Reluctant wife turns wild

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Kamakshi as you know from my earlier stories is always on the backfoot as far as exploring the dark side of sexual liberation that i am very much inclined for,although i agree that it's dangerous sometimes but if you research enough and plan well in advance it turns out to be just the way you script it,after the two encounters with our massuer it was i felt time to explore a bit further,as i said my wife is 45 with a height of five and a half feets ,big breasted,medium buttocks and shoulder length hair ,fair with a shiny skin,flawless skin all over the body.She is fitness freak if she puts the mind on it,she used to jog earlier but now she has started walking and doing yoga to maintain her fitness,she will have to keep fit to maintain our so called fantasies,it helps the woman to be fit in performing sexually too.There was a break in between since the last time we had gone to Goa,so I was under my next new plan ,how to introduce her to a totally stranger guy,whom she can take to bed it's very difficult to convince her as you know how adamant she is to experiment,but we went with our journey to Goa as planned with no other plan in place,I told her to just enjoy the way she is comfortable,and she was happy to oblige,we went to our room changed took some rest and by 8 pm we ventured out for our drinks in one of the most happening places in Goa,we were having our drinks and we were enjoying the groove of the music and luckily we didn't have a drink earlier so we're fresh for drinks,we wanted to spend some time at the disc so we were at ease with our drinks ,I could see a group of guys enjoying and chattering among themselves enjoying their drinks all were guys without any female to accompany them in their 30s,My wife was wearing a tight white shirt with some cleavage showing on pair of jeans ,she was smoking a cigarette along with her drink,I could see one of the guy from the group was looking at her over his drinks,he was in his 30s tall slightly dark with sharp features and a body that was toned going to the gym.It usually happens with guys who go to Goa without any female to accompany them longing to have some sexual escapade desperately.I found another story unfolding in my mind,
Instead of I taking any initiative this guy came walking to my wife and asked for her lighter,she was watching him watch her as I had seen her once or twice eying him ,females have a sixth sense of people who get attracted to them or so I feel,she handed him the lighter and he said thanks and as we're sitting next to the open area he stood next to the table where there was some space to smoke,he had a beer in his hand and he was smoking I offered him a stool which was next to ours and he said thanks and he was sitting next to my wife although at a distance,we started chatting up as where he was from ,so he said he has come for his conference and just extended his stay as it was weekly off and wanted to explore the city as it was his first visit ,he was from Mumbai,once you start speaking even to a stranger there are a lot of things that are in common he was also from the south of India from where my wife hails from,so the language barrier to a certain angle gets broken,we teased him he should have got his girl friend too,he coyly said he has none as he was totally busy with his academic and career in life just dragged and he was all alone at this point,but he did mention I wish I get a wife as good as yours ,kamakshi blushed hearing that all our conversation was going on for almost an hour and we were pretty much drinking all the while we were almost four legs down and he was also a bit drunk,I asked him he can join us as we have an apartment for some drinks and than he can go back,he agreed as he had started enjoying our company,as we went to our apartment kamakshi changed into a maroon noodle strap nighty and i into my shorts ,i could see abhays that was his name eyes roll seeing her skin colour and her bosom peeking from her silk nightie she was having one more drink and we shifted our conversation to his sexual life for which hesaid that he was still a virgin which is quiet common in india
And he was longing to have one experience before he can get married ,seeing him say that kamakshis cheeks turned red ,but I said I can't promise you that but certainly you can see us having sex which we both were longing since I was meeting my wife after a month,we took him to the bedroom and we both got naked ,I started sucking her nipples which were totally erected and I started fingering her pussy with my right hand , seeingthis we could see a bulge in his pants and we were feeling sorry that we can't do much as it has to be kamakshis willingness to further it up,by now even kamakshi was red hot with passion and after her experience with vishal the massuer she had opened up sexually and was better in absorbing new experiences ,she asked him to remove his pants and show her hua manhood and there it was 10 inches long and strong,mine is just 6 inches,so whatever said and done the girth makes an impact in friction,she was holding his penis and sliding his foreskin and it was now totally erect ,I don't know what came over her the drinks or to prove that I always get her to do this and than I should not blame her for doing it,the revenge on me or simply passionate sex as I have mentioned earlier she is the Goddess of sex she took his penis in her mouth when I was licking her pussy and wet she was her juices were flowing out thick,while she was licking him his long hands reached her nipples and as it was his first time he was pressing it hard and squeezed it but she was not stopping him,it was the first time she was allowing someone to press so hard,he was almost on the verge of coming when he withdrew ,he asked whether he can smooch her ,which she has never done with any stranger but being so hot that day she asked him to lean near her and she smooched him deep throating with her tongue,she was asking me to stop 2 to 3 times the clit licking cause she was going to burst,as I lay next to her to calm her down and I gave my prick in her hand to swell it up ,she guided him and said it's a gift of experience that she is offering him which was his desire to break the barrier of virginity and gain some experience,she guided his penis into her cunt and it was still wet but his size was big enough even to enter a wet cunt ,she was letting out a moan because it was bit painful letting a 10 inch prick enter her cunt,after 6 to 7 thrusts it finally entered kamakshis pussy and than the guy was unstoppable like a horse ramming with his huge prick and he was giving her the satisfaction that even Vishal couldn't ,he didn't come for at least 7 to 8 minutes as he must have shagged before coming my guess and kamakshi was moaning pleasurablyas the thick dick was bruising her cunt But she was not minding it,he finally withdrew his penis and asked whether he can spread his semen over her body and poured did he making her breasts and stomach totally splattered with it,as I couldn't mess it up further I also splattered my semen over her body,she had come long back with abhays ramming ,so all 3 were in heaven,she lit her camel cigarette and enjoyed the smell of smoke and semen mixed in the air-conditioned room.

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