Sexual Awakening - The World is Mine

Written by , on 2019-04-08, genre incest

As she entered the bedroom, Gary was naked reading porn mags and wanking. Just in time sis, get your mouth over this Gary said, I’m about to cum.
Fuck off Gaynor said, there’s no way I am touching that after it’s been in her dirty cunt. She’s good but not as good as my tight sister’s pussy. Gaynor snapped and jumped on the bed and straddled Gary’s chest and started thumping him in his face. What the fuck Gary said as he tried to shield himself from her onslaught.
I wasn’t your first was I you bastard. You have been fucking her for ages. No I haven’t Gary shouted, you were my first and I thought it was wonderful. Gaynor kept hitting him until Gary punched her in the stomach.
Gaynor stopped as if she had been shot and bent over in pain. She crawled off his and curled up in a ball, tears streaming down her face.
Gary moved close to her and put his hand on her thigh. Gaynor brushed it off but he placed it there again. She rolled over and told his to fuck off. You don’t really mean that do you sis he said and kissed her shoulder. Yes she replied, you have stopped me having babies not. It hurts like hell. Let me have a look Gary said, there might be lots of damage and you might need to go into hospital or you might even die. You would love that Gaynor snapped then you can fuck her all you want. He kissed her cheek and said if it made her happy he would only fuck her in future. He got to his knees and moved her hands away from her stomach and started to feel it like a doctor would. He touched her breasts and she reminded his that he hadn’t hit her there. Just checking because of the shockwave might have damaged these too.
Gaynor just lay there letting Gary explore her naked body. He kissed her stomach and slowly moved down to her pussy mound. He licked the little tuft of red hair on her mound and then slid his tongue to the top of her pussy crack. Gaynor moaned and her legs opened for him. He moved closer to his goal and Gaynor slapped his left thigh.
He straddled her face; his cock was at maximum stiffness. He flicked her button with his tongue and Gaynor shivered. I must be back in her good book he thought, which was confirm as she took his throbbing cock between her lips without touching it with her hands. He was amazed how she could do that. All his friends at school said she was the best at sucking cocks and he was proud of her for making him so many mates. Even the girls liked him.
Gaynor pressed Gary’s cock to the roof of her mouth so his foreskin would roll back. As his balls came to rest on her face she reached up and slipped a finger in his ass hole. Gary responded by biting her clit gently. They knew each others bodies so well that sex was just another thing. It wasn’t wrong to them that brother and sister shouldn’t be doing this.
Gary rubber her ass hole knowing full well the result, he was not disappointed as Gaynor’s hot juices squirted into his mouth just as he started to pump his thick cum down her throat.
They lay there totally spent. Gary knew his sister always made him empty his balls Even though they had only fucked once and she had given him head on a few occasions.
As Gary sat up Gaynor licked his ass hole making him semi hard again. She is one of a kind he thought.
They snuggled up together and Gaynor said Gary if you promise to not fuck mum then you can fuck me as many times as you like, even up my ass.
You’ve been fuck in the ass Gary said in amazement. Yes but it was an accident Gaynor replied. How can taking cock up your ass be an accident, Gary said as if he was angry? Well I was with a friend Lucy on the beach. I was eating her pussy when Jasper her dog stuck his cock up my ass. A fucking dog Gary shouted? I was on my knees and he just did it. I couldn’t stop him. It fucking hurt like hell especially when his fucking huge knot went in me. Fuck me Gary shouted, is there nothing you won’t do? Ken fucked me up the ass before and I’ll tell you a secret. What is it Gary asked? I found out that all the adults here drink piss and eat shit, even mum and dad. No fucking way Gary said. It’s true, after Ken fucked my ass his cock was covered in my shit so Flo sucked it clean and she asked if I wanted a taste. Tell me you didn’t Gary said. Gaynor averted her eyes. God you are some sick bitch Gary said. So you won’t fuck me tonight then Gaynor asked? Gary didn’t answer her.

They are having a party tonight and I will be on my own Gaynor said. And so will I Gary replied and where will I get friends from? I’ll be your friend Gary; it’s not as if we have to get to know one another, remember Widgie and Twinkie? Gary giggled and pulled her towards him. They embraced like lover and Gary rolled her onto her back. He slipped between her legs, his hard cock brushing against the entrance to her womanhood. Save it for later babe Gaynor said. Just a little one Gary replied. I know it is Gaynor said. Gary rammed his cock into Gaynor’s hot pussy and she gasped. He slid all the way in and lay still. Is that it Gaynor asked? Just making sure I don’t rattle about too much with my little one he replied. They were both now in fits of laughter, and when one of them coughed Gary’s cock went further in. Gaynor wrapped her legs around Gary’s ass and said he was there all night.

At 6 pm Gary said he was going for a shower. I’ll join you Gaynor said hoping to play with her brother some more. Fair enough but I want you to wash me all over even my ass hole. No problem babe because it have tasted shit before.
Gary wrapped a towel around his waist while Gaynor just walked naked along the corridor. She pulled the towel from him and guided him to the bathroom by his cock.
As they got to the bathroom door Joan and Lily came out naked except for the towels they were drying hair with. Are you coming to the party Lily asked? Yes Gaynor said. I’m just going to wash this dirty sod; you never know what’s lurking on his cock. Correct Joan said with a look of bewilderment on her face. Don’t worry, I have know this cock all my life and when I’ve finished it will be so clean you will be able to use it to stir your G&T’s. They giggled and walked away.
Gaynor and Gary went into the bathroom and showered. They did more that just shower, they were like a pair of young lovers touching and caressing each other as if they would be together for the rest of their lives.
They got out and without drying they went into the garden and lay on two loungers, naked as at their birth.
Other people started to come into the garden, they were dressed in swimwear of all kinds from swim trunks and shorts for the men to one piece swim suits and very revealing bikinis for the women. Gary was a bit nervous and put his hands over his cock. Gaynor slapped his hands away and said your wearing the best swimsuit in the world and it’s unique so show it off. Gary lay back with his hands behind his head displaying his wonderful manhood with Gaynor had worshiped all her life.
Their mother came passed and glared at them and gave Gary a disapproving look. Gaynor gave her the one fingered salute and called her a cunt under her breath.
As the evening wore on they watched as the couples separated and started touching and kissing others.
Roy had Lily’s bikini top off and was chewing her tits and nipples. Ted and Ray were naked and fondling the naked Flo, Ted between her legs and Ray had his cock down her throat. Ken and Ann were 69ing on the grass with Ann on top. Dad was having a slow wank and mum was just sat there like she always did. Gary commented on the fact mum and dad was not really involved. I think they are waiting for the shit fest Gaynor said. Yuk Gary replied that is gross. Shall with show them how to fuck babe Gaynor asked? What do you mean show them?
Gaynor grabbed Gary’s hand and led him to the picnic table. Lie down babe and just do what comes naturally. Gary lay down and Gaynor started licking and sucking his cock and balls. He was soon rock hard and thought he would explode as she swallowed all his cock right down to his balls. He let out a moan and said fuck Gaynor you’re fantastic. She slipped her mouth off him and replied thank you, I know.
She climbed on to the table and straddled hit cock with her dripping pussy. They kissed and Gaynor slid her pussy onto his cock. They both gasped and Gary grabbed her sizeable breasts and started to squeeze them.
Gaynor did a rocking motion slowly increasing speed until Gary was about to cum. He had his eyes closed and was thinking his twin was the best fuck in the whole world. Suddenly just as he was reaching his climax his cock was hit by cooler air and there was no wet pussy wrapped around it.
He opened his eyes to see Gaynor on the grass with mum kicking her. His cock went soft and he jumped off the table. Everybody had stopped their liaisons and was watching Gaynor and mum. That is my cock you fucking twat, never touch it again. Gaynor sat up and punched her mother in the stomach so hard she doubled up and fell to the grass. Right you fucking witch Gaynor screamed we will settle this was once all for all.
Gaynor pulled the top of her swimsuit down, exposing her mum’s small breasts. She tweaked her nipples and you like that don’t you? She turned around and placed her pussy right over her mother’s mouth. Eat that you fucking cunt she screamed. Her mother did nothing so Gaynor reached behind herself and rubbed her ass hole causing her to squirt in her mother’s mouth. There you bitch taste your daughter’s wonderful juices.
Gaynor slid her mum’s swimsuit off her legs and revealed her hairy pussy. Fuck you need a shave Gaynor thought as she lowered her face down to her mum’s pussy. Her mum just laid there, no reaction what so ever.
Gaynor lifted her mum’s legs and tucked them behind her armpits giving her full access to her pussy and ass hole. I was quite obvious her mum hadn’t washed for several days because of the smell of piss and shit but she had to show this cunt who was boss. She licked the length of her pussy, it tasted quite bitter but you give a shit she thought. She found her clit hidden in that forest of hair and licked it. Her mum’s body twitched and she moaned, got you Gaynor whispered and started licking and nibbling it. Her mum responded by licking her pussy. Go baby eat my pussy Gaynor said out load and pushed her pussy harder onto her mum’s mouth. Gaynor nibbled harder and noticed her mum’s ass hole was twitching.
The two females, mother and daughter were now totally oblivious to anybody else as they tried to being each other to a climax. He mum rubber her daughter’s ass hole so she could drink her juices and Gaynor upped the anti by licking her mother’s twitching ass hole.
He mum screamed and farted. Gaynor didn’t move her tongue but just kept licking. All the time she was gushing into her mother’s mouth. Both women were near to climaxing so Gaynor started sucking her mum’s big clit like it was a cock and her mum pulled her hard to her mouth and buried her tongue right inside her daughter’s pussy.
Gaynor climaxed first squirting without help from an ass hole rub. Her mother shuddered and her ass hole flexed and a long length of shit started to slide out of her mother’s bowels. WTO Gaynor thought, I have never seen somebody shit while having a fucking orgasm. She kept on sucking her clit and the turd just grew longer.
Suddenly it broke and lots of smaller turds came out followed by a pile of soft wet shit. Gaynor could hear her mother crying and sat up. She turned around and faced her.
I am so sorry Gaynor but I shit myself when I climax so we hardly ever have sex. Its fine mum, I thought your shit was beautiful. I wish I had known sooner because I am interested in what’s it called when people shit on each other. Scat baby mum replied and it is not as bad as you may think.
Gaynor kissed her and said we both have a problem when we have sex, you poo and I squirt. They both laughed and hugged each other. Why did you drag me off Gary she asked? One, because I hate it when people just start having sex because I have to warn them first about my problem and two, I want you to be a virgin when you get married. I want my only daughter walking down the aisle wearing white because she is pure just like I did. Gaynor blushed and looked away from her mum. Oh no Gaynor, please tell me you haven’t? She grabbed Gaynor’s hair and made her look at her. Who she shouted? Who she repeated? Gary she mumbled almost inaudible. Who she screamed pulling Gaynor’s hair so hard she thought it would be ripped out of her scalp? Gary, Gaynor screamed back at her. Her mother slapped her hard across the face with such force, Gaynor saw stars. And I have been sucking cocks and swallowing cum for year. I’ve also been fucked in my ass hole by a dog and Ken did it too. I have licked pussies when the own has been on her period, Period she shout. She nobody else is bothered about periods only you, you fucking witch. Do you know what it’s going to school at 10 years old with blood stained knickers because your parents never told you about periods.
She stood up and moved to Gary. We had to find out about our bodies from each other. We had names for our bits like Boobies Widgie and Twinkle. She kissed Gary and took hold of his cock. Mother whether you like it or not this is what took my virginity and yes we did it without protection. When, he mother shouted? Last Sunday night, because we wanted to.
Her mum stood up and rushed at her but Gaynor just punched her on the chin and she fell back, head first into the pile of shit. There was a gasp from everybody and then silence. Come on Gary babe, lets go and make babies Gaynor said, pulling on Gary’s now erect cock. Flo and the other women came over and said lets think about that first. You are taking a big risk with your life young lady so just calm down. It’s my body and my life so I will do what I want with it so piss off. It’s not that Gaynor Lily said, you have the rest of your life ahead so it would be better if do didn’t sleep with Gary tonight.
I get it Gaynor said; you all want a piece of the action. Fine, each guy can fuck which ever hole you want and it’s the job of their wives to lick me clean so I don’t get pregnant. And if you refuse I will tell the world that a bunch of masons drink piss and eat shit.
Gaynor went and lay on the picnic table. Right who’s first then? Daddy you go first, because I am from you cock anyway and you fucked mum. If you don’t I will ruin you. He reluctantly agreed and took his shorts off. He was already semi hard. Come here daddy let Gaynor get you had.
She peeled his foreskin back and licked his cock until he was hard. Your ready now daddy, please fuck my tight pussy and fill me with your tadpoles.
He slid inside his daughter’s pussy, it was something else. He slowly moved in and out and Gaynor moaned yes daddy you cock is wonderful. Hold on to these daddy, pointing to her boobs, you can play with my nipples too. He touched her nipples and started to cum. Yes daddy she screamed fill my tight little cunt. Her dad growled as his seed shoot deep inside his daughter.
He stepped back and just looked down at his cum running between his daughters swollen pussy lips and felt so bad. How had he been talked into fucking her, it was so wrong.
She looked around and all the guys were stroking their cocks so her plan had worked. I have changed my mine, only my pussy is to be used and I will eat all the ladies pussies instead.
Ray came up and rubbed his cock head against her pussy and Joan climb on the table. Sorry Joan but I want somebody other than the partner so you can kiss and fondle each other. Lily climbed on and then sat on her face. Ray slid in and started fucking Gaynor while he and Lily kissed passionately. Ray quickly came and then each oddly matched couple took in turns with her. The last pair was Mum and Gary. Gaynor decided to do something different. Gary you will fuck my ass hole while I eat mum’s ass hole. Mum climbed onto the table and Gaynor started liking her dirty ass hole. Gary pushed his cock in her ass and started fucking her.
After about 20 minutes Gary climaxed in her ass and mum popped out a few nuggets of shit which Gaynor took in her mouth and swallowed.
Gaynor stood up and sat on a deckchair, cum leaking from her pussy and ass hole and her mother’s shit on her lips and face. She felt happy that her parents friends have all had sex with her and watched as they kissed and fondled each other.

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