My Aunt Rachel

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I'm Max 28 and work computer game programming, I doing very and making very good money. I decided to taking a holiday last November and went to the East Coast. While I was there I would up my favorite aunt. Rachel 36 single work as a editor for a magazine, she my mothers youngest sibling. We don't see her much as she is always busy, I went to her apartment building, but was told she moved out months ago and her cellphone was disconnected. I tried to her magazine officers, but they were taken over and closed up. I met the paper seller out the front and he said He had seen Rachel at apartment across town. So I went to that building and her name was on the buzzer list, no answer. I went to a diner nearby and ordered coffee. I sat watching the building hoping she might come home. About 2 hours later Rachel came into the diner and got a coffee, I spoke to her and she almost fainted. I didn't expect that reaction, she soon recovered and asked what was I doing here. I told her I was on holiday and dropped by to see her, I said I had a little trouble finding her. She said It's a long story and we went back to her apartment, its an old building and wasn't the way I thought her place would be. On arriving there she told me after the magazine closed. She had a breakdown and drank too much, but was now much better and told not say anything to my father. She was worked as a stripper 4 nights a week and done waitressing as well. She had let her cellphone lapse and hadn't bothered to renew it. She then asked How I was going and I said Great. I asked to go out to dinner with me and she said She had to work. So we had a feed at the diner and she was going to walk 10 blocks to the strip club. I told I will pay for a cab and we could talk longer and she agreed. After I dropped her off at the club and went back to hotel, I had shower and then decided to go the show at the club. I arrived and sat in the back and waited to Rachel, she used a another for her act. As I watched the show I could she wasn't happy. After she finish her dances and was leaving the manager took half her tips.
I followed her and asked If wanted a coffee or something. I Good strong drink is what I need she said and I hailed a cab and we when to my hotel for the drink. We talked a while and she was enjoying herself. It was around 4 am when decided it was time to go. I said I will pay for your Cab and she said No Need. I said If you want you can stay in my room there's 2 beds and they have bathrobes. Well it would mean not having to waste about an hour getting to bed she said So she accepted. I went straight to bed and she had a shower first and went to sleep in the other bed. It was about noon when I got up and Rachel was asleep, I rang and ordered Lunch for both of us and had a shower. I finished my shower and had dressed, went Rachel awoke. I told her lunch wouldn't be long and went to have another shower. Room service arrived about the time Rachel finished and we ate lunch together, her in just a bathrobe. The opened just a little and I could see parts of her breasts. She noticed and said Don't you have girlfriend, you have to stare at your old aunts breasts. I said Sorry, I don't have girlfriend and haven't been with one either. She then said Sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings. You didn't I shouldn't have looked like I did I replied. You've never had sex or seen a naked woman she asked. I haven't had sex, but I've a naked woman. You 4 years ago, you were sunbathing nude in our yard I answered. Did you like what you saw she asked. Yes I said, then asked What are you going to do, you can't strip for ever. I wanted to start my own magazine, I wasn't able borrow the money and so I take things 1 day at a time. How much would you need I asked. I wasn't asking for you to lend me money She said. I know, but just out of interest how much I enquired. Around $100 thousand to do it right, but there a good chance it wouldn't succeed she answered. I could lend you that at no interest and it would hurt me all that much if it failed I said. your father would hit the roof when he found out she said. I wouldn't him and I own my house and have money in the bank and you could live there while getting the magazine up and running I responded. What would have to do for you she enquired. Nothing your my aunt and I want to help I replied. I can't take the money with paying interest she said. Maybe you'll let me watch you sunbath sometime I answered. I have a better idea how about I teach you to have sex with a girl and that way at least you got something out of the deal she offered. You mean have sex with you, I have always thought of you while I masturbated. Since I saw you sunbathing, I didn't think I would ever get to fuck you I replied. I really made an impression on you, didn't I she answered. So we had sex for the first and she didn't go to work that night or after. She left her apartment and we both returned home together, She start to everything together to launch her magazine and she kept giving sex lessons. A coupler months after our return home and in bed after grand launch of her magazine. She me she was pregnant and I was very happy, as for dad she told her ex had gotten her pregnant before they broke up and she didn't till later and wasn't going tell him. He wasn't happy, but accepted her wishes. As for us living together, he thought it was good of me to give Rachel a room while she was getting settled. I don't dad would realise if he caught in bed together, but mom has worked it out and let us know that she supports us. As for rest of the family I don't care. I feel more comfortable around now, but I'm happy with Rachel.

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