Showing wife to truckers goes too far

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I love to show my wife off on the highway. It all started soon after we were married. We moved about a 9 hour drive away from home, and we would drive frequently to visit family, and friends. I started to convince Dawn to let me play around with her in the car during our long drives. One of the first times we were driving all day, and I had convinced her to wear a sleeveless T shirt, and some very loose fitting shorts with no bra or panties. We were on the highway, and I was touching her nipples through the shirt, and she was getting really turned on. I ran my hand down her belly to her shorts, and pulled one the shorts aside. She was getting really turned on by all of the stimulation, and she pulled her tits out with the sun shining on them, her milky white boobs and pink nipples looked great in the sun, so sexy. I had her shorts pulled to the side, and I was fingering her pussy, and spreading her pussy lips open at the same time. My wife was moaning with pleasure, and I was coming up on a long line of trucks. I slowed down, and was going only slightly faster than all of the trucks, and I knew they were getting a great view of my wife’s naked tits, and her pussy being spread open by me. She had her eyes closed for the first few trucks, and didn’t really notice that she was on display. After the third truck, she opened her eyes, and looked up, and the fourth truck driver was staring down at her naked body. She was kind of startled, and she said “this trucker is getting a great view” but she did nothing to cover up. I continued to play with her pussy, and she was starting to moan, and we passed another truck, and she said that this trucker was watching her as we approached, and I said they have probably been telling each other about you on the radio. She was really getting hot now, and was getting close to orgasm. We slowly passed another truck, and I asked her is he looking at you? And she said yes. Susan was playing with her nipples, and they were hard and her pussy was wet, it must have looked super horny. We passed another truck, and she looked at the driver quickly, and she said he was looking too. She was about to have her orgasm, and I slowed down so that the trucker could watch her cumming, and I told her to look back up at the trucker, and stare at him while she was cumming. Susan opened her eyes, and looked up at the trucker, and she was squeezing her breasts and playing with and licking her nipples, and I had her pussy lips spread wide open, and was rubbing her clit. I asked her what does the trucker look like? She said that he was a Black guy, and I told her to smile at him, and then she started having a big orgasm, and was writhing around in the seat, and I stayed in the perfect position so that our Black trucker friend could watch all of the action. After she came, she put her clothes back together, and we continued normally on our trip. We started talking about these truckers during sex, and we talked about how they would have loved to fuck her, and cum in her, and so on. It was great for our sex life, as we were both turned on by the fantasies. Time had moved on, and I showed her on the highway many more times, I had a vasectomy, so that we didn’t have to worry about birth control or condoms anymore. On one of my birthday’s she asked me what I wanted, as my present. I told her I wanted her to go out drinking with me, and to wear something really sexy. On my birthday, she asked me what I wanted her to wear when we go out, and I told her to wear her knit mini skirt, and a sleeveless “T” shirt, with no bra, or panties. She said not here in town, but I told her that we were going to take a drive to the next town one hour away. She put the clothes on that I wanted her to wear, and it is a short white knit mini skirt, and you can see through it fairly well, you can make out her bush and the crack of her ass when she is naked underneath, and her shirt was low cut, and sleeveless, and you could see the sides of her breasts, and the shoulder straps covered her nipples, but you could make out the color of her nipples. Also she had to be really careful because it would be really easy for a shoulder strap to slip, and her nipple would be exposed. We went to the bar, and started having drinks, and her nipples were real hard, and straining against the shoulder straps, any leaning forward or brushing against something would reveal her hard nipples. Susan was having long island ice tea, and she was downing them pretty fast. She does not normally drink a lot, so she was getting drunk pretty fast. She had three long island ice teas, and was feeling no pain, and I asked her to flash me her pussy, and she turned on the bar stool with a big smile on her face, and spread her legs wide, and pulled her pussy lips open wide, and I could see her clit, and her gaping vagina. I was caught by surprise, because I was thinking she would just do a quick discreet flash, and she was putting her wide open naked pussy on display! I reached out my hand, and stuck a finger in, and ran it up to her clit, she was wet as could be. I knew the alcohol was really getting to her. I was so engrossed in looking at her, that I didn’t notice that she was attracting attention. There was a guy all of a sudden standing right next to me looking at my wife’s pussy, and then I noticed that one of her nipples had popped out too. A stranger was standing right in front of my wife with her legs and pussy lips spread wide open, and I was fingering her. My wife looked over and saw the guy, and turned back around, and said the shows over. She had one more drink, and the guys in the bar were watching her, but she didn’t do anything else. My wife was really drunk now, and I wanted to get her in the car naked, for the one hour trip home. We got in the car, and my wife said that she was going to ride home totally naked, and flash some truckers. I told her that nothing would make me happier. She was totally naked, and I turned on the dome light for the truckers, so that her totally naked body would be illuminated for them. We rolled by a few trucks, and there was another one up ahead, and my wife looked up and smiled at the trucker while we were slowly passing, and she said this guy is really excited!! He sped up to keep pace with us, and my wife said wow! He is hanging out the window!! I said he wants to get a closer look!! She was playing with her pussy, and rubbing her nipples for him, and she turned over, and showed her ass and was fingering herself so he could see everything. Then she turned over, and the trucker was motioning at her saying we should get off at the next exit, and she told me he wants us to get off at the next exit. I looked, and the next exit was a rest stop, so I pulled ahead of the truck, and got off at the rest stop, and I pulled in to the truck parking area. The truck pulled in right next to us, and my wife was still naked with the dome light shining on her. I shut off the engine, and we had the radio on, and the doors unlocked when I shut off the engine. She was laying in the car on her back, with her legs spread, and the back of her head was on my lap. The trucker was a big white guy with a beard, and he came over to the window, and was looking in at my naked wife, and she said well he is getting a much closer look now isn’t he? And I said yes he is. He opened the door, and started to touch her pussy, and he said how hot her pussy was, and wet too! She was rubbing her nipples, and occasionally licking them, she seemed really horny, and she was trying to bring herself to orgasm. The trucker said that she looks really hot licking her nipples, and I said that she really loves it when someone else licks her nipples. He took the hint, and moved in, and bent over between her legs, and started to lick her nipples. He was licking and sucking, and gently biting her nipples, and this was driving her wild. I was so focused on this man a stranger sucking my wife’s nipples, that I wasn’t really watching what he was doing with his hands. He had been playing with her pussy putting his fingers in, but he also pulled his pants off, and my wife was throwing her head back on my lap coming closer to an orgasm. Then he stopped licking her nipples, and was starting to kiss her chest and neck. I saw him get further into the car between my wife’s spread legs, and that was when I saw his bare cock coming into the car, and pointing right at my wife’s pussy. He was a big guy, and his cock was big, it looked thick, and long, and impressive, and most of all bare. He was kissing her neck, and she was drunk, and orgasmic, and then I saw him reach down and guide his bare prick right into her wet pussy. My wife let out a surprised gasp, and her head rared back on my leg. It was then that I knew for the first time since we had been married, she had a different man’s cock inside of her. He started penetrating her vagina, and it pushed her head back and forth as he was fucking her. Her head was moving across my leg with every penetration of his cock. She said, I thought you were just going to jack off! The trucker just kept on fucking her, and started to kiss her. She said ooooh your cock is so big!! The trucker said you like it don’t you? Susan yelled yes!! I love your big cock!! He kept fucking her, and she had a big orgasm on his cock, and she said to me “his cock is a lot bigger than yours, and it is getting bigger all the time”!!
His cock was swelling inside of her, and he was starting to moan, and kiss her on the mouth, her head was still in my lap, and he moaned loudly, and was slamming his big meat into my wife’s pussy, and he shot a big load of sperm into her hot wet orgasmic pussy. He kept on kissing her and stabbing at her with his large cock, and filling her with his cum, every time he slammed his cock in her, I felt her head moving against my leg. When he started cumming in my wife, she told me “I can feel his hot sperm shooting into my hot pussy”!! “ He is cumming so hard, It feels so good”. Then Dawn said, oooh I cumming again!! And with that she had another orgasm. The trucker stayed on her for a while, and his cum stopped flowing out, and my wife told him that she wasn’t planning of fucking another man tonight, and she was just giving him a closer look. He said that he just couldn’t help himself, she was so hot, he had to have her. Dawn said I just wish you had used a condom. The trucker replied well you don’t have anything to worry about with me, I don’t have any diseases or anything, and my wife said, no, its not that, I don’t use any kind of birth control. The trucker said you mean I could have got you pregnant just now? And I said I had a vasectomy. The trucker said well I haven’t, all of my swimmers are in working order!! This discussion seem to invigorate the trucker and he had not removed his cock from my wife yet, and I felt her head start to moved again. My wife said he is hard again, and his cock is growing bigger, he is fucking me again with his big cock, ooooh it feels so good!! She was having another orgasm, and the trucker was now sitting up higher, so that he could see her tits bouncing as he fucked her, and he was squeezing her tits, and tweaking her nipples during her orgasm and it was driving her wild! The trucker said your pussy is so tight, and I love the thought of you not using birth control!! Your pussy is so clean, and your nipples and tits are so hot!! I can’t believe your old man is just sitting there watching me fuck you, and get you pregnant. He asked her what is your name, and she said Dawn, and then she told him her last name. He asked where do you live? And she told him our address. He repeated her name and address. He asked her what is your phone number, and my wife gave him her phone number. He said I love your hot wet unprotected pussy!! I’m going to cum in you again!! Then I’m going to call you, and I will come and see you, and fuck you again, would you like that? My wife didn’t say anything, she just started having an intense orgasm, almost screaming. The trucker said I’ll take that as a yes!! Then he started moaning, and once again laid down on Dawn, and kissed her on the mouth, and he said I’m cumming!! Dawn said oooh I feel his cock swelling again, he’s shooting another big load in my pussy!! He was breathing hard, and thrusting his cock in again cumming in Dawn’s pussy, and he said you’re gonna have my baby, and Dawn had yet another orgasm, and yelled at him to cum in her!! Their orgasms started to subside, and He laid on her for about five more minutes, kissing her, and milking every last drop of sperm out of his cock. While he was laying there, I noticed that there were about five other truckers standing around our car, with their phones out, and taking pictures and videos of my wife being fucked by a random trucker at the rest stop. Then the trucker who fucked her got his phone out, and took a bunch of pictures of my wife with her legs spread, and his cum flowing out of her pussy. The trucker thanked her, and got out and started putting his pants on, and another trucker climbed into the car, with his camera phone, and his cock out, and he was touching my wife’s pussy, and wanted to fuck her also, but I said no, and that we were leaving now. The next day my wife couldn’t believe what happened, and she said I can’t believe you let that guy fuck me last night, and cum in me!! I told her it was the sexiest thing I ever saw, and I said that I never saw her cum so much. She said that he had a nice big cock. Well a few weeks later, I was doing some porn surfing, and I found a video of my wife getting fucked by the trucker, and telling him her name address and phone number. I was really surprised, and I told my wife that it was posted. She was really embarrassed, because she works with a lot of pervy guys, and she knows they look at porn on the internet, she also knows that my buddies look at porn as well. She doesn’t know, but I have shown her naked pics to my friends. I emailed the website to my buddies, and they watched the video, and they all wanted to fuck her next. One of my buddies knows someone she works with, and forwarded the link to him, and he had not seen my wife naked before, and he shared the video with all of the guys at work. Now the guys at work want to fuck her as well. She has only had sex with another man one time, and she was drunk, and now the video has proliferated all over our town, and everyone who watches knows her full name address and phone number. My neighbor’s mail came to my house, and the neighbor is a big fat older pervy dude, and I brought the mail over to him, and I could see his computer, and he was playing her video. We like to go to a local bar, and drink and dance, I always try to get her to wear revealing clothes, and now she does, because I told her that everybody there has probably seen her totally naked with a stranger fucking her anyway.

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