Boarding House

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When I was 19, I started work in a mining town a long way from home. I got a room at a boarding house. The owner Col was an ex miner and drank himself unconscious everyday it seemed. I can't recall him not drinking, his wife Rebecca 45 was quiet and kept to herself. The other boarders were single miners and were out drinking when not working. My room wasn't much bigger than a closet, but it had a good bed and the bedding was changed twice a week. I was caught in a rock fall down the mine and had a few cuts and bruising of some joints. No one had been killed and I was laid up for a week, the next day Col the owner of the boarding house had a heart attack and was taken to the next towns hospital and was gone 3 weeks. Rebecca stayed and kept on with her work, I was the only guest home one morning having a hot soaking bath. I was enjoying the soak and started to play with myself. Rebecca walked in and seeing me play with my cock, turned and locked the door and then undressed and joined me in the bath. We had sex on the bathroom floor, with her riding me. Later that night she joined me in my bed and we had sex again, we both enjoyed the sex. Even after her husband Col returned home we kept have sex together, he was soon back to drinking hard and was passed out one night. I returned from a late shift down the mine and saw Rebecca in the kitchen at the back of the house. I went to the kitchen and Col was passed out at the kitchen table as usual. I asked Rebecca if she would like to go to my room, she said We'll use my bed it has a new mattress. I fucked Rebecca in her bedroom next to the kitchen where Col was passed out. We had regular sex for just over 2 years. Then Col died he had drank himself to death, Rebecca sold up and moved away and I left a few months later to a new job. I still miss the sex with Rebecca even after 53 years.

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