The sleepover

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We were sleeping next to each other on the same bed as always. We slept in a spooning position without our bodies touching. She was in front of me. I slowly caressed her upper back all the way down to her ass.She seemed to enjoy my every touch but she kept silent as if she was asleep. I then grabbed the left side of her ass and squeezed it.At this point we both knew she was now surely anticipating my cock that was suddenly waking up from it's sleep, getting hard, readying itself for action. At this point I had a big boner and my stoned cock in my boxer started pressing hard against her thighs. I then pulled her skirt up to her waist  and let my hard cock rub against her thick thigh. Until today I never thought of Linda as the girl I could fuck but always remembered her as the little girl who sang with the big voice in church. But at this moment I just saw a young sexy woman and not that little girl. I was now breathing fast and my heart was beating fast. I paused momentarily to catch my breath before I slid my hand between her legs.

 I slowly moved my dirty hand from her knees all the way up to her underwear. I rubbed my hand on her panties for a few seconds and then I slid my fore finger into her wet and warm pussy. I pushed my two little dirty fingers deeper inside forcing her to moan and move slightly. I continued Tommy Hilfingering her slowly, without making any sudden movements. I slowly took my hand out and she instantly moved her body slightly to rub against my hot muscular body. I then slowly took my hard stoned cock outta my boxer shorts  and then rested my cock on her sexy ass for a second. I then slowly spread her legs a bit and rubbed my hard cock against her underwear. I continued rubbing for some more seconds while caressing and pinching her round and soft left breast. I did the same with the right breast. In that heated moment I used my left hand to guide my hard cock to the edges of her underwear. 

I slightly pushed the edges of her panties just enough to give room to my dick to find its way into her pussy. And at that point, I slid my hard stoned cock into her tight, wet, warm pussy.

" Oh Dan" she moaned.

I pulled my cock a little bit preparing it for the second stroke. I went in again while squeezing her breasts. At this point she moved her slowly head to face me . As I went in her pussy for the third stroke, I fucked her kidneys out and she was loving it.

She looked at me with those ' I want you to fuck me harder ' kind of eyes.

and then she said " I love you".

I then moved my body and pressed it hard against her back and said

" I love you too Linda" in her left ear.

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