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Stephanie and I have been married for about 12 years now and lead what you’d call a pretty average life. We don’t go out much, but from time to time enjoy the odd party with friends.

A couple of weeks back a girl who works with Stephanie was leaving to go live in the United States, so a farewell party was set up in the local sports club. My wife Stephanie has a really good figure (38-25-35) and with some encouragement from me has always dressed to make the most of what she has got, and on this occasion she went out the day before to buy a new outfit.

She came home with a plain black top and skirt. Looking at it I was rather disappointed at first, then noticed that the shirt was of a wrap around style and open from hem to waist. Standing upright it looked like a normal skirt, but when you sat down the skirt tended to fall open, showing a bit of leg. Stephanie had also bought some new, black, sexy underwear. She had a half-cup bra which didn’t even cover her nipples, black stockings and suspenders and a tiny pair of black panties.

Getting dressed that evening for the party, she looked stunning. Of course, you couldn’t see what was underneath but just knowing what was made my cock slowly harden. The party was overall rather boring and we spent some time talking and sitting down. Stephanie was sitting opposite to me in the chair, the split in her skirt kept rising when she moved. Every time that happened, she moved her skirt to cover up her legs, but the skirt kept opening up and after a while she just left it the way it was. Leaving my seat to visit the gents, I came back to find a friend of ours, Dave, sitting opposite Stephanie and looking up her skirt, so I joined them.

Dave, of course, was making the most of what was to be seen and Stephanie didn’t seem to mind at all. By now her skirt was opened all the way down to her thighs and was starting to give me quite a hard on. I had always felt a secret wish to be in a cuckold position and watch my wife Stephanie being fucked by another man and this night my wish might just come true, I hoped.

Stephanie spilled some of her drink on her skirt and Dave quickly came to the rescue helping mop it up with a hankie. In the process of mopping up, Stephanie spread her lovely legs wide and Dave got a glimpse of her see-through panties and his eyes nearly popped out of his head – as did mine.

Stephanie and I were about to leave the party and Dave offered us a lift home. He asked us if we wanted to come back to his place for a drink and we agreed. When we got there Stephanie sat on the sofa and Dave and I sat opposite her. We started talking about the party, all trying to be casual. It was like waiting for time bomb to go off, but who was going to make the first move.

I said to Stephanie “You have been giving us eye strain all evening with that skirt. Either pull it down or all the way up”

“Like this” she replied, and pulled the skirt up round her hips. As Dave and I watched, our tongues hanging out, she eased it up higher. My heart skipped a beat and my cock was pounding. Without saying a word Dave got up and sat next to Stephanie and placed his hand on her thigh, rubbing it up and down. Then swiftly he moved her panties to one side and began poking a finger in and out of her wet pussy. I was watching, transfixed. Was this really happening? Taking Stephanie by the waist, Dave led her upstairs to the bedroom, stopping only while she removed her skirt and top (she left her panties on)

She lay on the bed with her legs opened wide and I saw Dave, now out of his clothes, bend down between her legs to lick her snatch. She thrashed about like a wild thing as Dave continued to lick her out. I jumped up and threw my clothes off and went over to join them. I started sucking Stephanie’s nipples and she grabbed my cock and began to wank me off hard. Dave came up for air and started teasing her by rubbing his cock along her clit until she was sweating. Then he rammed it in with such force that she screamed and kicked about. I knelt over and she began to suck my knob. I wanted to come all over her face and tits. Dave pumped away and then came, so we changed places and, getting between Stephanie’s legs, I asked her to turn around on her hands and knees (this she did) and, taking hold of her waist, I slipped my cock in.

Stephanie was now sucking Dave’s prick like there was no tomorrow. The next couple of hours saw Dave and I riding Stephanie every way we could until we all flopped on the bed, worn out. Stephanie lay between us. Dave and I each had a nipple in our mouth, and Stephanie had hold of our cocks in her hand as we poked our fingers in and out of her pussy. We were all soaking. Stephanie was wet with sweat and her belly and thighs were covered in our spunk. We lay there for some time, then Dave suggested some coffee, which we all needed. Dave and I got dressed and finished our drinks. Then it was time to go. Instead of getting dressed. Stephanie just put on her coat leaving her panties and all other underwear behind and off we went.

Our marriage is better than ever. Stephanie is a new woman and things are just great. Being with your wife in this sort of situation is just about the most exciting that has ever happened. For those who doubt it, try it!

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