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I’m Sarah, I’m what most would call a hippie. I’m 28 years old, I have untamed brown dreadlocks bright blue eyes and a petite and very fit body. I have cute B-cup breasts, a flat stomach, skinny legs and a soft natural brown bush.
My boyfriend James is also a flower child he’s cute, blonde haired and blue eyes. He’s in good shape but not very well endowed. He is by no means an alpha male.
Sex with James is good and even though his penis is small he has good stamina and loves to please me orally. He is also very sumbmissive. I made it very clear when we first started dating that I believed in free love and would never be monogamous. He was okay with that but I knew there would be some jealousy.
One of our early dates was a trip to a nude beach. I love being nude I feel so free. We went on a week day so that it wouldn’t be to crowded and when we got there we had the beach almost all to ourselves. We set up our towels and splashed in the surf it was really fun. I noticed some people and that when others were around James tried to hide his penis. I told him he doesn’t have to be ashamed and he relaxed as I kissed him in the surf and softly stroked him.
After some time in the water we went back to our towel and decided to have the lunch we packed. We also had noticed that there was another beach blanket set up near ours but no one was on it. After we finished eating James and I began to kiss amd caress each other, and that’s when I noticed a young man emerging from the surf and walking towards the unattended beach blanket. He was tall and muscular with long blonde hair and his enormous cock swung as he walked. I couldn’t help but break from my make out session with James and stare. I knew James was uncomfortable but he knew how I was very open about sex.
“He’s gorgeous.” I told my boyfriend “I’m gonna say hi.” As he got closer I shouted “are you by yourself?”
“Yes, I’ve never seen you two here before.” He said he walked over.
“This is our first time here it’s beautiful.” I smiled intently staring at him. James was as well. “Come join us you shouldn’t be lonely here.” I welcomed him.
He sat down and his leg slightly pressed agains mine. I moved closer and in a moment of jealousy James wrapped his arms around my waist. We make some small talk and we learned our new friend’s name was Connor. He was also now fully erect. It was massive in both length and girth, dwarfing my boyfriend’s.
After talking for a while I suggested we go back in the water. James said he didn’t want to but Connor did. We jumped up and ran back to the surf holding hands. We jumped around and splashed and swam it was so fun. The splashing soon became playful wrestling. He picked me up and threw me in the water a few times and after a while I was out of breath and needed a break. Sensing this he embraced me and held me firmly in the calm shallow surf. He was on his knees and the water came to his neck and He held me up with my legs dangling in the current and my right breast cupped in his hand. James sat helpless on our beach blanket.
“I want you to kiss me.” I told Connor.
“What about your boyfriend?” He asked.
“He doesn’t mind.” I whispered as I leaned closer. He kissed me and squeezed my ass. It was amazing kiss. As our tongues fluttered I gently stroked his big cock. “Let’s go see him.” I said as I broke the kiss.
We walked back to the blanket only this time we were not holding hands I was holding his cock. I gave James a kiss and then pushed him away and knelt before Connor, his huge cock throbbing inches from my face. I gave James a devilish look and began to kiss the tip. James began to stroke his cock and I picked up the intensity sucking Connor. I was trying to get as much in my mouth as I could but it was so big. I motioned for James to come closer and he knelt behind me and fingered me from behind. I was soaked and his finger slid right in. It felt great. James was now kissing my neck and shoulders as I sucked another man’s cock. Soon I could feel Connor tense up and I knew his orgasm was coming. I went wild slurping and sucking to get him off. Then a wave of cum flooded my mouth. His delicious cum kept shooting out and I swallowed every drop. I kept going until he was soft and he collapsed in front of me. I kissed my boyfriend passionately and embraced him. I lay next to Connor and began to fondle his soft cock wanting to know what it would feel like in my pussy. James was running his fingers through my bush and teasing my clit. More and more people began to show up and although I don’t mind an audience I didn’t want to be a spectacle. I noticed Connor was beginning to get hard again and I asked if there was a more private place we could go.
“We can go by the dunes no one goes back there but I don’t know if we should leave our stuff here.” Connor explained.
“That’s okay,” I replied “James can watch out stuff.” And with that Connor and I grabbed a towel ran off to the dunes.
He lay me on the towel and spread my legs and began to lick me. It was great and soon I was cumming. After I came he inserted his cock. It had been a while since I had had one so big and it took some getting used to but soon he was thrusting away bringing me to multiple orgasms. We switched to doggie styled and after a good long fuck from behind he asked if he could cum in me. All I could do was shake my head yes. He shot his load deep inside me. We kissed and went back to the beach. I got to the blankets and Connor began to pack his things. James stood up still hard and we grabbed hands and walked to the water with connor’s cum leaking out of me. Connor was gone and James and I kissed and played in the surf and kissed.
When it got late we went back to our car. I got in the back seat and opened my legs for James who began to lick my messy pussy. He brought me to a quick orgasm and climbed on top of me and entered me. I had been stretched by Connor but James’ small penis still felt good. We came together and went back to my apartment. We had one more round of sex when we got back to my apartment. James took me from behind and fucked me hard. After a while he asked if he could have my ass and I agreed. He eased into my ass and it felt amazing. And soon he was cumming in my ass. When we finished we showered. Had dinner and went to bed.

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