A dream service call out

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I work as a “Sparky”, that’s an electrician for those not familiar with the slang. Well, it was a late afternoon last week when I received a call from a woman asking for assistance with her broken sunbed. I was a bit reluctant to rush out to her place in the traffic as it was already a late afternoon and had been an extremely hot dry and sunny all day.

She sounded very nice on the phone and told me her name was Gia. She said it was the tubes in her sunbed that didn’t appear to be working. Would I please come out and take a look.

I left the office and got back into my van and headed out to the address she gave me which I was pleased to discover was actually on my way home. Once I arrived I took out my tool box from the back of the van and headed to the front door. I knocked twice and couldn’t believe my eyes when the door was opened.

The woman was absolutely stunning! She must have been mid-twenties, long auburn-ginger hair and the most fabulous pair of tits tightly encased in a skin tight Tee-shirt.

“I’m Gia, please come in” she said. I followed her closely behind and tried not to gaze too obviously at her shapely gorgeous arse. She led me through the kitchen and into an extension room at the back of the house. “Here’s the sunbed” she said. “I’d be grateful if you could do your best. As you can see I’m looking rather pale without it” And with that she lifted up her Tee-shirt over her head, tossed it to the floor and stood there in her bra.

“See what I mean?” she asked looking at me with her big brown eyes.
Never mind whether she had a tan or not, I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her boobs. I just felt like reaching out and touching them, just to check if they were actually real! But before I had the chance to do anything, she moved towards me and whispered, “The sunbed’s fine, but you could take a look at me”

I ran my hands over her tits, pausing to stroke and caress her nipples. Gia responded by reaching for my jeans, first undoing my belt, then pulling down my fly before my denims dropped down to my ankles. She had the perfect expert touch and I almost felt myself wanting to come on the spot as she peeled my foreskin back and began wanking my cock with long, smooth strokes. As she tossed me off, I moved my fingers up her skirt and gently rubbed her clit through the fabric of her knickers. I could feel her cunt getting moister and wetter and she moaned as I eased two fingers deep inside her tight slit.

Suddenly she pulled away from me.

“I want you to fuck me on the sunbed” she pouted, climbing onto the sunbed and pulling off her wet knickers. Drawing her legs up to her chin, she exposed her pussy and ran her fingers right alongside the length of her slit. “What are you waiting for?” she purred.

As you can imagine, I just couldn’t wait to feel her warm pussy walls clamping around my shaft so I moved closer towards her. She reached out and grabbed my throbbing tool and then guided it inside her wet hole. I threw all my body weight behind my thrusts as she started to lose control, writhing and twisting under my pumping hips. When I moved my hands onto her boobs and began to fondle them, she started to scream loudly in delight. I could feel her nails digging into my back as I felt my hard-throbbing cock just melt inside her, spurting a steady stream of spunk inside her tight pussy. I quickly withdrew my twitching cock and shot another jet of hot come over her heaving tits.

Gia delighted in scooping up every drop of my warm white seed and greedily licking her fingers. We carried on fucking that afternoon and worked our way around the house: on the sofa, against the washing machine before we finished screwing on the living room floor. Since that afternoon I’ve been called out and asked to take a look at a wide range of problems that Gia seems to be having with her electrical appliances. Funny enough, they all seem to be in perfect working order by the time I get there. Nik

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