Self Build

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I'm Kevin 25 and married with one child and another soon to be born. I married Susan 24 just over a year ago after the birth of our first child Gloria. I had got Susan pregnant, when I went help her with her self build of a house. Susan has always been a tomboy since I can remember, when I first met at school at the age of 6. She had just started school and wanted to play boys games, her family had just moved back home after years away. Over the years she acted more like a boy than most boys, her mother was a very good friend of my mother, so I saw a lot of her. We were just friends then, after I finished school I trained as a carpenter and had by the time I got Susan pregnant a good little business going. Anyway Susan had inherited money from her grandfather who had passed away and she had purchased a nice block of land with stream on it. She decided to build her own house her self. She is an electrican by trade and worked for a local firm, she done really good building the house. But had run into a bit of a problem with the roof line. That why I was there that Sunday afternoon, to check it over for her. As she had been at church before meeting me, she was in a dress. I could count on the fingers of one hand, the times I saw her dressed in a dress. Susan has a gorgeous body when dressed in womans clothes and not loose overalls. Anyway climb up a ladder to point out the problem she had with the roof line. I couldn't seeing up her dress, I got horny. I got up beside her on another older ladder, that had seen better days. It was went going higher than it was wise to go. That the old ladder broke in middle and with bottom of it going forward and top go backwards. I grabbed the other ladder pulling it backwards as well. We both fell onto bundles of insulation. No injuries and we were just laying there laughing. Susan was partly on top of me and felt my hard cock, saying Do I make you horny. I said Yeah, I've alway thought you to be really sexy. So it's not just that my cunt is across your groin then she asked. No I had it before we fell and thinking if should try to kiss you I replied. Well then kiss me she added. I did and we soon got carried away and were soon having sex, we spent the night together. It was on the following Tuesday that Susan remembered she hadn't been safe for sex, as she was well overdue for her birth control. She told when met for drink after finishing work, I wasn't worried. I thought it would probably still be in her system and she wouldn't get pregnant. I was wrong, but I still didn't care I liked her very much and always have. I said I would be very happy if she would marry me. She answer Okay, as long as my house is finished before we do. As it turned out finishing the house was harder than we thought as work for both of us picked up and we didn't get much free time to work it. Also as her pregnancy got more advanced the house build got slower. When she was 7 months pregnant, we decided to wait until after the baby was born and the house was finished before getting married. We were already living together now anyway, our families didn't mind. So just over a month after the birth of Gloria we finished the house and married 2 weeks after that.

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