Aunt Ruth

Written by , on 2018-10-22, genre incest

My Aunt Ruth 36 is a lawyer, single and little overweight. She is my father's youngest sister and has been too busy with her career to get married. So I was told by my mother, I was off to university and would staying with Aunt Ruth. I arrived the weekend before starting university and settled in. I didn't see mush of Ruth as she worked long hours and was gone by 8 every morning. Anyway 3 months after arriving we both went to attend my Sister Grace's wedding and due to the overcrowding of family we stayed at a motel together. No problems with that, after the reception and due to Ruth's overdrinking I had to drive her back to the motel. I laid her on her bed and covered her with blanket and went to bed. Later I was awoken by her moving about the room, she had got up and undressed and hadn't turned on a light and was looking for the bathroom. I turned on the light beside my bed and saw her naked. This didn't alarm her, she just asked me where the bathroom was. I pointed and she went towards it and then stopped and asked me, are you going to masturbate down you've seen me naked. No I replied, Pity she said If you were you could have join me in the shower we could help each other out. If you really want me to join you I will I replied. Good Boy come on she said beckoning me towards her, so I did and I fucked her in the shower. I fucked again in the morning and later we visited my family for lunch. Ruth told my mother That she had a new man in her life. My mother then asked Would she be wanting me to move out then. Oh no Ruth replied, David is not a problem at all. Mom later said to me I thought that we would have to find another place for you to live, while at university. Have you met her new man she asked, Yeah I know him a little bit. What is he like she asked, About my height and build I guess I said. Nothing else she enquired, No I haven't had much to do with him yet, they only just started I think I answered. We returned to Ruth's home after lunch and stopped on the way home for sex. I started to sleep with her from then on and still do.

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