Filled, thrilled, spilled over

Written by , on 2019-03-03, genre group sex

Having been out with guys who were into spanking and S&M and stuff like that, I’ve got really into it over the years. Then I started seeing my current boyfriend and he proved the complete opposite. Rob was just so normal it was frightening, and every time I suggested something kinky, he always refused.

I was just starting to get so bored of him when he finally confessed there was something he wanted, but he’d always been too shy to suggest it.

“I want to watch you in action getting fucked by a couple of guys” he said sheepishly “then join in and wank off all over you”

This was much more like it and I agreed in an instant.

“Why stop at two guys? Why not see me fucked by half a dozen?” I suggested, and he wanked all over me as I described the scene to him. That night we drove out to a notorious stretch of woodland and found several guys loitering around watching couples in cars. We turned on the light to attract their attention and Rob managed to round up four willing volunteers.

The first pulled his hard cock out and told me to get started. I glanced over at Rob and saw he was watching expectantly, then sunk my mouth over it. The others quickly joined in, all pulling their cocks out and standing around me so that I was encircled on all sides by stiff pricks.

I wanked, sucked and licked each in turn, spoilt for choice and unable to settle on one particular dick. The guys took charge of the situation and passed me around, each holding my head and fucking their dicks in and out of my mouth as the next waited to the right. I arched my back to indicate there was another hole available and I felt someone slide into me from behind.

With one in my mouth and one in my pussy-hole, I took the two remaining cocks, one in each hand and pulled them close so that I could suck them both off.

“Oh fuck I’m going to cum!” said the guy in my left hand, and I closed my mouth over his shaft as it erupted all down my throat.

“I’ll swallow all of your cum” I told them, hovering my mouth over two more hard throbbing cocks as they wanked into my face. The guys started pulling on their dicks like they were going for a world record and spunk splashed across my outstretched tongue and face as they started to cum.

I’d just gulped down one load and was licking up the excess from my lips when the next came all over my mouth. He stuffed his cock to the back of my throat as he took his turn draining his swollen balls in my face. I’d never taken the milk from five cocks before, but was determined not to miss this opportunity, so when I felt the guy in my cunt tense up behind me I told him to stick it in my mouth.

I just swallowed his load down and looked out for the fifth and final cock. Rob stood in front of me and wanked his pole furiously. I knelt down in front of him with my head back and my mouth wide open, and a few seconds later he exploded all over my tonsils. I closed my mouth around his cock, gulped as he pumped his salty load into my belly, then sighed with satisfaction and licked my lips.

I had truly had my fill of good man milk. I love it when guys offer you drinks all night!

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