Bird Watching

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I met a girl named Lucy 20 single, she lived with her mother Rachel 39 single never married. Lucy was slender and only 4'8" with glasses, Rachel was also slender and just over 5 feet tall. I'm David 24 self employed plumer solid build 6' 1", I had job at supermarket with blocked drains. That's where I met Lucy and after a couple of days I asked her out. We had a good time and arranged another date, I had got a kiss on the first date. Just a peck, nothing special and I know she liked me. So I wanted to do something special for the next date. We greatly enjoyed that date also, I took her to a restaurant and then a show. We kissed again and it was a passionate kiss, I also was able to feel her breasts. I reckoned that I might get her into bed next date, but she wasn't going to be home that long weekend. Her and her mother were passionate birdwatchers and were going camping to watch birds. She asked me if I liked to watch bird, I said I did, but wasn't real good on there names. I hadn't been proper birdwatching before. She said I could accompany them if wanted, if I wanted. I said Yes, I would like to go. I needed my own tent, so I went to charity shop and got a used tent and camping equipment. It was a basic tent and I erected it in my back yard to air out, as I was told to do by the shop. I already had car frig and I stocked for the weekend, they had a pickup with a crew cabin that could fit 5 people. They picked me up after work and we drove to the State forest and set up camp. The next morning we went birdwatching altogether. I wanted to get Lucy away from Rachel, but she stayed close. That evening we had dinner and all talked and Rachel pull out a bottle of whiskey and had some to our coffee. For the chill of the night she said, after a while and having emptied the whiskey bottle. It was time for bed, it was then that Rachel said I could join them in their much larger tent. But I would have to fuck both of them or none of them. I was okay with that and we all went to the tent and got naked together. I had to fuck Rachel first and Lucy sat on her mothers face getting licked out by Rachel while I fucked Rachel. After I had finished with Rachel, Lucy went down on me and I licked out Rachel's vagina. When I was really I mounted Lucy and Rachel sat on Lucy's face, no protection was used by me and I found out later. Not by them also, they weren't worried about getting pregnant. Nor would they want me marry or keep them if they got they got pregnant. We had sex all weekend and regularly since, Lucy and I got married 3 months later. Not because she was pregnant, but because I wanted to marry her and asked her. She agreed and we all live together and regularly sleep altogether. Lucy did get pregnant from the camping trip, Rachel didn't, but has since got pregnant to me. Rachel lives off an endowment and dosen't need to work at all. Lucy only worked at the supermarket because she want to see how the family business worked. I still work as a plumber.

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