A Walk in the Woods... Part 4

Written by , on 2018-10-28, genre domination

“Oh Shit!” I say, “What was that?” Though I fear I know exactly what and who that is outside.

“Quick, get in my closet.” Beth says to me, “And not a sound, till I say it’s clear.”

“Oh Shit!” I say again, “Really?”

“Now!” Tina says as she shoves me in that direction while the other girls head into the den, closing the door behind them, leaving me alone in the room once more.

I am listening to idle chit chat, muffled through the walls of the closet. I’m still horny as hell but too scared of getting caught to think of handling things when it occurs to me that I am still wearing the camisole. Strange but I actually forgot for a while. I guess that answers the question as to how girls wear the things, lol. Now that I am aware of it I realize that it is more than a bit scratchy and I decide to take it off again. After all, if I am caught, being naked is no worse I think than wearing Beth’s underwear.

I am trying to figure my escape route when Beth’s bedroom door opens. Tina is back; she closes the door and whispers my name. “Eddie, I’m sorry, I know you’re scared but we are gonna get you out in just a few minutes. Don’t worry, OK?”

I am terrified. “Um, I need clothes!” I whisper back, as if it were possible they have forgotten that part. “Can’t one of you go get them and bring them to me?”

“Robyn and Lindsey are heading home soon. They both promised to leave your clothes alone, no more tricks.” Tina offers. “I told them if they mess with them again I might have to do something to help you get back at them in the future. They didn’t like that but I think they believed me.”

“Why didn’t you just have them bring them to me here?” I ask, “They could have passed them to me through the window.”

“Sorry, good idea, but a little late I think. Not sure I can change the plan now but I’ll try. Wait here!” She says and once again leaves me.

It occurs to me that I am still in the camisole, which I now take off. As I do, I am tempted to try to jerk off with it, but to be honest it is no longer as sexy a garment having worn it for a while. Had I found it, knowing Beth had last worn it, yes, no problem, but it’s hard getting the image of me wearing it out of my head at the moment.

Beth is the next to return, she closes the door to her room and sits on the foot of her bed looking at me. “Well, well, it seems Adam is back.” She chuckles quietly, “What was all that crap anyway? Quick thinking I’ll give you that.” She whispers. “Though I bet it didn’t work for you like you thought. You probably thought the Bible stuff would get her to go easy on you huh?”

Incredulous, I ask her, “Do you really want to discuss this now?” After all her parents are home, her brother, my friend, is as well, and I am trapped in her room sans clothing. “What is the plan? Are my clothes on the way? Please tell me Robyn is bringing them.”

“Sorry, the best we can come up with is that Tina is gonna keep the folks entertained, while you shimmy out my window as soon as Wendell goes in his room and turns on his boom box. That shouldn’t be long now, unless he gets in the shower which would be about as good really. Once he goes in his room he won’t be out for a while, and if you go out the window I saw you from the only way anyone sees you is from Tina’s room.”

This makes a sort of sense, though I am less than thrilled about jumping out her window naked. I walk over to the window and look down at the ground. It looks farther from up here than it did when I was outside earlier today looking up at her. With a sigh I resign myself to this plan. As I turn back toward Beth my cock is about even with her face and she is staring at my groin. This causes me to become fully hard again.

“You certainly are resilient today.” She comments, looking up into my eyes. Is there a twinkle of mischief in those eyes? She is sort of biting the side of her bottom lip and her right hand is lying in her lap. Was she touching herself when I looked away?

I take a moment to look at her. She has been checking me out all afternoon, but I have been so distracted I realize that she is pretty turned on. Her nipples are hard enough that I can see them pressing against her bra.

“Shouldn’t you be getting ready for bed soon?” I suggest softly, grinning. “Don’t let me interrupt your routine.”

“You’d like that, huh? Perhaps, I should at that.” She says, standing and pulling the thin night shirt from the floor where I dropped it earlier. “Maybe you’d like the chance to pick something for me to wear for a change?”

This is almost more than I can take. Is she teasing me? I certainly think so, but what if this is an offer? “I doubt that I would complain about anything you want to put on. I will admit to wondering what that looked like on you.” I say, gesturing to the short shirt. It would definitely look better on her than on me!

“Actually I was thinking of giving this to you to wear out the window.” She replies. “Would you rather me put it on and you go out naked again?”

Teasing, definitely teasing. She is driving me crazy and she knows it. Time to push, “Thank you, maybe you want to try on the camisole then and I can help you adjust it back to fit?”

She was not expecting that! She inhales sharply and almost laughs out loud before catching herself. “You really are a naughty boy Edward; maybe you should have a reward for all you’ve been through today. Would you rather have the T-shirt, the boxers, or maybe the camisole? What souvenir would you like, after all we have the pictures, and you should have something too, unless you want a picture?”

“I can’t say I want any of those pictures unless you’re willing to let me have all of them so I can destroy them.” I try. “I didn’t think so. You’re going to let me pick whatever I want?”

Boldly I say, ”I want your and Tina’s panties.” She looks blankly at me for a moment, then glancing around, reaches to hand me the pink lace pair from earlier.

“These what you have in mind?” She purrs. “I may have something similar but I’m not sure I want you using them to jerk off into.” She add as she hangs them on my erect cock.

“Those might do for Tina’s contribution; after all she isn’t in here right now. But I’m thinking something a bit more personal from you. I think you should donate the ones you’re wearing. After all, you wouldn’t want me to draw any attention to my being in here like this.” I threaten, not sure where this is coming from but liking the feeling of turning the tables.

“You wouldn’t dare!” She hisses. Though she seems a bit uncertain. “We would be so much trouble. My dad might kill us both!” A little shiver goes through her as I can tell she imagined the prospect of getting caught.

“You can just think of it as a dare. If that makes it easier, after all I am standing here totally naked, in your room. It isn’t so much to ask after what you did to me today.” I suggest.

“What did I do?” She protests. “I was trying to help you when you got caught. If you wanna blame somebody blame yourself, or Lindsey and Robyn. If Robyn hadn’t been so loud none of this would have happened with Tina anyway. And they took your clothes right? You should be threatening them not me!”

“But you made me come inside instead of letting me get my clothes, and then you didn’t stop things when we both know you could have. You are the oldest after all. The others would have been a lot less likely to do anything if you had spoken up.” I offer. She knows I am right. I can see the realization as it hits her. “You wanted to see me tortured by them huh! You even took some of the pictures. Wonder what the folks would think about those? It is pretty obvious that the one person not in the pics must have been using the camera.”

“OK, let me find something to put on and you face the wall while I change, better yet go back in the closet and close the door.” She says, weakly, as if she anticipates my reply already.

“I think I have spent enough time in the closet. I want you to take off everything, get completely naked just like me. Then maybe I will find something for you to wear.” I demand, a little louder than I should have perhaps, but Wendell’s music had finally come on so it was probably OK.

“Shhh…” Beth hissed, nervously. “You’re insane, you know that? God, what have I gotten myself into here? I can’t just strip in front of you!”

“Really?” I say incredulously. “But you can make me do all sorts of crazy things with younger girls? Last chance,” I say, moving toward the bedroom door as if to open it and walk down the hall, birthday suit and all.

“Wait, OK. You can’t tell anyone about this, not Wendell, Tina, No One!” She begs. “Promise me, OK?”

“I’m waiting, I say.” Somewhat coldly perhaps but the thrill of knowing how close she is to giving in is intoxicating. Is this what they were feeling earlier when I was at their mercy? No wonder things got so crazy.

As I turn back into the room, I notice the camera sitting on the corner of her dresser. I try not to make it obvious as I ease that way, not looking at it but watching her. Beth in turn seems very shy and almost awkward now. Her confidence is gone, she turns her back to me as she unfastens her jeans, sitting on the edge of the bed as she lowers them to her knees. I let this pass, as I am now in position to make a quick grab for the camera and plan to get at least one picture as a souvenir after all! For her part, she is hesitating to go further.

“So far so good, look at me.” I suggest. “It’s not so easy when it’s you huh? Was it you who said it earlier? Do you need a little assistance? I would be glad to help.” I would too! But I might have to give up on the picture idea, hell it would be worth it.

“No way, you stay over there.” Beth orders, a little confidence coming back into her voice.

In one swift motion she pulls her shirt over her head and my eyes fall on to her full breasts. Well her bra really, but for the briefest moment my imagination erased it and she was topless, lol. It was all I could do not to grab the camera. I knew if I did the show was over however so I restrained the impulse. Beth is sitting on her bedside, in bra and panties, clutching her shirt to her chest. Her knees are up and she is actually giving me a pretty good preview of her pussy. Things certainly appear to be happening down there from what I can see. It is sort of a peek a boo performance as she squirms around, trying to decide how best to cover up and knowing that she really can’t.

I step forward and take hold of the shirt tail. “Let me have this, please.” I say gently, but firmly. She looks up at me as I point out, “Think of it as wearing a bikini. I have already seen you in one, right? What’s the difference?”

“The difference is that you expect me to take it off.” She says. “That and the fact that you’re standing in my room buck naked.”

“Not entirely my idea, I think. Regardless, it’s getting late and I need to get home soon.” I say as I toss the shirt which she has released onto the floor. “So are you gonna stand up or lay on the bed for this last part?”

“I hope you’re enjoying this.” She says, defiantly as she reaches back and unclasps her bra.

Her breasts are full for her age, perfect and firm. Her nipples could not be harder, I think. I catch her looking at my cock again, and as I glance down it twitches. God don’t let me come all over her right now. As glorious as it might be to do so, that would definitely end this adventure. Not to mention she would likely scream at me so loud as to call my bluff about the whole alerting the parents thing.

Being older she obviously knows something of what this is doing to me and comments, “You better keep it together stud. It looks to me like maybe you’re about to overload your system. Maybe I should stop now.”

“You said I could have your panties,” I reply. “They look to be in need of changing anyway.”

“If you make a mess in my room, you’re gonna clean it up.” She says, as she stands up. Bending down she pushes her panties below her knees. She is neatly trimmed. As her panties fall to the floor, I point the Polaroid which I have swiped and press the flash button. The only sound in the room is the whir of the film cartridge. Beth is speechless. I am grinning.

With careful restraint Beth asks, “What did you do?”

This strikes me as comical since it is pretty obvious that I just took a picture. It is after all developing as we speak. The quiet edge to her voice however is a bit frightening. Perhaps I took it a bit too far? “I um, decided to take you up on the offer to pick out a photo souvenir. I think I like this one!” May as well go for broke right?

Beth raises her left foot, giving me an unintentional view of her pussy. She retrieves the panties from around her toes and tosses them in my face. Her scent is strong on them, but at the moment her temper is stronger.

“You had best be going.” She says, very quietly but firmly. “That way.” Pointing out her window.

As I make my way to the window, holding the two pairs of panties and the picture, I want to say something. I open it quietly, and as I climb out Beth comes over, still naked.

“This isn’t over, hope you enjoy those. Here’s the shirt to go with them.” Tossing me the first thing she gave me to wear. “Try not to mess them up before you get home!” And with that she closed the window and her blinds, turning away.

Making my way cautiously towards the woods I notice Tina’s window blinds are still open. Glancing back I see her watching me. She hisses, “Psst, sure took you long enough climbing out.”

Was she jealous? How long has she been sitting here? “Just can’t get enough huh?” I say in response.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” She asks, apparently confused.

“If you really want to see me that bad maybe you should follow me out here, after all every Adam needs an Eve.” I say, daring her, hoping she will.

“You wish, pervert. What’s that you got there?” She asks. Indicating the cloth bundled in my hand.

“Just a few souvenirs.” I say, laughing as I sprint into the woods.

“Night Adam!” I hear faintly as I make my way to where I left my clothes.

It didn’t occur to me what a mess I would have been in had they not been there. I doubt I could have gone back to Beth for help tonight. For all I know Tina might have been aware of what happened by then. Thankfully, I was able to get dressed and get home. I was a bit later than usual but not so late as to cause a stir. I spent quite a while in the shower that night, and again the next morning. I’m not even sure if I had dreams or nightmares, only that I woke up stiff as a board and ready to explode.

I think I might take a break from going into the woods for a while. Well, at least I will go a lot deeper in next time I feel adventurous, HA Hah!

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