Returning to my old Neighborhood

Written by , on 2018-10-20, genre straight

I'm Ken 50 divorced, after my divorce was final late last year. I returned to my old neighborhood, where I was raised. I left when I was 19 to go to university and only returned during holidays. Being the only child of mature parents, I had just finished my studies at university. When my father died and 3 years later my mother passed away, I had met my wife at university and married her in my final year. I inherited property and money from my parents and used it to start my own business. The divorce settlement was fair and we parted on friendly terms. Her work took her overseas with our 2 children and I have them twice a year in the holidays. They are both at university overseas and we have a good relationship. I sold my business and decide to move back to my old neighborhood, as I have very fond memories of it. I'm semi retired you could say, I do what I want and have the money to anything I want. I purchased a house with a big yard in same street as I was raised. The old family home is long gone and a small shopping centre built on the block it was in. I'm not looking for a relationship and just enjoying a quiet life. Sometimes I have sexual relationship with a woman I meet, but it's only casual. Back in April I met Susan 43 divorced a local lawyer, I met her at a local dance at the community centre. We had a few dances together and I saw her again 3 days later at a diner I was having lunch at. She was on a lunch break from a court case. She joined me at my table and we talked. I asked her if she would like to out for dinner sometime, she agreed and gave me her number. Before she had to return to court, I went to the courthouse and saw clerk and inquired how long the case was going to take. A couple of more days, I was told. So I rang her the following evening and we arranged to have dinner together on friday. We had a great time and started to see each other more often. On the long weekend we went to the lake and stayed together at a cabin I had rented. It was was away from most people and had a quiet sheltered cove not easily seen from the lake. We swam there and it was where we had sex for the first time together, we start having regular sex. That lasted till last month and she went away to another law firm. I had started working at local business part time in August and there I met Robyn 60 widow a quiet woman who I worked alongside. I got along with her very well and when we had to work back later than usual. I asked her if she would like to have dinner with me. She agreed and we started to have dinner every week after that. The week Susan had left, Robyn had our weekly dinner together and I took her home after. As was usual she invited me in for coffee, after which I kissed her. I had sex with her that night and we have started to have sex every week since. I'm enjoying my single lifestyle and am also starting to flirt with my Doctor Karen 52 a lesbian. She lives with her partner Helen 54 a schoolteacher. I have already been on a dinner date with Karen & Helen and get on with both really well. I hoping to bed them both soon.

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