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"I just don't get it Liz. Your still plenty young enough and there is no doubt that you have the looks." Sara said in a nagging voice.
"I don't know. After Mark left I tried dating. But, the dating thing isn't what you might think it is." Liz said in dry tone.
"But, Liz. Still" Sara started but was cut off by liz.
"He's also got a very thick nine inchs that goes places his father's never touched before, can last well over two hours, can keep me orgasming the hole time and can get three solid nuts." Liz stated in a bragging smile.
"What! Are you shitting me! How?" Sara asked stunned.
"Hell no I'm not shitting you!" Liz bragged. "And I never turn him down." Liz finished with a big smile.
"And he goes down on you?" Sara asked amazed.
"That's an understatement there." Liz grinned mischievously.
"What!" Sara gasped.
"He ate me so long the other night I almost paced out. I've never been eaten the way he eats me." Liz grinned.
"No way!" Sara said in longing.
"He even licks my asshole." Liz bragged.
"NOOOOOO!" Sara said making a big O with her mout looking astonished.
"YESSSSS!" Liz smiled happily.
"Did you ask him to do that?" Sara quizzed
"No. Actually he was the first." Liz smiled happily. "And it was absolutely amazing. I came so hard." Liz finished with big grin.
"Wow!" Sara laughed.
"Wow is right." Liz started. "He had me up the kitchen counter eating me to about my third major orgasm when I pulled my legs back far and wide revealing everything I had and that's when he stuck his tongue right into my ass. I came almost instantly." Liz grinned a big bragging grin.
"On the damned counter. You are such a bad girl." Sara laughed.
"No. I turned into a bad girl when I rode Lucas anal style." Liz bragged.
"You didn't. Did you?" Sara stated astonished. "How was it!"
"God was it wonderful." Liz smiled remembering back.

"Do tell!" Sara grinned with bright prying eyes.

"Well. We had been in a good long fuck session and he had fingered my asshole a few times before and I was on top of him riding him hard when I came up a little to far and he popped free. In our hurried rush to get him back in my greasy pussy, his prick head rammed into my asshole.
I was to over heated to stop. I just kept pushing till his big head popped into my asshole." Liz smiled big looking at Sara.
"You didn't." Sara gasped.
"Yes I did." Liz grinned "I just froze and let my body relax and inch by inch I took his entire length up my ass.
I don't know what it was about it. But, that was the first time I lost all control and sprayed my juices everywhere." Liz grinned a big gragging grin.
"Are you shitting me!" Sara gasped.
"Nope. I also learned what it was like to gaped." Liz chuckled
"No way!" Sara gasped again.
"After I got used to his cock ramming up my asshole. Lucas rolled me over on to all fours and really gave me a pounding." Liz smiled wickedly.
"Wow!" Sara moaned.
"I'm talking a hand full of hair, spanking my ass, balls deep pounding." Liz grinned wiggling in her chair.
"He liked that old asshole did he." Sara giggled.
"Way more then his father ever did." Liz laughed. "It was like he was on a mission to please me."
"Well, its probably the best ass he's ever had." Sara giggled.
"I'll guarantee it's the best he will ever have." Liz smirked.

"You still haven't answered why your own son." Sara stated laughing.
"Well, he's convenient." Liz grinned
"What the hell does that mean! He's convenient." Sara giggled at liz with a naughty smile.
"I don't know. It's not like I planned it or anything. It just kinda happened." Liz smiled proudly.
"That is not something that just happens between a mother and son Liz." Sara laughed.
"I don't know. I guess I've always known how good looking he is." Liz started. "Like is said I tried dating. But, it just seamed so redundant. It was more like a job interview." Liz frowned.
"And you didn't get any dick on them dates?" Sara laughed questioning.
"Naw. Not really." Liz frowned.
"But, ever sense me and Mark got divorced Lucas has taken me to dinner almost ever Friday night and he's always texting or calling me and after I moved in with Lucas to save money, it only made sense to me. Here's a perfect man. So I capitalized on it." Liz grinned proudly.
"But, he's still your son." Sara stated.
"And your the only one that knows he is." Liz laughed.

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