My Mother is a cheap Drunk

Written by , on 2018-10-26, genre incest

I'm Kevin 23 single and work at a factory, my mother Wendy 48 is a shop assistant and divorced. My father divorced her 9 years ago and then married his assistant, he told my mother that she was holding him back in his career. She hasn't had a relationship since the divorce, my father didn't want to saddle his new wife with a teenager (his words) and so I was left with mom. Which suited me, I never got on with him much at all. I've had a few girlfriends and have a regular sex life. Wendy dosen't I felt really sorry for her, but she would just go to work and come home. Never going out, except for family events like marriages, funerals and birthdays. I realised that she couldn't drink too much as she got drunk easily. So last year when we went to my cousins wedding out of town and my then girlfriend was unable to join us. I went with Wendy and we stayed in a motel together. At the reception she just drank soda's or the punch, but I added some vodka to spice it up a bit. So she got drunk and I took her back to room at the motel which was next to reception venue. It was late and the Bride and Groom had left already, so it was time to go I thought. She was able to walk by herself and we had talked as we returned to our room. She had loosen up a lot. She said She needed a fuck and there wasn't any men at the wedding that made her wet. I hadn't heard talk like that before, I was a bit shocked at first. But I soon got over it and looked at her as woman for the first time. She was a sexy woman and I started to think of fucking her and had a hard cock from thinking of it. On arrival at the room we entered and she sat down on a bed, she noticed my bulge in my pants. What gave you that she asked, You did I replied. Adding I think your really sexy woman I would like fuck. We can't do that she answered, Why not I replied. I'm your mother and it's not right , its incest she replied. So what I said You can't get pregnant and no one will know except us and I want to show you how much I love you. Bullshit she said You just want a fuck and I'm the only woman around. I could go out and pickup a girl and most likely get laid as well. But why waste the time when I have beautiful woman here right now I added. With that I kissed her on her lips and laid her back on the bed. I kept kissing her and she started to kiss me back and I started to undress her and she didn't try to stop me. I moved down her body and suckled her breasts. When I got to her vagina I started to finger her and lick her, she was moaning and then I removed my pants and mounted her. We both enjoyed the sex and slept together and I had sex with her again in the morning. After we showered together and then went to a diner and had breakfast. Later she was a bit ashamed of what we had done and blamed herself, I told her I was at fault and I would do it again with her anytime. Later that day after visiting relations and returning to our motel room I took her into my arms and kissed her. Telling her I loved her very much and after cuddling a bit, she said No not now I'm hungry and I think we should some dinner. We went to the diner had a meal and went for walk and then back to our room. I asked her Could we sleep together again tonight. After a thinking a bit she answered Alright. I have been having regular sex with her since. I still have girlfriends and sex with them, but till I find the right girl I'll marry. Wendy is my best girl.

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