Going all out on a date

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I called up my old high school friend who used to have this crush on me cause I was in the mood to see if I can get from him what I couldn't get from my boyfriend which was pleasure.

I've been talking on the phone with him for awhile telling him how my boyfriend neglets me sexually and refuses to do anything more than the typical missionary position where he cums only after a few minutes and I have to fake an orgasim to get him to finally cum because I'm so bored.

When I tell him these stories he always laughs and tells me how he was anxious to eat my pussy and to finally fuck me because he has been wanting to for a long time.

He suggests that we go out to the movies and that I should wear a skirt for him so dat he could look at my ass when he wanted even though, I knew the real reason and I just laughed and agreed.

When I met up wit my friend he was just as I remembered him since we just graduated from skool only a few weeks ago.

We met up and talked for awhile as we waited for our train. I showed up in a short above the knee tight denim skirt, a short sleave brown and blue stripped shirt that showed my cleavage and brown flat shoes. as we talked he tells me how bad he wanted me and savagely grabs me, hungrily kissing me up against the station wall pulling me close to him as he pinned me against the wall, groping my breasts and my ass and switching from my neck to my lips.

I pushed him off and said "wow you can't wait until we get to the theatre first?"

Then he replies, "I can't wait anymore just looking at your ass in that tight skirt I just wanna eat your pussy right now." he clearly knows that I love having control and him giving me control like that made me laugh so I gave him permission to touch me anywhere he wanted so that I can get a little stimulation and tease before we went to the theatre.

As he pinned me against the wall he was biting me on my neck using his left hand to squeeze my ass and the right one to finger my pussy and play with my clit and to his surprise I wasnt wearing any pannies, which in response, he started whispering in spanish in my ear; that drove me crazy and feeling pleased and so deep in the moment I put my leg on the bench to my left and told him I wanted him to experience my wet pussy for the first time and without hesitation he unzipped his pants. as I saw his long dick jerk out in attention his tip dripping with pre cum I rubbed it off and sucked it off of my finger.

Him becoming so excited instead of him just putting his dick in my wet dripping pussy, he started fingering me hard getting his fingers wet rubbing it all over his hard dick and then licking his fingers telling me how good I tasted.

He then slowly dipped his dick in my pussy and once he was all the way in he started moving faster regardless of the people watching us from the other side of the platform and further down the platform on the same side as us. I let him have a few strokes in my pussy and told him that was enough and he pulled out and licked my inner thighs and my pussy clean giving my clit a really wet french kiss that went in for a minute instantly making my clit throb and makin me wet again. as the train finally pulled up, we straightened up he zipped up and I pulled my skirt down.

We walked onto the train and surprisingly the cart was empty minus an older man sitting on the end of the middle bench and another couple on the other end. I caught the man staring at me trying to look up my skirt so I made it eaasier for him by opening my legs up with one on my friends leg and started playing with my pussy saying directly to him "do u like wat u see?" as I started finger fucking myself I told my friend to finger fuck me while I played with my clit and the man looked nervous at first but as I started getting into it I started moaning and started having and intense orgasm my cum ozzing out of my pussy, me and my friend licked my juices from our fingers, I saw the man start to pull out his enormous dick and start to jerk off stroking his dick as hard as he could.

I was so aroused by his bold display I asked him if he wanted me to suck his dick since I have a weakness for a big dick. he got up so fast it was as if he flew over to me waving his beautiful long , thick dick in my face rubbing it all over my face, around my mouth then shoving it in my mouth grabbing my hair and mouth fucking me automatically not even giving me a chance to breathe. since it was my first time being mouth fucked I gaged a few times chocking on his enormous dick and my friend took this time to eat my pussy since I was so wet from the man fucking my face. and the feeling of getting my pussy eaten and a big dick in my mouth I had about 3 orgasims before he finally came in the back of my throat. as the man said thank you and stepped off the train at the next stop my friend was still eating my pussy jerking off on his knees with his face in my pussy and finally stood up and put my legs up and came on my pussy and licked up all his cum to clean me off.

He told he how a much of a freak I was and he can't believe what just happened and I said "im trying to get all of the pleasure I can that my boyfriend neglected to give me so I'm going all out." so we sat and talked as the train pulled up to the last stop. as we got up to get off the couple from the other end of the cart came up to us and said to me "that was a crazy show you put on." then they walked their seperte way. me and my friend laughed and made our way to the theatre where we bought our tickets and found a seat all the way in the back and waited until the movie started and the room got dark before we started to fool around.

I started to give him head licking up the pre cum ozzing from his tip teasing him as I stuck my tounge in his tip and started getting him all in mymouth regardless of the fact that my throat was sore from the enormous dick I had earlier. after awhile of going down on him I told him to give me head and he quickily switched places with me and went down on me sliding his tounge all the way in my pussy and started sucing and biting my clit and fingering me licking my juices off his fingers like he never had pussy in his life.

As I opened my eyes and looked around there was a couple 3 or 4 rows down that was mesmerizrd by our display and their eyes on us made me cum almost instantly. my cum squirted on his fingers and he hungrily licked them up and I told him to get in the chair. I sat on his dick back facing him and watching the couple gaze up at us made me start moaning so he pulled me close to him and started playing with my clit and covered my mouth as my moans grew louder fucking me hard and I screamed into his hand as he fucked me harder on his way to his orgasm and finally came deep inside of me. he then went down on me licking my pussy clean a mixture of his and my cum.

When the movie ended we left laughing abut our day making plans for another, me happy about the amount of pleasure I recieved in one day.

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