My wife fulfiils my dream

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I have a beautiful wife,45 years,5.5 FTS tall,medium sized hair,big breasts ,small buttocks,medium built,
We are from Delhi India,we love the beaches where we go to escape our routine life and blast by drinking dancing and having fun.Its a continuation of massage turns to sex story which I had written earlier.My wife's name is kamakshi ,she was reluctant to the fun that we used to have but has now realised that life should also be enjoyed,we used to take massages in our hotel room and enjoy sex seen by the massager,we used to enjoy that,my wife was reluctant to have sex with the massager even though it was for fun,our regular massager guy Vishal who is 30 tried to enter her twice ,but she had refused,I convinced her that it's just the fun elements that we need to bring in our life when we go to Goa and enjoy the adult naughty life to spice up our sex life,eventhough we have a very good one ,as we have to stay apart for some time cause of children's education which helps our sexual urge to increase and wanting each other more physically and emotionally,so I made up a plan for Vishal to spend an entire day with us for her to get comfortable,he arrived at our hotel at the given time and we ventured out with him to have fun on the streets of Goa,we went to Tito's lane which is very famous for the night life all three of us settled and we ordered for our drinks in the meanwhile kamakshi was talking with vishal and getting comfortable ,she smokes too it's an added intoxicant ,we were sipping our drinks with some nice music blaring in the background making us high ,Vishal asked her hand for a dance and she agreed to dance with him,she loves dancing and really gets wild ,her breast were touching Vishal and it was a sight to behold Vishal was also holding her hand and was enjoying her company,I had asked Vishal earlier as he had tried to fuck my wife earlier whether he was interested in fucking her ,he had said that she is beautiful and he has the desire to fuck her all night she is so hot,so I knew he has eyes for her but two times she had not respected the raised manhood,she also knew that the plan i had in mind about vishal fucking her and the mood was almost erotic and electrifying with sweat dripping from her face she was gleaming like a Goddess of sex,I am not sure how her pussy was at that time,we finished our drinks and headed back to our hotel room ,I told her to sit back with vishal so that he can massage her tired feet till we reach the hotel, her legs were aching from the dance,she was reluctant but she agreed for me,Vishal was happy in her company and in anticipation of fucking her tonight,she was wearing a short dress which helped him to reach her till her knees and she was feeling relaxed,the difference between erotic massage and normal massage is the application of pressure the lessthe pressure the more erotic it turns out to be Vishal is an expert,he slowly reached her upper thighs and she was moaning in ecstasy by that time we reached the hotel ,we all got fresh and kamakshi changed into a wrap around without any undergarments and we both in jockeys ,we had another round of drinks to ease us out before a new journey,we always book apartment as hotels so that we have enough place to ease ourselves,it helps when a third person is around and it helped today,as we know Vishal from last one year he being our regular massuer helps in easing the tension that builds up,and he slowly started with her legs her back and buttocks exposed he slowly was massaging her left leg and trying to brush his manhood under his jockey to her right leg,she was knowing that and she was enjoying , she is very much desirable even at 45 age,which I always tell her that no one in the world will refuse to fuck her she is so beautiful and all this makes our love grow more towards eachother cause our life is not based on physical but emotional bonding,and I am very happy that she agreed for this fun activity,coming back to the present situation he goes to her back and caresses it very softly she is twitching her bums giggling,he pours some oil on her back and massages her applying some pressure for her to relax her tense muscles she his thoroughly enjoying the massage now his hand reaches her crack of the butt and he pours some oil and massages the crack,my manhood is just growing seeing her touched by Vishal and lying next to her ,she is relaxed thats what I liked just to fulfill my desire she agreed to getting fucked by Vishal,it's all love,Vishal asks her to turn on on her back and now her whole nude body is exposed ,he puts some oil and blows air near her neck she is twitching and making her erotic ,he put pressure under her navel area where she likes it and ,with the other hand he is caressing her right nipple which is fully erected,and now with the other he fingers her pussy,he shows me his finger which has all her juices to show me how wet he has made her,we play with diildos at home which I always carry to Goa there is a giant one which always causes pain to her so we rarely use ,I hand over that one today to Vishal to see whether she is ready for Vishal tonightand lo and behold her pussy gulps it in the first push we are happy to see that happening,Vishal instructs her to turn on all four like a doggie style and she does he goes behind her and inserts the dildo in her pussy and starts spanking her arse and telling her why did she refuse him the pleasure to fuck kamakshi for so long,he says that he has masturbates for so long thinking about her and her bums are turning red with his spanking but she doesn't mind it she says now you can fulfill your desire to fuck me and fulfill me with your manhood he has a nine inch one long one and she she tells him to remove his jockey and she starts sucking him it's such a beautiful sight to see my wife doing it and as i said she is a sex Goddess she tells him to lye down and with her breasts she is caressing his body and licking his dick ,she looks at me and winks at me telling me that this is what u wanted and this is what i am giving you,she tells him to fuck her as nobody has ever fucked her and Vishal inserts his cock in her pussy and starts ramming her hard she is shouting fuck me hard fuck me hard and while he is fucking her I start licking her nipples ,her body shudders as she has orgasm and Vishal comes heavily inside her he is famished and lies down sideways and now it's my turn to give her pleasure I start licking her cunt as Vishal was wearing a condom I am fine licking her juices and she is dripping and her nipples get erected again within such a short notice at which we both are surprised and she says it's time to ride her ,,I tell her to abuse me for making her go through this she says I can't,I plead her again ,she utters harami chod dey mere ko ,roz aisey hi chod,meaning fuck me bastard fuck me like this everyday in hindi,we both come heavily and her body is all sweaty with her efforts eventhough the AC is working fine we smooch and I rest on her body for sometime enjoying the support and trust my wife put on me to fulfill my dream for which our secret code was omelette.

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