Revenge - Who Killed Kenny?

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Alice knew I was unhappy about our next task and tried to reassure me so I went looking for Kenny. I knew he went to the guy most days so I bought myself a white leotard that was purposely two sizes too small. It had press studs at the crotch for use when in the toilet.
I paid and for a day pass and went to get changed. I wore trainer leg warmers and my leotard. I looked in the mirror and my leotard left nothing to the imagination, my small breasts were capped with hard nipples that could clearly be seen and the crotch dug in so far I had a big camel toe and it also ran up my ass crack exposing my cheeks.
I went into the gym area and stopped Kenny right away but I didn’t go to him. Instead I got on a treadmill and slowly started running. After 10 minutes I started to get the burn. My legs were hurting but not in a bad way and my lungs were working more than they had ever done. I was sweating so much the leotard was almost transparent that lost of guys and some women were looking at me.
I stopped the mill and got off, I could hardly breathe. I sat on a bench and a big black gut came and sat next to me. He handed me his bottle of water, I took a huge swig. Not seen you in here before he said, his eyes fixed on my boobs. No it’s my first session, I just thought I would see what all the fuss is about, and most of my friends go to gyms. Yes I can tell because your kit isn’t quite right. Why what’s wrong with it I said? Well your leotard is a dance one and shows a little bit too much of your privates. I thought you guys would like that I replied getting quite angry. Most ladies here were shorts underneath for more support. I was getting very angry now, fucking support, was he saying my ass was sagging? He stood up and I noticed he had a semi hard-on. You don’t seem to mind I said poking his bulge. You couldn’t handle that baby it would rip you apart. Take me somewhere and I’ll show you. You do have a fuck room don’t you? It’s not that type of gym love but I love to fuck you outside later in the car park. Fuck off dick head I said and threw his water bottle at him.
I went over to where Kenny was doing weights. I sat on a bench right opposite him and smiled. He smiled back and looked happy to see me. His body was gleaming with sweat and his muscles rippled as he lifted more than I weighed. I reached between my legs and undid the studs exposing my pussy to him. I rubbed my fingers along my crack and then sucked them. Kenny was staring to get a big bulge in his track suit bottoms. I was so close to an orgasm when Kenny came over and gave me his towel. I stood up and wrapped it around my waist then I placed my hand on his bulge. He bent down and whispered not he please I will get expelled. Let’s go back to my place and you can do all the press ups you want. I will help you. Give me 5 more minutes and then we can go. OK I said and kissed his cheek.
That was the longest 5 minutes of my life, sat watching this huge piece of muscle work out. And the rest of him was good too. He finished and walked over to me. Here I said handing him his towel. No its OK he said you need it more that me. No I don’t I replied showing him I had fastened the crotch back up. I’ll shower then we can go. No, I want you all sweaty and smelly that’s the way I like my men. We ran into our changing rooms and collected our gear then met near the door. We walked across the car park and Kenny put a hand on my bare ass cheek. I only live a few minutes walk away from the gym so it didn’t take too long to get home.
I opened the door and went in. Kenny stood there not sure what to do. Come in silly, I won’t bite. He followed me into the kitchen where I removed my trainers and all my other gym gear and put it in the washing machine. I can do yours too if you like then I will have a full load. I have seen you naked before remember? Yes he replied looking at the floor. That’s what is bothering me he continued. I am deeply ashamed at what happened that day I feel very uneasy at this moment in time. I’ve forgotten all about that and it was me who invited you here in the first place. Now come on and get your stuff off. And just to make it even better you gave me an orgasm. You were gentle and kind but I was getting pissed off with you saying sorry all the time. We laughed and he started to remove his gear. His track suit bottoms came down to reveal a grey thongy type thing with a huge bulge. I pressed my thighs together to stop my juices from running down my legs. He turned and placed his gear in the washer. It was a thong, his ass looked so sexy. He turned to face me and put his fingers in the waistband. No let me I said and move to him and dropped to my knees. I put my face against the cloth and could feel the heat and smell his manly odours. I slowly pulled the thong down and his huge cock sprung out onto my lips. I let them fall to the floor and grasped his cock with both hands. I drew his foreskin back and it was clear he had ejaculated earlier in the day because of the stale smell of cum and the dried bit on the head. There was also a strong smell of stale piss so he hadn’t washed or shower for at least a day.
I started licking the head all around trying to remove the dirty stuff. He moaned and held my head gently in his big hands. I slipped my lips over the head and started to swallow him. He was so big I knew I couldn’t get his balls to my chin this time but I was going to try my best. Has I inched forward I stroked it with one hand and play with his huge balls with the other. I was taking deep breaths through my nose while Kenny was shaking and kept whispering fuck over and over. I got to within three inches of his balls but I could not get him any further in. I used my throat muscles to squeeze his cock until he stared cumming. Kenny was groaning and shaking as his thick man seed poured down my waiting throat.
When he had stopped, I slowly pulled him out, keeping my lips tightly sealed around his shaft. I spent a few minutes making sure his cock head was clean and free of any nasty things. He sat at the breakfast bar while I picked his thong up and sniffed it deeply. I started the machine then straddled him, putting my arms around his neck and kissing him.
We spent ages locked together and I could feel his cock stirring again. Kenny will you fuck me babe. I love how your cock hurts me in a nice way? Well you weren’t getting away with just a blow job. Shit I thought, he has gone into nasty mode and I don’t feel safe. He lifted me and put me on the breakfast bar and just slammed his huge cock right up my pussy and started to thrust into me. I was so dry it hurt like hell and started to scream. Please Kenny, be gentle with me I moaned. But Kenny only wanted one thing, his climax. He came and pulled out and wiped his cock on my thigh.
Kenny went to his bag and took a plastic bag full of pills out and swallowed some. What are those I asked? Steroids and uppers he replied, they give a great feeling. I will be able to fuck up again soon he said with a chuckle. I climbed off the breakfast bar, my pussy was so sore I could hardly walk. I reached into the fridge and got his a bottle of beer. Kenny strolled into the lounge, his long cock swinging between his thighs. I stepped into the garden and phoned Alice. I told her what he have done and she was all for killing his right away.
No I still like him I said and I want a real fuck off that wonderful cock first. OK she replied I will call round in 30 minutes, try and hold him off until I get there. I went into Kenny’s bag and took out the pill bag. I also found a bag of white powder and some syringes. I told Kenny I was going to the bathroom and he could help himself to more beers.
I looked at some of the pills. They said GBH and others had symbols on them. I know from work that if you mix them it could kill you. The white powder must be cocaine I thought and I had an idea.
I flushed the toilet and went back down stairs and started to grate as much of the pills are I could into a powder. I have a fine nutmeg grater so I was quite easy. I did six of each and also added some of the cocaine. Alice knocked on the window so I went outside. How is he she asked? Drinking beer and watching TV I replied. Good, I have got you some cream for you broken pussy and a supply of liquid Viagra, easy to pop in a drink Alice said. I only want one good fuck not for days I said. No just put all these in a drink and it will kill him. I found some pills which I have ground up and they might help too. I took the Viagra and poured them into a jug and added the ground pills. I walked into the lounge and asked Kenny if he wanted another drink. Yeah I’m gagging. I opened a bottle and added some of the mixture to it. I mixed it up with a drinking straw the open a bottle for myself. I went back into the lounge and handed Kenny his drink. Mind if I join you babe I said and kissed him on his forehead. Be my guest he replied, so I sat between his legs leaning against the sofa. His cock was right between my shoulder blades so I reach behind me and lifted it onto my right shoulder.
I took a quick swig of the beer and started watching TV. It was shit but at least it kept Kenny busy. I turned my face to my right and licked the head of his cock. Later babe I’m trying to watch this. It was a programme about domestic violence, mostly rape by husbands and boyfriends and what happened after. One was about a guy and three friends who raped his wife. Kenny chuckled and is cock twitched on my shoulder. I took a long swig from the bottle and shuddered. Kenny finished his drink and asked for another one. I stood up and got him two more, both with the cocktail of drugs in them. I sat in the same position and put his cock back on my shoulder.
Kenny’s cock was slowly getting stiffer with each swig. It was near my chin now so I licked it. Soon babe he said. I am going to fuck you so hard I will be able to lick my own cock. He finished both bottles and asked was I ready for the fuck of my life. We stood up and his cock stood out from his loins like a ramrod. It looked even bigger than before. I licked his chin and ready babe.

We went up stairs and he said he needed a piss. I lead him into the bathroom by his cock and crouched down in the shower. I opened my and swallowed as much of his golden liquid as I could. Kenny grinned and started to spray me with his piss, I my eyes up my nose. He stopped his flow and said stand. I did and he told me to turn round and bend over. I did as I was asked and Kenny pushed his cock into my pussy and continued to piss in me. His piss was very hot and I could feel in reaching and flooding my insides. He stopped again and withdrew from my pussy. He held his cock to my ass hole and pushed. No I screamed but it was too late. He had about 6” in me and started pissing again. How much can a man do I thought? His piss felt even hotter going into my bowels. My stomach started to expand and I felt like I needed a shit. I told him as he finished pissing.
I am going to pull my cock out of your tight ass he said. Stand up and do not shit until I tell you to OK? Yes I whispered. He pulled out and I stood up clenching my ass cheek together as tight as I could. Kenny lay face up on the shower cubicle floor and ordered me to squat over his face. I did but a little drip of fluid came from my ass hole. Sorry I said so not upset him. Its fine baby not a lot came out. He grabbed my hips and pulled me close to his mouth. I was in agony, a few more minutes and I would need to shit I told him. He started licking my ass hole and that was it. My ass opened like sewer and the contents of my bowels gushed all over Kenny’s face. It was like water with big bits of shit in it. Kenny was trying to swallow as much as he could. The smell was so bad I stared to heave. He told me to slide down his body so I did. I got level with his face I could no longer stop myself from being sick. I started to vomit and Kenny opened his mouth swallowed my sick. That made me worse and I did loads more. The beer, my bacon and tinned tomatoes even last nights Chinese went into his hungry mouth. These are some sick fuckers I thought; I might be doing the world a favour. Only Pete was quite clean. He only pissed on and in me.
Kenny babe when are we going to fuck I need your cock soon? He got up and I washed the shower down. We got in and we washed each other. I made sure there were no nasty bits lucking on his super hard cock. Kenny was starting to slur his words slightly so I had to hurry. We dried off and went into my bedroom.
Babe will you let me fuck you for a change. It’s not fair if you do all the work. OK babe I will watch you bounce on my huge cock and I will force you down on it until you beg for mercy. Would it be OK if I handcuff you to the head board for a little while, I want to feel like I have power over a big strong hunk like you, only for a few minutes though, please? God you are a kinky bitch aren’t you. I got my two pairs of handcuffs and fixed him to headboard. I tied his legs to the foot board and climbed onto him.
I offered him my pussy to lick which he did with great skill. Licking and nibbling me until I was flowing. Kenny was panting now so I slid down his body and offered his staff up to my dripping hole. I slowly slid down onto his shaft, taking as much as I could. Kenny’s breathing became laboured so I started sliding up and down on him while biting his nipples. His cock was starting to throb and Kenny was now gasping for air.
I was slamming down so hard now my pussy felt like it was being destroyed. I could feel his balls touching my ass on every down stroke. I was in heaven. Suddenly Kenny’s cock started to twitch and his cum spewed into my womb.
Kenny started to foam that he mouth and guttural sounds were coming from his throat. He made a gagging sound then went quite. He was dead but his cock was still hard so I did a few move slides on it.
I slid off his cock and moved up to his face. His eyes were open and he was staring at me blankly. I kissed his hard on the lips and said thank you Kenny, you were such a wonderful fuck. I lay there for a full ten minutes kissing his and letting his come run from my over full cunt onto his cock.
I said that we would have made a great couple if only you would have been a nicer person. I climbed off him and went down stairs. I phoned Alice and she said she would be here in ten minutes.
I went back up stairs and started to suck Kenny’s still stiff cock knowing I would be the last person to taste him. Alice arrived and came up stairs just as I was sliding my ass hole onto his cock. She shouted have you no respect for the dead woman. No, because he had no respect for the living I replied. True she said but you won’t get any more out of that. I have saved you some in my cunt if you want it babe I said. Quick as a flash Alice was naked and licking my pussy. I force Kenny’s cock right up into my bowel and Alice was chewing my clit.
We both made love to Kenny’s body for over an hour. We both had multiple orgasms.

Alice said that we needed to get rid of the body but I wanted Kenny to be buried. I didn’t want his body destroying. We need to Alice said because it could be linked back to us. No it can’t I shouted and kissed his cock again. Who was the last person that he was seen alive with she asked? Fuck, I said me. Well then it bye, bye beautiful body. I lay down and stroked his wonderful cock and started to cry. Alice grabbed my hair and yanked me off his. She slapped my face and told me to snap out of it. We need it to be simple because he will weigh a ton and be stiff. Yes I know look at it, Yummy. Alice gave me a poke in the ribs and said that’s not what I meant. Isn’t there a project Mick was working on that we could dig a hole and stick him in, then concrete over I asked? No, he didn’t do much of that. Alice was thinking hard when she came up with a plan.

We wrap him in black plastic and take him to the coal loading depot, throw his body in an empty rail wagon. Then it will get covered in coal and off to the power station where it will be turned into pulverized fuel or powder to the lay-person. How do you know all this stuff I asked, like explosives and things? I’m not just a pretty face Alice replied. I know your not I said and started kissing and licking her. Will you fuck and get ready, we need to be focused and save our energy to drop him into the coal wagon. We’ll have plenty of time for that later.
We wrapped Kenny up in black plastic and put him in the back over the Land Rover and covered him with blankets.
I dressed in a black sweat shirt, black jeans and black trainers. Then we went to the farm where Alice pulled on a black boiler suit and safety boots. God she looked so fucking sexy I was leaking into my panties.
Off we went to the sidings where the coal trains parked up. It was dusk so the light was fading fast. Alice parked on the bridge over the tracks, right above an empty train. We sat and waited until a loco had been attached to the front and the signal turned green. I jumped out and pulled the body out of the Land Rover and stood him against the parapet. I held it while Alice bent and lift it by the legs. We slowly slid it over the edge and waited for a wagon to come under us then quickly tipped it over the side. It landed with a dull thud in the bottom of a wagon as the train slowly gathered speed. Quick Alice said and we jumped into the Land Rover and drove to the coaling station. We got there just as our train started to go through the filling room. It was such a long process filling each of the 40 wagons but we waited until the full train had left the coaling station.
Alice kissed me and said lets go and make love.
Alice took us to a hotel and I said we can’t, look at the state of us. We’ll be fine, just follow me. We walked in and Alice said, sorry it’s late but we are working at the coaling station but we are waiting for some parts to arrive tomorrow so we need a bed and maybe some food. Fine madam, one or two rooms. One will be fine Alice replied. We only have a double room left if that’s OK? Yes, Janice here can sleep on the floor. Janice fucking Janice I thought. At least it could have been Jan but not fucking Janice, I hate that fucking name. It reminds me of Janice who would beat me up at school. I was very angry now and Alice is going get it later.

Got to our room and Alice took her boots off. Don’t remove your suit babe I said in a sexy voice, I think it looks good and makes you so sexy. Lie on the bed for me. Alice lay on the bed and I stripped off apart from my panties. I climb onto the bed and straddled Alice’s face with my wet panties. This is what that suit does to me I hissed and lowered my panties covered pussy onto her face. I rubbed my crotch had into her head as I moaned, and leaked some more juices into my panties. Alice was chewing the crotch of my panties as if she was extract all my juices in one go.
Suddenly there was a knock on the door. I jumped up and ran to the bathroom. Alice got off the bed and opened the door. It was two policemen. Sorry to intrude on your time Miss one officer said but is that your Land Rover parked on the street? Yes Alice replied in a calm voice. Is there anything wrong officer she asked? We noticed one of the rear light was damaged the other officer said. Yes I know Alice said, I reversed into a bollard and broke it. I was hoping to get home but it was getting dark so I stopped until daylight and I could get it repaired. We were just making sure you knew about the damage and we thank you for your actions in stopping over for the night. If we had caught you it would have been lots of paperwork for us and points on your licence the first officer said. I always try to abide by the law Sir Alice said in a sweet yucky voice. We won’t trouble you again madam, have a good evening, and they went away. Alice closed the door and let out a huge sigh of relief. I came out of the bathroom and ran to her. Fuck that was close I said. She kissed me and said now shall we continue? We had a fantastic night of sex, doing anything we liked.

Alice and I are still an item 4 years later and as of now we haven’t heard anything about the bodies. And if any one asks Alice about Mick, she replied that he let her for a younger model and last she knew he was in the USA.

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