy she replied licking his chin, if I hadn’t taken the car keys off you we might have crashed and got killed, then I would still be a virgin and we would have never had such a wonderful fuck.
I love you daddy she said and I am glad you are the first boy to fuck me.
Jenny please call me Ben from now on. I think that what as just happened between us warrants first names. OK, Ben babe that's what I will call you. Lets go to bed, it will be more comfy up there.
She stood up and pulled at he still semi hard cock. Come on Ben, you can do all the hard work next time. He stood and gently smacked her bottom, your not too big to have your bottom spanked lady he said. Your not fast enough old man Jenny said and ran to the stairs. Ben chased her and caught her on the stairs. He grabbed her waist and carried her into the
Bedroom and threw her onto the bed.
They made love twice more that night and slept contentedly in each others arms.
For Jenny that was the start of a sexual adventure she would at times fight to keep control of.

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