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I come from a remote Tribal area of my country where Traditions are still practiced today and strictly in forced. I left the area in my teens to continue my schooling and ended up becoming a doctor. I went on to specialize and still returned monthly to help my family and their neighbors. Also to marry my wife, we had been promised to each other since we once a month and she lived with my parents. Her parents lived on the next farm, as I was the second son I wasn't expected to run or inherit the farm. Seven years ago there was major flooding and many people died in the flooding and of disease afterwards. My wife's family lost 6 and 2 from mine. My parents died in the flooding and my wife's Father, Grandparents and uncle and both her brothers. Her brothers were younger than her and hadn't married. By Tradition I was head of the family and it was incumbent on me to look after her family. I wasn't a farmer so I gave their farm land and what animals that were left to my brother. That was okay by tradition, then I took my wife and her mother, aunt and 2 sisters to the capital with me. I had bought a compound for my home, it was just over 2 acres with a wall all around it. It was built in the 1820's, but it had been updated over the years. As family head my wife was number one woman in the household, her mother and aunt were next and had to be respected and her 2 sister were last. As we had left our tribal area, her sisters were not able to marry outside the tribal tradition. There promised husband had died in the flooding and they available again. I was too busy to look for husband and my wife tried and failed to find them husbands. Then she suggested that I take them as my second and third wife. I'm can have four wife's. It was cheaper that way, no dowry and I decided to agree. I also have sexual rights with all widow women in my care. It was expected that I sleep with them, if no new husband can be found for them in the year after their husbands died. My wife couldn't anyone for her mother and aunt, so I was expected to sleep with, as long as they were still able to have children. They were only 38 and 32 at the time, so they joined my bed, wife was in charge of who I could fuck and as she was already pregnant. She decided that I should get her mother and aunt pregnant as soon as possible and her sisters would be next. Now I have 13 children, 3 with my wife, 1 with her mother and 2 with her aunt, 3 with her elder sister and 2 with other sister. My mother in law was lucky she had a boy, her aunt has had 2 girls and we're trying get her a boy. Both sisters had 3 boys and 2 girls. 1 girl each. I'm not looking for a fourth wife and have told my so. But she still looks around on our trips to the tribal area each year.

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