Can't see the Woods for the Trees

Written by , on 2018-10-10, genre straight

I'm Russell 25 and now engaged to be married in a months time. I thought I was never going to find that someone special. I would go out and meet people with a few friends, but just couldn't connect with any girls. Among my friends was Joan 24 single, we had known each other as long as either of us could remember. We both hadn't had any luck with the opposite sex. Then early last year my great uncle David came for a visit, my Gran's brother. A world traveller and archaeologist and now a widower, he had been to places I have never heard of. His reason to visit was to visit Gran his only sibling, as well as seeing all of us. Gran is a widow now, Grandpa passed away 2 years ago. I was asked by David if I had anyone special, No I replied. Strange he replied, I thought by watching you with your friends you did. This didn't click with me and I thought he was confused. Anyway he started saying to me You can't see the Woods for the Trees. I asked Gran what he was on about and she said Have a closer look and you'll find out. This also confused me, I started to think they were losing their marbles. Then 1 day down in the park playing with a football, Joan and collided. Not hard, but I ended up on my back with Joan on top. Then like a light being turned on it me, Joan was who David had been talking about. So after the game and everyone was leaving, I asked Joan if she would go out me. We go out all the she answered, As a group, not just us I said. You mean a date She said, Yeah just us I replied. Okay she said and we started to date and were soon sleeping together and are now engaged. Nobody had seen that we were right for each other like David. I said to Gran He must very good at finding things, as he new about me and Joan before we did. Fresh eyes she replied, it took a little time for me to realise what she meant. I send great uncle david an invite to the wedding. He sent a reply saying I see you can now see the trees and saying he will come.

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