Revenge - Messy Mick

Written by , on 2019-03-04, genre domination

I waited a week until my period started. The first few days I am in pain and I bleed a lot. I text Alice and put our plan in action. At lunch time I walked to the pub wearing and short button front dress and sandals. Mick was sat on a chair near the pool table in white shorts and a vest top. I bought myself a pint of strong lager and a bottle of Bud for him. I walked over and placed the drinks on the table. Hi slut he said. How’s my favourite Irish man I said as I straddled his legs? I put my arms around his neck and kissed him long and hard. I could feel his cock coming to life. Mick baby, I want to be your slut for life I said as I started to unbutton my dress. Here let me help you he said and ripped my dress open so here could see my naked body. I kissed him again has he pinched my nipples. I hurt like hell but I wasn’t going to let him know that. He reached down between us and found my tampon string. Lose that now bitch he whispered. I stood on my tip toes and pulled the tampon out while he undid the front of his short and pulled his hard fat cock out. We’re not going to do it here are we I asked? Sit bitch he growled. I slowly slid down on his cock. I could not believe I was getting fucked in a public bar. God his cock felt bigger than last time, I was really tight. Start moving you ass slut. I shown him the dirty tampon he grabbed it and shoved it in my mouth. I was stunned and felt sick. Mick grabbed the back of my head and pushed his tongue in my mouth. He stared to swap the tampon between us chewing it when he had it. What dirty vile bastard was he? Has he no shame I thought. My mouth was full of menstrual blood and spit and I needed to get rid of it. Mick suddenly pulled the tampon into his mouth chewed it a couple of times then swallowed it. I was in totals hock. He opened his mouth to show me he had swallowed it. The inside of his mouth was coated with blood. I coughed and swallowed all the fluids in my mouth. He stood up with me still impaled on his cock and walked to the pool table and lay me down. I pulled my dress over my to cover my naked breasts but he pulled it back open and pulled it down so I couldn’t move my arms. I closed my eyes and prayed for him to finish. His shorts feel down so he stepped out of them and carried on fucking me while all the customers watched. This is the last time I come in here I thought. I could feel his cum spurting deep into my pussy as I lay there. He lent forward and started to bite my nipples hard so I grabbed his hair and lifted his head up. No more I said no fucking more and punched him on the nose. He went to hit me but two guys grabbed him and pulled him off me. You’ve had your fun Mick so leave it at that right one guy said. He stepped back and as his cock fell out of me I felt blood and cum run out of my pussy. I stood up and walked over to my drink. Get this cleaned bitch Mick said so I poured his bottle over his blood covered cock. There you cunt I shouted and picked up my pint. I walked over to the bar and stood drinking my pint staring at Mick. Can I have another please I asked? Sure I get that. The landlord said your dress is a bit knackered. Yes I replied and took it of. Have you got a bin I asked? Yes he said and you’re going to sit here naked all night? Yes if you don’t mind, I think everybody has seen my wares any way. He went up stairs and brought me a T shirt to help me cover my naked body. It was like a short dress. A lady came over and gave me two tampons, so I kissed her and thanked her. I went to the toilet to clean myself and have a pee. I also phoned Alice and told her what Mick had done. That cunt has to go she said. Are you up to have sex with him again babe she asked? I’d rather not but if it will help then I will I replied feeling down. It will be fine she said in a comforting voice. It’s not you getting fucked all the time and I am on my period too. Good she said and told me her plan. I wasn’t happy but it needed to be done.

I came out of the toilet and walked over to Mick who was still sat there with his cock hanging between his legs. I kissed him on his forehead and said I was sorry. I don’t know I said that. He fucked me on the pool table in front of a load of people. He stood up and slapped me across the face with the back of his hand. God that fucking hurts, I thought. Listen you slag when I tell you to do something you do it OK? Yes babe I replied and touched his sticky cock. Can we go some where more private, we can do things I know you like if we go out? Like fucking what cow he shouted? I whispered in his ear and his cock started to harden. I slowly rubbed it and Mick said lets go. I picked up his shorts and helped him into them, having a quick suck on his stale beer covered cock. We went out side and got to his Land Rover. Here you drive he said, I want to play with your body as we go along. I got into the drives seat and adjusted it so I could reach the pedals. I fastened the seat belt and asked Mick to fasten his. We set off to our destination. It was hard to steer because it didn’t have power steering. Mick put his right hand between my legs and started playing with my pussy. He tried to pull the tampon out but I told him that it would be part of his treat later. We called at his farm house and went in a shed where Alice had told me and collected two quite heavy boxes and put them in the back. Mick hadn’t got a clue what I was doing because he was too busy sniffing coke.
We head up to a wooded area about three miles from the main road. This was still on Mick’s land so we were OK. I got out of the car and I stopped Alice’s car coming up the lane behind us. I got out and went round to Mick’s side. I helped him out and he tried to grab me. Let’s go into the woods where you can be the big bad wolf. Let’s get naked first I said then we can do what ever we like. We stripped and I lead Mick deep into the woods where we couldn’t be seen. I kissed him then got on my knees and started sucking her semi hard cock. He started to moan and without warning let go a hot stream of piss down my throat. I took his cock out of my mouth and sprayed his piss all over my body. I stood up and we shared a mouth full of piss. We kissed and he pulled on my boobs. Mick reached behind me and roughly shoved a finger up my ass. It hurt so badly but I tried not to show it. I put his cock between my legs and slid my pussy over it so it took some of the pain off my ass. After a five minute assault on my ass he gave up and said he wanted us to be nasty. Like what I asked? Well I could fuck your ass hole he said with a giggle. I have not been to the toilet yet, maybe after I replied. Fair enough he said and lay on the dirt. Sit on my face and let me watch your shit coming out of your ass he said. I am not ready to go yet babe. I can’t just poo on demand. Alice can and she’s your mate so get her to teach you. I had a quick scan round and I saw Alice carrying the two boxes and she had a rope over her shoulder. She was just behind a mound of earth so Mick couldn’t see her. I reluctantly turned and squatted over Mick’s mouth. He spread my ass cheeks and started to lick me ass hole. God it felt so good I was starting to get wet. His tongue was darting in and out of my hole so fast I couldn’t stand it and climaxed. My juices ran down to my ass hole and Mick got a taste of them. His cock went rock hard as he lapped my juices from my ass hole. He pulled me back so he could gain access to my pussy. He was licking all around the folds until he found my tampon string. He put it in his mouth and pulled the tampon out, letting all my menstrual waste flow into his open mouth. He started chewing his second used tampon of the day. What kind of a sick bastard is he I thought? He had his face buried in my bloody cunt licking and swallowing all that was available to him. I could hear him sucking and slurping as he did so. I felt sick, how could anybody do this is beyond me. He did a big gulp has he swallowed my tampon, the second time today. Suddenly I farted and he sniffed it.
I don’t want to do this I thought, it’s not right. He moved me so my ass hole was right over his face. I farted again and he pushed his nose into my ass hole, his tongue teasing the back of my pussy. I was desperately trying not to shit but I was getting pains in my bowels. Please no I said as a long lump of my shit came out and Mick took it in his mouth chewing and swallowing as fast as he could. The poo broke and another one started to come out. Mick’s cock was twitching like a rod waiting for the green light. More shit fell on his face and then a torrent of soft runny shit landed on his face, covering his eyes and nose. His cock jerked and started to spurt his cum onto his stomach. Some landed on my chest and boobs. Mick was moaning and shaking.
I felt a presence beside me; it was Alice with some rope. Her beckoned for me to stand up. I did but I was still shitting so I moved down so it landed on his body. Turned and crouched down wiping my ass with his cock. Alice smiled and motioned for me to spread my shit all over him. Mick was so far out of it chewing my shit that when I started spreading it he just smiled. I suddenly needed my after shit piss so I sat right over is mouth and emptied my bladder straight into his mouth. He gulped and gurgled has he swallowed it. He was one nasty fucker I said to myself. Alice had thrown a rope over a large branch and when I had finished my toilet and stood up; Alice swiftly moved in to secure Mick’s arms. We lifted him up of the flood and I couldn’t resist kissing him on the lips. Alice gagged and screwed her face up. I held his arms up while Alice expertly tied Mick to the rope over the tree branch. We pulled him up until just the tips of his toes were on the ground and Mick suddenly realized that something was wrong. He couldn’t struggle because he had virtually no contact with the ground. Alice handed me a riding crop and said use this. Mick loves it don’t you baby? Ugh he replied. Don’t you she shouted and hit him across his ass with a cane? Yes he screamed. I almost felt sorry for him. He couldn’t defend himself but after what he had done to me, maybe it was justice. I tapped him lightly on his thigh and Alice said no like this. She hit him so hard across his lower back he screamed out in agony. It made me jump; this was her husband after all.
Alice was messing about with what looked like pastry dough, rolling it and shaping it. I went to hit his thigh again and missed and hit is cock. He winced and grunted and his head fell forward. I hit his cock some more and Mick said more please, I am sorry. Alice rolled a big piece of the dough up and started pushing it up Mick’s ass hole. She pushed a thin metal rod in the middle with a wire attached. She placed a hood over his eyes then forced a large ball of dough as far as she could into Mick’s mouth. Mick was doing a muffled scream and trying to kick out so Alice tied his legs together. She pushed another rod with a wire into his moth and then taped it up. Here she said and handed me a big piece of dough. That’s for his cock she said. I wrapped it round his cock so it looked like a cock pouch and Alice stuck the wired rob into it. It smells a bit like marzipan I whispered. Yes she said but don’t eat any. She connected all three wires to and cable reel then started to walk way back to the mound of earth unrolling it as she went. She came back and removed the hood and said kiss him were ever you want so I stood on my tip toes and kissed his nose. Alice kissed him on the forehead and said, see you in hell baby. We lifted him up so he was totally off the ground.
Alice took my hand and we walked behind the mound of earth. Alice fiddled about attaching the wires to a box. I could hear Mick sobbing and my heart sank. I felt so sorry for him now but Alice said forget him. Alice handed me some ear protectors and I put them on. I still had no idea what was going to happen. Alice flicked a switch and a green button lit up. She pointed to it and mouthed press. I did and there was a loud bang followed by stuff falling on us. We huddled up until it was all quiet. I was covered in red and pink stuff and so was Alice. We stood up and all we could see was a hole in the ground and some of rope hanging from the tree. I looked puzzled so Alice took her ear protectors off and said you blew him into millions of little pieces. She pointed to the little bits that were on my arms. That’s Mick she laughed. I started brushing him off me. The wild boars will eat what ever is left she said has she rolled the wire reel back up and removed the rope from the tree. What if somebody finds him I asked? What tiny pieces of flesh scattered all over here, I don’t think so do you? Let’s go and have a shower she said. She threw the gear in the back of the Land Rover and I drove her to her car. I followed her back to the farm where we put all the gear back in the shed and went in and enjoyed a hot sexy shower.
We lay on the huge bed still wet from the shower and kissed. Alice was a fantastic kisser; she made me tingle all over. She reached down between my legs but I tried to stop her. I’m on my period I whispered trying not to sound to disappointed. So am I she replied. I came on as you pressed the button, so we will both be nasty bitches together. I had hardly ever tasted a woman’s pussy and never one that was bleeding. I was soon to find out as Alice swung her leg over my head and her pussy came into view. Kit was red and blood oozed out of it. Alice put my legs under her arms so my pussy opened wide and thrust her tongue right in. I gingerly moved my tongue to her pussy but she was making me more turned out. Fuck it I thought and used my finger to open her up and forced my face right between her pussy lips. It smelled of rusty metal but was fine. Some of her blood was running down my chin and neck and onto my chest. I got carried away and stuck a finger in her butt holes. She copied me and soon wee both had three fingers thrusting into our ass holes. We climaxed at almost the same time; mine was the most intense of my life. It seemed each orgasm I had with Alice the higher I went.
We lay there for a while licking each others blood from the others face. Lets go out Alice said. I don’t want to stay the night here. I need to get some clothes I said so we showered again, Alice got dressed in a sexy jump suit with no underwear and we went to my house. I didn’t have anything sexy so a picked a white vest top and a pair of cut off jeans. Alice said no underwear babe. We are free tonight. I couldn’t afford a new mattress so I cleaned the old one and turned it over. I’ll get you a new one tomorrow Amy then we can come here to fuck as well.
Alice drove up onto the moors to a B and B and we talked about our next assignment. One I didn't want to do but Alice sad we must.

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