Making up for lost time

Written by , on 2015-08-18, genre first times

Back in the 60's in Ireland you were lucky if a girl let you feel her tits after taking her out a few times.
The first girl that let me feel her tits got very "horney" but would not let me go any further.

Time passed and I got married to another girl and forgot all about this first tit feel I had. Then two years ago my wife’s nephew was getting married.
The night before the wedding we met up in a hotel where the wedding was being held.
I could not believe my eyes when I saw that the brides mother was the girl I had my first tit feel from.
As the night moved on and we and had some drink taken I got talking to "my old friend".
We got around to talking about our time together.
She said we were very limited in what we did then.
We talked about what we missed out on. I commented in a casual way that we could make up for it now. She walked away but came back about 10 minutes later to say she wanted to show me something she had in her room.
I went along with her and when we got into the room she grabbed me by the balls and planted a big passionate kiss on me.

It was a fast and furious session and we both exploded at the same time.

When we finished she told me she had always wished we had done that the first time I felt her tits.
We returned to the bar and no one suspected anything.
That was the sex I missed all those years ago.

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