One Piece - Luffy finds a new treasure

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(One Piece fans will understand better. Luffy is a young Boy 18-20 y.o wanting to be the greatest Pirates. Trafalgar Law is his friend while Kaido, their opponent, is known as the strongest being on eart)
The straw hat pirates together with Trafalgar Law decided to try taking Kaido on. Luffy took the first attack, the second, the third and it looked like he had the battle on his hands. Kaido was being hit this often for the first time. Somehow he was enjoying the fight tho. After the 9th or 10th attack Kaido starting to laugh at Luffy
-You damn Rookie, how do you plan to beat me like that? You wouldn't be able to win even against the 200y.o me! - he mocked
-We'll see about that- Luffy answered
-Yes you will my little princess!- Kaido said laughing harder

Luffy tried to attack again but this time he missed. Kaido seemed to had disappeared. Before Luffy could turn around, Kaido was behind his back. One single powerful attack took Luffy down like a little child who had never fought before. He couldn't move a single muscle, all he could do was see Kaido pulling him by the hair somewhere into a palace.His dream of becoming the pirate king was thoroughly destroyed in a second.

When he woke up he found himself naked in bondage. In front of him was sitting Kaido who had waited for him to wake.

-You said you would be the king didn't you? - Kaido mocked
-I will- Luffy said and made Kaido laugh

Kaido punched Luffys face and repeated the question. He repeated the question 200 times a day everyday and Luffy kept saying the same answer until one day Kaido tried something else.

-Are you a man rookie?
-Of course I am!
-Then where's your cock?
-Ready to fuck you away!
-I see no cock... Just a pinky toy princess. Hahahahahahhaah
-Shut up you...
-Look, that's how a cock looks like- Kaido took out his monster cock and started hitting Luffys face with it.- You feel it? That's a man's power. Making sissies like you feel ashamed of their clitty. I have decided that you will be my sex slave.

As he said it was. Kaidos servants came to Luffy and implied different tools on him to keep his mouth open and a big plug was waiting for Luffys back. Luffy knew what was going on and he was getting crazy. He tried everything but he couldn't move. Kaido shove his monster in Luffys mouth and made him gag after every thurst. He could barely breath. I drug was given to him while Kaido kept enjoying the young and juicy mouth.

- Oh yeah! Your mouth is good princess. My cock loves you!

Luffys body, which had already been weaked, felt powerless because of the drug. All he could do was look into Kaidos proud face while his mouth was being rapped. After some minutes Kaido came in Luffys mouth. He plugged the plug into Luffys ass and then left. There was no worse humiliation.
Kaido repeated the same for days and some weeks later he was exalted to see what he had achieved.
Luffy was now getting an erection looking at Kaido. His face even looked horny.
-Where is that king of pirates you talked about?-Kaido asked, but Luffy kept quiet
-Are you the King?
-No, I'm not- Luffy said with a weak voice
- Tell me who is the strongest!
- Kaido
- Who is the best of them all?
- Kaido
- Are you a man?
Luffy hesitated but then said
- Yes I am.
- Then why do you get hard looking at my cock? See let's compare me and you.

It was clear, Kaido was as much as 1.5x longer than Luffy and at least 2x as thick as he.

- You see? When your body met mine, it understood that all your body could do was submit and surrender. Being penetrated by a real cock you understood that you stood no chance as a man. Accept it little princess! Your body is now a woman look at you.

being given a mirror Luffy saw that his penis was smaller than before and he had started to grow tits while no hair could be found on him. He felt ashamed but in the same time he thought it was sexy and hot. In the end, he had enjoyed drinking Kaidos Milk for so long maybe it was time to give in and be what his body seemed like.

- Today, you will leave your bondage- Kaido said, - if, you do not cum before me while I fuck your virgin boi pussy.

Kaido told a servant to lick Luffys ass and lubricate it. When this was done he himself came to Luffy and started to play with the small tits. The game made Luffy moan. Kaido then took his ass and started to fuck Luffy as hard as he could. Both were moaning loudly and surprisingly both showed that they enjoyed the session. Kaido came just seconds before Luffy. As he had promised Kaido set Luffy free but.... Luffy came in front of Kaido went on his knees amd said:
-Master Kaido, please don't send me away! You made me realize that I, the real me, want to a sexy woman who makes you moan and makes you happy. I pove your cum and I love your cock. I have found my treasure and that's inside your pants please use me and make me totally yours.
Kaido laughed and ordered his servants to take Luffy to "the others"
They went to a room were 27 expirates were found. 27 Pirates who were once feared were there in the room sissified and craving Kaidos cock.
-If you want Master Kaidos cock, you have to be better than them- Luffy was told while he dreamed how he would look with tits and pussy like the others had.

Luffy didn't become the pirate king. But years later *she* would be known as the Slut Bitch Queen

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