Finding happiness

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While I was married, I was kinda conservative during sex.
It's not that I wouldn't try thing. But, I had my limits.
Like no swallowing or anal. Sure I'd take just about any toy up my ass. But, only once let my husband fuck me in the ass.

After my divorce I loosened up some. But, it wasn't till Tim and I started dating I really loosened up.
Tim is my husbands 24 year old nephew. I always knew he had a thing for me.
He never really hid it from me. He always just tuned it down a bit when my husband was around.
I guess it was about a year after my divorce I ran into Tim at the bar one evening.
With the coaxing from my friend I decided to see how far Tim would take things.

Well, he took them all the way to the bank.
Sure, I could have stopped him if I wanted.
But, I guess in truth I wanted just as much as him.
He fucked me harder and with passion then my husband ever had.
Filling me three times with his hot spunk. His first load I took down my throat with pride and greed.
I woke him the next morning with another mind blowing deep throat blow job that I coaxed another load from his magnificent cock.
After that he screwed me most of the rest of the day doing things to me I never let anyone do to me before.
That was day I learned I could squirt.
I was laying on my on Tim's quest as he held me tight in his arms sawing his big cock in and of my overly stretched ass when I exploded spraying cum every where like a garden hose.

That was almost two years ago and sense that night there has been no limits to our sexual conquests.

Today is my birthday.

I set on a bar stool in our kithen leaning over the back.
Tim is holding my broad hips hammering his big cock into my now stretched out asshole.

"That's it. Just like that Tim. Plow my slutty asshole with your big cock." I grunted out in pleasure.

Tim slowed a bit pulling me back to him cupping my large 34F tits in his strong hands and started kissing my neck and nibbling my ear.

"Oh, you naughty boy." I moaned in pleasure enjoying how Tim was enjoying my body.
"A naughty boy for a naughty girl." Tim chuckled in my ear as he pushed deep into my ass filling my guts with his hot love juice.
"GOD YES!" I groaned out load pushing my quivering ass back onto his pulsing cock enjoying the feeling of his hot spunk filling me up.

Breathing hard Tim slowly continued to pump my ass till his cock got to soft and popped free.

Shaking from orgasmal bliss. I slid from my perch to my knees and took Tim in my mouth and sucked him clean.

"Your one hell of a woman." Tim smiled down at me as he held me tight in his strong arms.
"Your one hell of a man." I grinned back at him as I wrapped my legs around him, as he hoisted me up off the ground sliding me down on his now rigid pole.
"You can screw me all you wa-nt. But, right now you ne-ed to feed me." I grinned enjoying at him as he slid in and out of me.

I don't know what will happen between us. But, until then I'm gonna enjoy what we have and continue to be his willing slut.

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