The Farm

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A good few years ago when I was 20 and in the army, I was stationed near a small town. Not much to do in and around the place, most of us went to the city on our leave. Near the camp was an old farm and the lady that owned it was in her late fifties, she lived alone. Then one day a truck hit the old wooden water tower, causing it to collapse. As the wooden water tank was filled with water, it caused a mini flash flood on the farm. No real damage, but it needed a cleanup and I was one of the crew sent to clean up. The lady Alice wasn't upset over the accident, as most of the water ended up in a pond on the farm. Topping up the water level and as there was a drought on at the time. Being the youngest of the cleanup crew, I was sent into the pond to remove debris that had been washed in. I also fixed the chicken fence which had been slightly damaged, it was old and was almost falling down before the accident. I told my officer that the wire netting was damaged and was told to get more netting and replace it all. He didn't check it and so Alice got a new chicken fence. I also repaired the hen house roof while at it, after all the repairs were finished. I would go to the farm on my time off and help Alice, she was nice to be around and not being comfortable around girls my own age. I enjoyed the time helping, then on one visit Alice asked me if I had a girlfriend. No I replied, then she said I should be using my off duty time with girls of my own age. I told I wasn't comfortable around them and would usually be sat in corner too shy to talk to them, I was raised on farm and the only women around were Aunts and my mother. I was an only child and was home schooled. Alice just smiled and we went back to jobs at hand, later she asked me what I was doing on my weekend leave, going to city with your buddies. No I was thinking of helping you on the farm I answered. Good she replied. A couple of days later I had 48 hrs pass and headed to the farm, I intended to stay in the old shed, but Alice wouldn't have that saying she had a spare bed in the house. I put stuff on the spare bed and went to work on the old barn. one of the corner posts was rotten and I was going to replace it with timber post I had made. Alice let me go and after I had braced the corner of the barn I removed the rotten post. I fitted the new post into place and secured it, I removed the bracing and went into the house, I was covered in dirt and other stuff and Alice told me to shower. I went into the bathroom and Alice came in just as I got into the shower and took my clothes to wash. Shortly after she returned, she was naked and she got into the shower with me. I was shocked and couldn't say anything, she started to rub her hands over my body and my cock went rock hard. She talked softly to me and started to play with my cock. Then she went down and started to suck it, I soon blew my load into her mouth. She kept playing with my cock till it was hard again. Then she back on to me guiding my cock into her and started moving forward and back. It felt wonderful and was the start of our sexual relationship. She would let me fuck her anytime I wanted and I wanted it a lot. When I was transferred , I returned a couple of time on leave and she would still sleep with me. Then I received a letter from her that she sold the farm to the army and was going to live with her sister and her husband. I was a little unhappy at first, but had started seeing a girl and later married her. Alice had given me confidence I needed to meet my wife.

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