My Sister is my Lover

Written by , on 2018-10-22, genre incest

I'm Ron 48 divorced 3 grown children, been divorced 2 years and live with my widowed sister Robyn 46. Her husband was killed in action 3 years ago, I moved in with Robyn after the divorce. She has 2 grown children also, who have moved out on their own. Robyn and I have always been very close as long as we can remember. As the 2 youngest children in our family, we were often all we had for company. As our parents worked in their business and our older siblings were too busy with their own lives. So after the divorce I needed a place to live and Robyn offered me her spare room. My ex wife and I get on fairly well and I was invited to her remarriage earlier this year. So I and Robyn went together, I enjoyed seeing my ex happy and remarried. We had just drifted apart over the years. It was at the wedding, that Robyn and me first started thinking of the other in a sexual way. We were sharing a motel room and after the wedding breakfast was over we returned there. I was still thinking of Robyn in a sexual way and when she said she was going have a shower before going to bed. I asked Do you want me to wash your back, I had said before I realized what I had said. Robyn was a bit shocked at first, but said If you want I'm game. So I joined her in the bathroom, then we both got undressed and entered the shower together. Things went on from there, we were soon kissing and feeling each other up and after the shower we had sex. In the morning we had sex again and on the drive home, we pulled off the road and had sex in the car. On returning home we started to sleep together everynight, except went relatives visit. As far as the rest of the family knows we're just keping others company and sometimes let them think we are dating someone else. But when they enquire how it's going we say it is over and we're going with someone else. I'm happy with my sister and I really love her and she me.

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