Sexual Awakening - A good Day for All

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I woke up did my toilet stuff and walked into the garden wearing panties and a crop top. Mum was there in a light blue swimming costume sunning her self. She was on a lounger with her feet on the floor on each side, her black pubic was sticking out of the crotch of her suit. Yuk I thought, why doesn’t she at least trim it? I knew she was watching me behind her sunglasses so I sat on a table right in her line of sight and started rubbing my pussy through my panties. I love winding her up until she snaps. I slid my hand down the front and inserted two fingers. I let out a moan and she lifted her glasses up to get a better view. I could see the fury in her eyes that I was openly masturbating in front of her. I pulled my hand out of my panties sucked my wet fingers then removed my panties. I lifted my feet onto the table spreading my legs as wide as I could expose my very wet pussy. I licked my lips and started rubbing myself again. She was turning red with rage and her breathing became laboured. I smiled and took my top off. I was sat on the table in front of my mother masturbating and pulling my hard nipples. I closed my eyes because I was so close to my climax. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain on my left cheek. My eyes flew open and she was stood there foaming at the mouth. I sneered at her and carried on masturbating. She grabbed me by my hair and yanked me off the table. I tumbled head first onto the grass making me see stars. She kicked me in the stomach and called me a filthy slut. I clutched my stomach, it hurt badly. She went to kick me again but I grabbed her foot and twisted it. She lost her balance and joined me on the grass. She had bumped her head on the lounger and was stunned. I swiftly climb on top of her, sitting on her chests. Her arms were under my legs so she was mine. I fucking hate you I growled into her face. She just stared back with no emotion what so ever. I shuffled so my pussy was right near her face. Here bitch take a look at a young sweet pussy you dried up old cow. I lifted her head and mashed her face into my wet pussy. Taste that you old cunt, fresh pussy meat not old shoe leather. Fucking lick it bitch I screamed and rubbed her head in my cunt. I was wound up my juices started to flow onto her mouth and face. I reached back and started fingering my ass hole. I started squirting into her mouth. I pulled her head on and off my pussy squirting all the time. She was coughing and spluttering. Swallow it you stupid cunt I screamed. Suddenly I was flying backwards by two arms locked under my arm pits. I was dumped unceremoniously on my back on the grass. Ken and Ray stood there in their boxer shorts looking at my naked body. The others had come out to see what the noise was. Gaynor was the fuck is going on Ken asked? She started it. I was sat in the sun playing with my pussy when she slapped me across the face. She had sunglasses on so how was I to know she was watching me. Just because she’s a dried up old cunt doesn’t I can’t relieve myself. You two nice gentlemen don’t mind, do you I asked? They were getting aroused with growing bulges in their boxers. I turned over and got to my knees. I put my hands on their bulges, neither moved. I reached up and fished their rock hard cocks over the waist bands of their boxers. MMM morning glory gentlemen I said and slowly drew their foreskins back exposing the pre cum covered cock heads. Breakfast I squealed and took each cock in my mouth in turn. Nobody did or said anything, they just stood there. I reached behind them and pulled their boxers down. They fell to the ground and I cupped their balls in my hands. I started sliding them down my throat one at a time. Fuck I want them both my brain said. I took them both in and held their asses and slowly pulled them into my mouth. Both Ken and Ray moaned and placed their hands on my head. I relaxed my throat muscles and slid them both passed the entrance to my throat. I now had two sets of balls resting on my chin. I rubbed both hands up and down their ass cracks looking for their puckered man holes. Both men were now breathing very fast so I slid my finger in their cracks until I found what I was searching for. I stabbed my middle fingers in each hole as far as I could. Both Ken and Ray grunted and started cumming in my throat. I could feel the hot juice going into my stomach. I felt wonderful. Two grown men I have total control over and their wives never stopped me. They stopped cumming and their cock started to go soft. I pulled my mouth off them both and licked their cocks clean. I stood up and kissed Ray then Ken on the lips. I always leave some of their juices on my lips for them to sample. A thank you gentleman, that was the best protein shake ever. I turned to the assembled crown and asked if anybody was willing to provide me with more. Ted, Roy and my dad stood there with huge hard-ons. We could do it here or in my room gents. You ladies don’t do you? They will make plenty more and I sure you have already sampled it before you met me. My dad stepped forward but my mum jumped up and hit him on his head. I ran and punched with all my might in the face. She crumpled like a pack of cards. This seemed to break the spell.

Flo and Joan went to their husbands and hugged them to show me that they were OK with what I had just done to them. It’s not you fault Flo said to Ken. Ted and Lily kissed while Ann and Roy hugged each other. Dad leaned against a table naked with his limp cock dangling between his legs. I went over and kissed him on the cheek. He pulled away from me and whispered no more. No more fucking what I shouted? You didn’t say that last fucking night when Ken was stuck up you ass and I was sucking you off did you. Walked over to mum and bent down. His ass hole was still covered in shit and dried cum. I fucking hate the pair of you I screamed and ran in the house.
I walked in and people looked at me. Fuck off I shouted and ran to my room. Gary was sat on the bed jerking off. Sis you can have my protein if you like he said. Not from that little worm I shouted, I want a real dick.

I showered and then dressed in a short skirt a loose fitting vest top that showed the sides of my boob when I leant forward and a pair of heeled sandals. I left the bungalow and walked towards the town. I had £5 in my little purse clipped to a strap on my top. It was a warm day and there were lots of people on holiday like us. I bought an ice cream and walked along the path bordering the beach. I finished my ice cream and removed my sandals and stepped onto the hot sand. I strolled along the sand letting on to people when ever the said hello or Hi. As I walked further along the beach there were less people so I had the beach almost to myself. I climbed around some rocks and found a perfect empty strip of sand. Not a soul to be seen anywhere. I walk to the middle of the beach and took my skirt and vest off. I rolled them up to use as a pillow and lay on the hot sand. It was so peaceful. I bent my legs up and placed my feet wide apart so my pussy would get a tan, placed my hands behind my head and drifted off in the a sexual fantasy.
I dreamt there was a line of naked men as far as the eye could see, all there to make love to their sex goddess, me. Each one had a huge uncut cock swinging between their legs. None of them had come for over a month and were dying for relief. All colours and races were there. Each one presented his cock for my inspection. I would lift it and weight in my hand them smell it. If it had a dirty smell I peeled the skin back and licked the pre cum off it. If they smelled too clean I would tell them to masturbate into my open mouth, then I would lick them clean. After 50 guys had used my pussy for their relief I waved a girl over who would lick the cum from my pussy. Her tongue was warm and long. It reached far into my pussy. Her nose was cold and made me jump. Again her cold nose touched my button. I opened my eyes and screamed. Agh… A fucking dog was eating my pussy. Shoo... Fuck off go away I shouted. Noooo Please not a dog. It carried on licking me. Its tongue rasped over my button and I stiffened and gasped O My God yes. I heard a female voice. Jasper come here boy. No Jasper fucking stay just for a minute. I was just about to explode when this girl approached; there you are Jasper she said. The dog jumped up and ran to her. Good boy she said to him. Nearly I thought. Hi my name is Lucy said. Couldn’t speak, I was still trying to force air back into my lungs after my near orgasm. Have you been a naughty boy Jasper with this nice lady’s pussy? He was fucking great until you came along. 30 seconds, just 30 fucking seconds then I would have been fine.
I recovered enough to gasp Gaynor pleased to me you and Jasper. I sat up still catching my breath. Good isn’t he, trained him myself. That didn’t sink in for a few seconds. She looked about 18, long brown hair. Nice body covered by a very small yellow bikini. The top barely covered her big boobs and the bottoms were just a small triangle of cloth with strings at the sides and back. So you trained him to lick your pussy then I said when I got my breath back. Yes as well as other things. She sat down right next to my and removed her bikini. She had a wonderful tight body and a shaved pussy. I stared at her and she asked you like? Yes I mumbled like a fucking idiot. She smelled of sex, I don’t know why buy she did. How old are you she asked? Old enough I replied. That was a shit answer. It was my birthday last Sunday, I was 16 she said. And I lost my cherry. Was it you boyfriend I enquired? Sort of she giggled. I lost mine too last Sunday night to my twin brother. That is so fucking cool she replied. I wish I had a brother that would fuck me. Did he wear a condom? No. Your one cool bitch she said. Letting your brother pop you’re cherry and squirting his seed deep into your cunt, radical. Well who was yours? One guess she replied. No way, no fucking way, Jasper? Yes she squealed. Nobody knows so please don’t say anything. No I won’t I replied. Thank you she said and kissed me on my lips. We embraced and kissed passionately for ages. She had her leg between mine and was pressing her knee against my pussy. I had hold of her ass cheeks spreading them and trying to feel her ass hole. I touched it and she almost melted. Yes she gasped as I run my middle finger around it. We both climaxed together, not a wet one just a nice moist one. We lay there gasping for air and Jasper just sat watching us.
Lucy whispered into my ear, Gaynor, Jasper fucked me before and my cunt is full of his cum. Do you want a taste? Yes, I would love to I whispered back. She rolled off and lay on her back with her legs open. I rolled between her legs and started licking her moist pussy. It smelled slightly pungent but nice. There was a strong taste, like cum but more sour and salty. Lucy grabbed my hair and asked if I liked it? Yes I said in a muffled voice wonderful. Good. Now she shouted. Next thing, Jasper had his paws wrapped round my waist and his hard cock thumping my pussy and ass trying to fined a way in. No I screamed but Lucy pulled my hair harder forcing my face further into her dog cum filled cunt. Suddenly Jasper found his entry point and a searing pain shot up my ass hole. He stabbed so fast in could hardly breathe. Fuck it hurt so much I started to cry. Lucy let go of my hair and slid from under my face. I put my face in my hand a cried even more. Lucy went behind me to look and said, whoops Gaynor, sorry wrong hole. I didn’t care any more because I was starting to enjoy it. Yes Jasper I gasped more, harder. What Lucy screamed? I fucking want him all in my ass. I don’t think you do Gaynor Lucy said with a worried tone in her voice. Yes I fucking do I screamed. Then something I wasn’t expecting happened. Jasper stopped thrusting but his cock started to expand. I could feel his hot cum shooting right into my bowels but his cock was stretching my ass hole. It felt like a grapefruit and it still was growing. Are you OK Lucy asked shocked? Yes but he is a bit big isn’t he. I’ll stop him turning in you because he will rip your ass out if he does.
Lucy held on to Jasper’s front paws until he calmed down. He rested is head between my shoulders, drooling on me. He was panting quite hard. His cock still hurt in my ass but it was more of an ache than pain. I tried to relax ever more which helped. Luck slid under us described what she saw. She said some of Jasper’s cum was leaking out of me and running down my pussy lips. May I taste it she asked with excitement in her voice? Sure but save some for me I replied. I felt her tongue on my pussy, slowly sliding up to my ass hole. I shivered with pleasure and let out a low moan. She must have licked Jasper’s balls because he tried to thrust forward and let out a yelp. Lucy spent 15 minutes licking and sucking my pussy until Jasper started to put out. Easy boy she said and held onto his hind legs to stop him ripping my ass to bits. His cock slipped out and a big dollop of dog cum landed on Lucy’s face. Fuck she said coughing as some went straight into her mouth. Jasper walked away and started cleaning his cock. Hey Gaynor, his cum is a slightly brown colour she said after swallowing the first of Jasper’s cum. Well he has just cum in my ass I said what colour did you think it would be, green with yellow streaks? Fuck I have just swallowed some, so it’s.. And started to do fake vomits. What do you think I do every day stick a bar of chocolate up my ass or what? Here get some and let me taste it. No fucking way Lucy shouted. I’m not having your shit in my mouth do dirty bitch. I started squeezing my butt cheeks and Jasper’s cum and shit cocktail squirted onto Lucy’s face. Her quickly slid from under me as my as parped and gurgled with a very wet sound. She crawled round to my face, her mouth full of ass and Jasper juice. She put her lips to mine and spit the cocktail into my mouth. I swallowed it greedily and started licking her face. You are a real sick bitch she said. How long have you been eating crap? I don’t actually eat shit but I love to lick ass holes and when I was younger a girl in school gave me her knickers to sniff. She took mine. I sat in the girls toilets and sniffed and licked them. And there was a small poo stain so I licked it and my pussy felt nice. Kneel down and I’ll lick yours then you will see how good it is. Lucy knelt in front of me and I spread her cheeks. I flicked my tongue over her little brown hole and she screamed fuck me, so nice. I slowly forced my tongue into her tight puckered ass hole. Lucy was moaning and gasping for air. After a few minutes Lucy climaxed and collapsed face first on the sand. Mean while Jasper had returned from cleaning himself and was busily cleaning my ass hole making me squirt. Jasper finished and started licking my face so I opened my mouth. He started licking inside it and Lucy said he loves you Gaynor. Let’s go to my house for a drink Lucy said. OK I replied and picked up my skirt. No need to dress, there’s nobody at home and we could have a bit more fun. We walked along the beach each of us with one hand on the others ass. We went into Lucy’s big house and walked into the kitchen. Drink, juice or beer Lucy asked? What ever you’re having is fine by me I replied. She took two ice cold beers from the fridge and opened them. I felt all grown up with a beer and not having to hide it. I took a big gulp; it was so cold it made my teeth hurt. Is it OK luck asked? Yes fine I said. Lucy moved to me and we started kissing. Let’s go into the garden.
Hi Lucy a male voice said who’s your pretty friend? Hi Mr. Young Lucy replied, this is Gaynor she is on holiday. Mr. Young was an old man about 70 and naked. We walked over to the fence. Lucy leaned over and they kissed, so I followed suit. His skin was all wrinkled but he did have a long cock dangling down with a large pair of hairless balls. Come in he said and we can sit and chat. My name is Derek he said when we reached his garden. He sat on a towel and Lucy sat next to him. I sat down on the grass opposite him with my leg wide open showing him my pink pussy. I see you are a true red head he said pointing to my trimmed pubic hair. Yes I replied, I had more but one of my parents friends trimming it. Do you like it I asked? Yes very much, I love red heads, so sexy. I leaned back on my elbows with my legs wide open so Derek could see my pussy petal in all their open glory. I could see his cock starting to stiffen and that made me feel proud. We chatted mostly about sex and I told them how I could get a full cock down my throat without being sick. No way, Lucy said, you’re telling lies. No I’m not; I have done it loads of times at school I protested. That’s with little cocks Lucy said in her defence. No, I did my dad’s mate yesterday and swallowed all his cock juice. You swallow that stuff; Yuk Lucy said that is bad. I bet Derek likes having his cock sucked I said, don’t you? Derek was sat there stroking his huge cock and smiling at me. I’ll show you if you don’t believe me, Can I Derek please. Derek slowly got to his feet and moved in front of me. Lucy knelt to one side so she could see. I knelt up and put my hands on Derek’s hips and slowly took the purple head of his cock in my mouth. I flicked my tongue round it to get some of his pre stuff then pulled him in my mouth. Derek grunted, so I grabbed his ass cheeks and pulled him all the way in until his balls were resting on my chin. Lucy screamed no fucking way have you done that. I spread Derek’s bony ass cheeks and started to play with his ass hole. Derek groaned and shouted yes as he grabbed my head. I thought he wanted me to fingers his ass so I pushed a finger in. He started to cum and a woman’s voice screamed what the fuck is going on here? Fuck Lucy said it’s fucking Brandi Derek’s girlfriend. I wasn’t stopping now and Derek was squeezing my head and was moaning. Gaynor we’ve got to go Lucy shouted or we’re dead. She grabbed my arm and tried to pull me off Derek’s cock. I pulled my mouth off his still squirting cock, getting splash in my eye. I stood up and kissed him on the lips and ran with Lucy back to her house. Poor Derek was still standing there with cum dripping from his shrinking cock as Brandi got to him and slapped him across the face. She was a small fat woman with big wobbly boobs and a fat ass. I ran out and shouted leave him alone, it was me that did it not Derek. Keep out of it little girl this is between me and this scrawny shit here and she hit him again. Derek stood there with his head bowed just taking it. She punched Derek in the chest hard and I knew it had hurt him. No I shouted and ran round back into Derek’s garden. Lucy ran after me shouting Gaynor don’t it won’t end well. I punched Brandi in the face, knocking her over. I dived on top over and punched her again. She rolled to one side and I fell off her. She climb on me and stared to slap my face. You bitch I shouted and grabbed both of her tits, squeezing as hard as I could. I found her nipples and pulled them hard. She wasn’t wearing bra. Brandi bent over so I bit her nipple very hard, she screamed and rolled off me holding her damaged nipple. I sat on her chest with my pussy inches from her mouth. When ever I fight I get excited and my pussy leaks, so my pussy was dripping onto her chin and neck. It was me that started it with Derek I said as calm as I could. We were chatting about sex and I said I could swallow a whole cock. Lucy and Derek didn’t believe me so I had to show them. I did ask Derek if it was possible to use his just for demonstration purposes. He agreed very reluctantly so I showed them. Did he cum in your fucking slutty mouth Brandi asked? No, I slid it down my throat and pulled it out again. Yes he did you stupid cow, right down the back of my throat. I don’t fucking believe you she hissed. Do you what me to do a repeat performance for you Brandi, show you how to suck cock? I slid down her body a bit and kissed her lips, then licked some of my juices off her neck. I moved further down and lifted her shirt over her breasts. Sorry about that I said when I saw her blooded nipple. I gently licked and kissed it and then the other one. I move right down between her legs and pulled her shorts and knockers down. Brandi just lay there not saying a word, she hard and trimmed covering of hair on her pussy unlike the blonde hair on her head. I removed her shorts off her legs and spread them wide. I bent down and stiffed her pussy; it smelt of pee and sweat. I flicked my tongue between her fat pussy lips. Brandi moaned and started playing with her nipples. I looked up and Lucy was just stood there gob smacked while Derek was rubbing his semi hard cock. I went back to pleasuring Brandi, licking and sucking her pussy until her juices were flowing. I lifted her legs and flicked my tongue over her ass hole. She screamed and grabbed my hair. I was licking her as and nibbling her clit. Brandi was in heaven. I managed to release my head from her grip and signalled for Derek to join us. I slipped his cock in my mouth and slid it in and out all the way until he was hard. Brandi gasped that I was a fucked freak. I got Derek to kneel between her legs and I rubbed the head of his cock along her pussy crack. They both shuddered. I kissed Derek and made my way up to Brandi. I pulled her shirt over her so she was naked too, then I kissed her gently on the lips. She said thank you and gasped as Derek slammed his cock right up her pussy. She wrapped her arms round him as he thrust inside her. Lucy grabbed my hand and said lets go.

As we got inside, Lucy said you are so amazing, they are always fighting and now you have got them fucking. Let’s lie on the floor she said and sample each others pussies. I lay on my back and Lucy straddled me placing her pussy just above my mouth. We were soon enjoying each others juices, moaning and withering about on the floor. I looked and saw Lucy’s puckered brown hole I lifted my head and lick it. Lucy screamed fuck what was that? I did it again and she moved her ass holed so I could lick it better. The more I licked her ass the harder she bit my pussy lips. Right bitch I thought and stabbed my tongue deep into her ass hole. Lucy squealed and grabbed my clit in her teeth and tried pulling it from my pussy.
A new friend for dinner Lucy a dusky female voice said. I lay my head on the floor and looked up to see a very long pair of tanned legs that disappeared up a short white skirt. I could also see large breasts covered by white cloth and what looked like the thinnest panties in the world. Hi mum, this is Gaynor my new friends she said and bit my clit again. I groaned and still stared up this skirt. The legs bent and open showing my a nice tanned ass and two very swollen pussy lips with rings through them. A hand came down and the voice said, I’m Carol, Lucy’s mum pleased the meet you. And sort of shook my hand. Lucy sat up with her ass hole right on my nose and mouth. I force my tongue right up her ass hole and she wiggled her butt. She farted right in my mouth and nose. Sorry Lucy shouted. That wasn’t very nice Lucy, Carol said. Well she shouldn’t shove her tongue up my ass then. As she got off me she farted twice more and giggled. Here let me help you Carol said and helped me up off the floor. Lucy came over and kissed me. Sorry babe she said. Carol stripped off and joined us.
It was nice to see Lucy and her mother get on so well. I had the fucking nasty cow so I was happy here. There was lots of flicking, licking and sucking until Jasper came in. Hi babe Carol said and Jasper wagged his tail. His cock started to slide out of its sheath and pre cum was dripping onto the floor. Carol slid under him and stared sucking his cock. I reply Jasper was fucking her mouth like they did it all the time. I was totally gob smacked, a grown woman sucking dog cock. Then Lucy joined in, passing Jasper’s cock between them. I sat there watching and planning my own little session with a dog. Jasper stood there tongue out loving it. I want a dog but they won’t get me one so I find a friend with one to love.

Carol and Lucy brought Jasper to a climax and he went to lie down and lick himself clean. They got off the floor and licked each others mouths. It was so sexy watching mother and daughter kiss. I knew I would never have the chance with her the cow. Carol asked if I wanted a lift back. Yes please I said. It would save me ages and I could get back and have some sex with the guys or women, who ever wanted me. As Carol drove me back I sat in the back with Lucy playing with each other, she was asking about my sex life and being honest I told her everything including Gary taking my virginity. She nearly crashed when I told her that but she it was so beautiful that a brother and sister did it for the first time together. I hope you had safe sex Carol said? What’s that I replied? You know condoms or the pill. You are on the pill aren’t you she asked? Only for a headache I said. Ask your mother to take you to the doctor and get you on the pill. She won’t take me she doesn’t give a shit about me. Anyway I have sucked lots of cock and I have not had a baby yet. I am going to do more bum sex; I loved it when Jasper did it to me. What Carol shouted? Yes mum and Gaynor took his knot. Fuck me I’ve not done that yet Carol said. Lucy has done pussy sex with him I said. Lucy gave me a nudge to keep quite but it was too late. Carol stared though the mirror at Lucy so she started kissing me so her mum couldn’t look at her. We arrived and I asked if they wanted to come in. No we have to get back Carol said were going to have a chat aren’t we Lucy? Yes mum she replied looking down at the floor. Come for lunch tomorrow if you like Carol said. I can pick you up if you like. I can’t, I’ve got to go to Truro with my parents on a day trip. Friday then, here’s the phone number so we can keep in touch. Thank you I said and we kissed. They got back in the car and drove off.
I went into the house and there was nobody inside so I walked into the garden. I stopped dead at the scene. It was a piled of naked bodies all doing things to each other. My dad was sucking Ken’s cock while Ted fucked his ass hole. And others were in different positions, eating and sucking. But what made me sick was my mum lying on a table and Gary fucking her hairy pussy. Yuk. That’s my cock that she is using, my beautiful brother Gary. I ran to my bedroom and locked the door. He can fuck her now, he’s not coming anywhere near me ever again I said and threw myself on the bed and cried myself to sleep.

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