First time squirting

Written by , on 2019-03-07, genre first times

I had been watching porn on my phone for several mornings. My boyfriend had been complaining about my sexual drive lately and I was trying to perk it up. I was totally Interested in videos about orgasms and squirting. This particular morning we woke up and started fooling around. My boyfriend has an alright size cock. It’s really thick around the shaft and about 7 inches long. I laid back on the bed and he started to play with my waiting pussy lips with his huge shaft. This always get me hot. He starts to push the huge head inside my anxiously waiting pussy. He began stroking my walls slowly and my pussy was so aroused it was reciprocating by getting so wet. I was hoping that he could get me so worked up that I would begin squirting I had never experienced that. I had been reading that squirting doesn’t come natural and that your body has to be totally aroused. After a few minutes of moaning from the slow long strokes he turned me over to fuck me doggy style I obliged. I felt myself cunning as soon as he entered me from behind. That wasn’t enough I wanted to squirt all over his dick. I could feel him speed up his strokes probably from the warmness of the cum I had just deposited on his cock. A few seconds later he was cumming in my tight warm pussy. We got up and cleaned ourselves up. He left for work but Iwas still not satisfied so I started watching my morning porn. After a hour or so of that I got my 12 inch dildo out of the drawer to continue to please myself. I lubed it up and placed it at the opening of my pussy. I started to rub the rubber cock up and down my clit. That felt so good so I pushed the shaft of the dildo in my pussy and yes I squirted for the first time it felt so good that it scared me. I kept on pleasuring myself and not long after the first squirt O was squirting again. This time I put my hands down there so I could taste it. Those juices tasted like an erotic nectar. I squirted about two more times then I got ready for work. All I could think of was finished my day and getting home to my boyfriend so I could squirt all over his oock.

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