A Walk in the Woods... Part 3

Written by , on 2018-10-28, genre domination

Could things get any worse? I am about as embarrassed as I think it’s possible to get. I am nearly naked, standing in the bedroom of my friend Wendell’s older sister. The only reason I am not naked is that she gave me something to wear. I have fantasized about this girl in the past but the circumstances are not even remotely like any that I have envisioned. Beth is almost a year older than myself, 15-16 yrs old, she is a brunette and full figured for her age. There are plenty of fantasies where I discover her nude and vulnerable, this however is not one of those dreams... it’s more of a nightmare. It turns out that the shorts I have on, boxers really, are not Beth’s or even Wendell’s but her younger sister Tina’s. They really don’t fit at all but at the time I was not in a position to be too picky. I actually feel more exposed at the moment dressed as I am than I did earlier, buck naked. This is largely due to the fact that the person to whom the boxers belong is adamantly demanding an explanation as to how and why I am in her sister’s room dressed as I am. This in itself is a problem since Tina is not looking to me for an explanation but to her sister Beth.

I find myself wondering what Beth will say. Is it possible that she will simply try the truth? What if she comes up with some elaborate story? Do I play along? To complicate things further, there are two other girls present, Robyn and Lindsey who are at least partially to blame for my current predicament. The question is will they tell Tina everything as it happened, will they try to play it off as if they are just as surprised as she is or something in between? There is no way this goes well, that much is for certain.

I am about to weigh in with my attempt to explain, when Tina focuses her glare fully on Beth. “Why is Eddie in your room? He’s dressed like he’s here for a slumber party! Where are his clothes?”

“Eddie is wearing what I gave him to wear. I really don’t know where his clothes are but I think Robyn might, which is why she is in here too.” Beth offers, as if this is no big deal and it will all be cleared up in no time.

“Wait, are you telling me he came in here naked?” Tina asks incredulously, as she turns. Once again I feel her eyes pass over me as she looks to Robyn. “Why does Beth think you have his clothes? You were in my room with me and Lindsey.”

Robyn is another girl from the neighborhood. She and Lindsey live a few houses down the road. These two girls are almost always seen together; they are the same age and have most of their classes together. These three girls, Tina, Robyn and Lindsey are between 12-13 yrs old, which puts them nearly a couple of years younger than me. Needless to say at the moment I am having a difficult time hiding the fact that I am reluctantly aroused by my situation.

“I don’t have his clothes and I really don’t know why Beth asked me in here,” Robin responds. “I sure wasn’t expecting to find Eddie in here dressed like this! Perhaps Eddie would like to tell us what happened to his clothes or where he left them?”

Damn, it seems the ones responsible for me coming out of the woods naked are gonna play innocent! I have no idea what time it is but I can’t help but think that Wendell and his parents are due home shortly. It simply won’t do for this discussion to take all night nor do I need to be dressed in their daughter’s night clothes when Mr. and Mrs. Henderson arrive! Actually I don’t particularly think they would approve of my being here with them gone period.

Tina once again turns her eyes upon me. This time she is more curious when she looks at me. I know she wants me to answer, to explain, but I can’t think what to offer as an explanation that doesn’t sound ridiculous or make me seem like some sort of pervert.

“Well you see,” I begin. “In Genesis, Adam was in the Garden with Eve, then she ate that apple, right?”

“Seriously, where are you going here?” Lindsey interrupts. “It’s Adam’s fault you’re in Beth’s room wearing Tina’s undies?”

“Let him explain,” Tina says. “This sounds… interesting.”

“Adam and Eve were naked in the garden but till Eve ate that apple they didn’t know it.” I say. “So I went into the woods to see what it would be like if I was Adam.”

“So then you came over here and Beth dressed you in this get up?” Lindsey asks.

I’m getting fed up with her crap so I fire back, without thinking. “No, then you and Robyn here stole my clothes and hid them from me and made me walk around with you naked till Tina saw you! I was just trying to find them when I got caught by Beth.”
“That explains it, I think.” Says Tina, looking around again at everyone, this time at least.

“Robyn” Beth says quickly, “Go outside and bring his things in here please!” As she hands her the backpack she has been holding. “You do know where his clothes are right?”

“Sure, I’ll be right back.” Robyn replies as she turns to go down the hall.

For most of this time I have been struggling to ignore the fact that I was barely clothed in front of four attractive girls. Any of whom I would be glad to see in a similar situation, let’s be fair. My earlier full boner has calmed down to semi rigid but I am still conscious of each set of eyes as they pass over me. Standing here I am ever more aware of the fact that I am so vulnerable and as my mind plays with this I become hard once more. Lindsey, of course must point this out.

“I think he is enjoying all this attention. Looks like he’s gonna bust out of those little briefs any minute, if he doesn’t stain them first!” She says, with an evil mirth that makes me even more nervous.

Beth and Tina, both now seem to be looking at me even more closely as I try to cover my member, which is beginning to emerge from the waistband.

“Yeah, it looks to me like he really likes that outfit. Maybe we should find him something else even cuter to try on before we give him his clothes back?” Lindsey suggests. “Maybe you should take those off him Tina, before he messes them up!”

Tina for her part looks shyly away at first, then, I hear her say: “It seems I am the only one here who hasn’t seen your “Adam in the Garden of Eden act. Perhaps you should give me these back?” She suggests, reaching towards me as if to pull the boxers off.

Just in the nick of time, I hear the back door close and Robyn is back with my clothes. I am feeling a huge sense of relief as she comes into the room. Until, that is, Tina stops her from giving me the bag. “How about it Eddie?” She asks. “It doesn’t seem fair to me really.”

“What’s going on?” Robyn asks. “Here are his clothes.”

“We’re thinking he might not need them right now. He seems to really like what he’s wearing, though part of him is having a hard time with it. I bet you’d be more comfortable without those.” Lindsey says.

I look to Beth for support, as she is not only the oldest but also this is her room. Her face gives me no clue as to what she is thinking but she seems content to observe and let things play out however they will.

“Lindsey has a point, I think.” Tina says, “How about you give me my shorts before you ruin them. I’m not sure I could ever wear them again but there’s no sense letting you mess them up. Perhaps Beth will let you try on one of her thongs next?”

This situation is degrading fast. I don’t want to strip in front of Tina. Lindsey and Robyn were bad enough but at least they hadn’t stood over me and made me disrobe. I was already naked and they accidentally caught me, somehow that made a difference in my head. I am trying not to think about Beth in a thong, while also trying to come up with some way to get these girls to just give me my clothes and let me get out of here.

“Can’t I just take my clothes and go?” I plead as I look from one face to another, landing finally on Tina who somehow remains in charge.

“Perhaps, but either way you are going to have to remove those things in order to get dressed. I bet Lindsey here wouldn’t mind helping you take them off. Would you like some help?” Tina asks. “How about this, if you take those things off right now, you can chose what to wear next. Sound fair?”

I have a sense there is a catch to this but am eager to get dressed so I comply reluctantly. As I reach to the waistband of the briefs to pull them down, Tina says, “Use the zipper or you’ll stretch them out of shape. Don’t you know anything?”

As my fingers find the tiny zipper once again I glance up to find four sets of eyes riveted on them, therefore on my crotch. This makes me even more self-conscious and I turn away from the stares. I have barely unzipped them when a pair of hands jerks them down so fast I hardly know what happened.

I turn to see who did this as Lindsey says, “Let’s get this show on the road, we don’t have all day here.” Reminding us all that at some point, perhaps soon, Wendell and his parents could walk in and none of us want to explain today’s events. “You see Tina, Eddie here is about as excited as he can get to be on display. He just likes to pretend being shy. Time for the shirt, take it off!”

“OK, fine, then I get my clothes.” I say as I pull off the thin garment. It was too short to offer any modesty as it was. Once again I am naked, fully erect, I hold out my hand toward Robyn, who is closest to the bag with my clothes.

“Not so fast.” Tina says, “I said you could choose what to wear next. How many outfits do you have here? Just the one, huh? Not much choice. Lindsey, had a great idea I think. Let’s give you some options.”

“But, you said.” I sputter. “I need to get dressed, what about your parents? If they come home we’re all in big trouble! Not just me, all of us! Come on, I stripped down, give me my clothes.”

“What I said was that you would get to choose. Wait here, maybe you can help Beth find something to put on next. I’ll be right back!” She says as she leaves the room, taking my clothes with her.

It’s all I can do not to tackle her as she turns but being out numbered 4 to 1, I think better of this. Instead I just stand there, as once again Beth looks me over, actually grinning. Robyn for her part looks decidedly uncomfortable. Perhaps she is thinking about getting caught here herself? Do I detect a bit of sympathy for my dilemma?

They are gone for several minutes, I am beginning to think they may not return when Tina emerges from her room holding a white lacy sun dress, which I have actually seen her wear. In this she is a vision. As she holds it up to measure it against me I realize that she wants me to model it for them! It is actually quite sheer, but she offers me no slip, instead she has hot pink lace panties, or at least I think they are panties. What she offers me is not a thong. There is a bit more cloth to these but not much more, French cut panties maybe? These things will not fit me, or even cover me. Lindsey then walks in holding a Polaroid camera and snaps a quick photo as I stand there in total shock.

“Smile!” She says. “We need a before and after pic I think. Don’t you agree Beth?”

As I try to cover myself I realize they left my clothes in the other room. “Where are my clothes? You said I get to choose, I choose them.”

“Oh, you must have misunderstood me. You get to choose, but only from my outfit or Beth’s. Have you anything for him to try Beth? I mean, you might like him in his birthday suit but I think we should give him at least one more option for the photo shoot!”

Photo shoot, what photo shoot? “I did not agree to any sort of photo shoot!” I protest.

“Well, you can’t expect to come into a girls home completely naked and prance around for her and her friends without getting a snapshot or two taken, can you?” Lindsey says, snapping yet another pic. “No need to cover up, Eddie. We’ve seen it all already!”

“That doesn’t mean I want you to have pictures!” I say as I grab up the shirt I had on earlier and wrap it around my waist while trying to cover my face with one hand.

Tina approaches me, tugs the shirt away and thrusts the panties at me. “Try these on 1st, I may have to look for something else.” Then turning to Beth she asks, don’t you have something he would look cute wearing?

“Well” Beth considers, “I thought he was kind of cute in the night shirt… let me see.” As she begins to rummage through her drawers, I get a sinking feeling of doom. Reaching towards the back of a lower drawer, she produces a bright red, one piece lace teddy. “If we’re gonna do this, I want to see him in this.”

At this point I realize that I no longer have a real choice. Lindsey has several pictures, Beth is on board, Tina seems about as eager as Lindsey to embarrass me and Robyn, while she seems nervous, she is still here. No one is forcing her to do anything so really why would she leave?

Hesitantly I take the bright pink panties from Tina’s hand. Our fingers touch, only slightly, but there is a literal static charge which makes us both jump. In a way this increases the tension between us as we both nervously laugh. What is it with girls and pink anyway?

I step into these and pull them up. As I adjust them to try to cover my manhood there is yet another flash. My eyes were not looking at the camera but I know that it doesn’t matter. There is no way I can deny these girls basically anything they ask of me from now on. With a sigh I reach out for the dress.

“Wait, Eddie?” Tina asks, “Are you choosing to try the dress or would you like the camisole?”

“Does it really matter? I’m pretty sure you’re gonna have me model both sooner or later.” I state with certainty.

“Excellent choice!” Tina says excitedly. “Take those back off, it’s not like they really fit well anyway. Beth, you heard him, he wants to try on your cammie!”

Again I find myself stripping for these girls. It’s as if they have turned me into a doll with which to play dress up. It takes a moment for me to figure out the camisole. It has fasteners in the crotch, so it can be pulled over like a shirt or stepped into like a swimsuit. I get a little advice as to how best to put this on and am struggling to affix the bottom when Lindsey tells me to lay across the bed. I look at her incredulously, wondering what exactly she wants now.

“Lay back, stretch out. That red lace nightie is cute but it needs an adjustment.” She suggests. “You wanna help him out Beth?”

“Not while you take pictures, no thanks. Let me hold the camera and you do it!” Beth challenges.

Handing the camera to Beth, Lindsey steps up, pushing me back onto the bed, almost forcefully. Then she tugs on the cloth between my balls and anus. I am trying to tell what she is doing and trying not to think about the fact that her hands are so close to my junk. She unfastens the bottom of the garment, adjusts it somehow and then after flashing the camera what could only be a lewd spread eagle shot, fixes whatever I had done wrong. The camisole is only slightly more comfortable down there now. Do girls actually sleep in these things? Do they like them? I’m thinking not so much since it was in the back of the drawer but who knows.

“Now stand up.” Lindsey says, stepping back. She actually appears a bit flustered for once. Is she blushing? “The straps are a bit loose, causing the top to sag. No tits after all! Do you mind?” Lindsey asks Beth as she turns me around. I’m not sure what for but it appears that they are determined to make this thing fit me just so.

“Can’t we just get this over with?” I beg. I seem to be doing a lot of that today. “This thing itches and I want my clothes.”

“We’re almost done here,” Tina says. “The pictures won’t look right if the top doesn’t fit though. Go ahead Lindsey, Robyn why don’t you help too!”

Now each girl is pulling on the straps of the camisole top. This seems to satisfy them, as Beth snaps yet another picture. “Almost out of film girls” She says. “Guess we need to wrap this up.”

Tina hands me the dress, which she has already unzipped. A curious sensation cones over me as I step into it. I am barely aware of the camera, or even the girls as I pull it up, then a flash brings me back into the moment. I need help with zippering the back of course. It is not a great fit but very snug. The girls are giggling and excitedly taking turns getting into pics with me. As I turn to look in the mirror, I see myself, the red lace underwear is very visible under the white dress, and I look very slutty. My cock is pushing hard against its restraints but is not so obvious as to be easily noticeable. Frankly I am stunned.

“Next time we’ll have to work on hair and make-up!” Lindsey says with a loud laugh, as they take turns passing the pictures around.

“This has certainly been the most fun afternoon we’ve had in a while.” Robyn says.
“Can I get some help getting out of this stuff please?” I ask. As it has only occurred to me that now that I‘m dressed in this getup, I can’t take it off without help! The dress is simply too tight and I don’t think it would go over well for me to tear it. “Maybe one of you can go get my clothes so I can change?”

“About that…” Tina says. While I was finding this outfit, Lindsey put your clothes back outside. “After all you wanted to walk around in the woods naked right? I asked her to return them to where she found them. She understands now that she owes you an apology for taking them in the 1st place.”

“I’m sorry” Lindsey offers, almost without snickering.

“What am I supposed to do now?” I ask desperately.

“Well if you ask nicely you might be able to borrow that outfit till you find your clothes, or you can always leave the way you came in.” Beth suggests, apparently enjoying this twist in the plot against me.

“Personally, I don’t really want my dress messed up in the woods.” Tina says. “I can’t imagine you having the nerve to walk outside naked but since you apparently did it before, I think you should leave like you came.”

At this point I am in a bit of a daze as Robyn unzips the dress and I step out of it. I am uncertain I can muster the nerve to leave completely naked when a noise from outside announces the presence of a car in the yard.

“Oh Shit!” I say, “What was that?” Though I fear I know exactly what and who that is outside.

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