Getting Even

Written by , on 2019-04-02, genre domination

I'm Regan 31 married to Jane 31 no children yet, after being oversea for 3 years. We returned home and are staying with Jane's mother Rhonda 48 widow. Rhonda is a control freak and wants to micro manage our lives and she doesn't think I'm good enough for Jane. I'm a artist not famous, but starting to get my work noticed. Jane is the bread winner of our family and is happy with my career and mine greatest fan. Rhonda has tried to split us up and started to spy on me at my studio. It's an old store own by Aunt of mine who gave it rent free and who I painted in the style of an old master, which she loves. I noticed a car following me everywhere I went and it parking across the street from my studio. After a couple of days I found out who it was and why it was happening. Thanks to my uncle a police captain and after Jane had told her mother back off. I decided to get even myself, so I started to take notice of everything she did. Looking for something to use against her, I found out just by chance that Rhonda who is a respected church member and moves in the best circles of the city. Use to go to a seedy part of the city for fun, so I followed her once with my camera and got some nice pictures. Then I waited for the next time she tried to split up Jane and me. Then after Jane had left for work, I showed the pictures to Rhonda and she almost fainted. She was in shock seeing the pictures of her in sex acts with several men at once. She first offered me money, lot of money. But I wasn't interested in it, I told her I wanted her to pose naked for me in my studio. She resisted at first, but I wouldn't accept anything else so she agreed. I said Nobody will know it is you and I won't tell anyone except Jane. I will give Jane a false name and you will say you were there during the sessions. I told Rhonda I was going to do 5 paintings and she would be in them all. The first was the hardest, as she could stay still. But she improved as the time went by. Rhonda has a great body and me getting her to pose and move in a sexual on a whim, got me hard. She noticed and offered to take care of it for me. I accepted her offer and she sucked me off and to my surprise she swallowed my cum. Later on we fucked and it has now became almost a daily routine. Jane noticed that Rhonda and me were getting better and asked what had happened. Rhonda just said He's painting a portrait of me and we seem to have bonded. So Janes happy and I've started to paint Rhonda's portrait. Also she has shown some of my work to her friends and I'm getting interest their own portraits from them.

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