Incest Stories Part 2: Human Biology

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I walked into the hall and started a walk towards the bathroom. I was going to go take a shower and wash off and go back to bed when I saw an open door. I peeked in to see my mom laying down. The moonlight seemed to spotlight her and make her body glow. She was wearing some lingerie and was covered by a blanket. I walked over and shut the door. She was laying face down with her face pressed to the pillow. I pulled the blanket away frown her revealing her plump ass. I put my hands on both of her asscheeks and played with them in my hands. I played with them imagining what I’d do to her if I had the chance. I’d fuck You with my cock until you can’t walk. I thought as I began to jerk off. I grabbed panties and took them off. I put them to the side so I could take them with me. I rubbed my dick in between her cheeks. There was some light moaning but no movement. Her soft skin surrounded my dick. I could hardly hold back moaning. I felt myself cumming quicker than I ever had. The idea of me fucking my own mother sped through my brain. It clouded my thoughts until her body was all I could think of. I felt myself releasing. My cream covered my mothers lower back. I panicked not knowing how to clean it. I can rub it into her skin. I thought. I rubbed my hands and cum into her back.
I left the room taking the panties with me. I put them in my closet and layed down with Allison.

The Next Morning...

I woke up and Allison had her arm wrapped around me. I tried to get up but her grip seemed to tighten. She was still naked. I rolled over on top of her legs and rubbed her pussy. “Wake up sis,” I said.
She snapped to life and smiled. “Your big hands feel amazing when they’re caressing my big titties,” she murmured.
Suddenly a knock came at my door. “Breakfast son,” mom said walking by.
“Where is Allie?” She asked angrily.
“Go go go,” I told her.
Allie picked up get clothes and left. I followed a few minutes after. I walked into the dining room with everyone else. Allie and Aunt Cassandra were next to me. We all ate our breakfast and talked about plans for the day. “Well me and Allie we’re gonna go dress shopping.” Tiffany admitted.
“Me and Steph were planning to go out to lunch. Guess it’ll just be you and Aunt Cass,” mom said.
“Sounds fun,” I said.
Aunt Cass nodded in agreement.

An Hour Later...

Everyone had left and me and Cass were left alone. “Hey Auntie Cass I was wondering if you could help me with something?” I asked to put my newest plan in motion.
“What is it?” Cass asked.
“Well it’s a bit embarrassing. I wanted to know about the female biology,” I said blushing.
“Well of course. What’s an Aunt for?” She asked.
“Thank you,” I responded.
“Let me go change,” she said.
“Ok,” I responded.
She gave me a kiss on the cheek and went towards her room. I sat onthe couch thinking over my plan and how perfectly it was working. My aunt came back down wearing a see through bra and panties with no front panel. “Woah,” I exclaimed.
“A few rules. You may touch but don’t go any further unless I say so,” she explained to me.
I nodded almost watering at the mouth. I wrapped my hands around her tits. I moved my hands down to the inside of her thigh and squeezed and rubbed. “Ooh,” she moaned.
“Now we go to the next layer. Strip down,” she commanded.
I gladly let my pants slip to the floor. My boner already poked out. Her jaw dropped as she pulled her panties off. She motioned for me to come closer. I did as she said. We started making out. I grabbed her legs and made them wrap around me. We fell to the couch locked together. We kept kissing. She squealed with delight as we did. She finally realeased me from her leg grip. She went the floor in her knees. I stood up. She put her mouth on my cock. She licked the length of it and deepthrosted it. She choked and choked again. She had a smile of delight. Suddenly the thoughts of my mother filled my head again. I couldn’t hold back and I came in her mouth. “That’s disappointing. Show me everything you have. I’ll give you another chance.” She frowned.
I put my cock between her tits. She bounced up and down letting my dick rub in her skin. The thoughts continued and I burst again. The cum coveted her chin. “Really? One more chance try to last,” She said angrily.
She bent over the couch giving me easy access to her asshole. I slowly moved to stick it in. I moved in and out at full speed. The thoughts began to come back til I pushed them out. Now for some fun, i thought.
I started going even faster. I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to look at me. I leaned down to kiss her. She couldn’t hold in moans breaking g the kiss multiple times. She screamed with delight. I finally felt myself cumming. “Good job nephew. Now go wash off.” She told me.
“Love you auntie!” I exclaimed running upstairs.
She smiled and fell back on the couch.

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