My old Teacher

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Back in 1992 I finished school, I went into plumbing as a career choice. I was glad to get out of school and wasn't interested in going to university. Just over 8 years later I had my own plumbing business and was doing quite well. I got a job to repipe a cottage, it was passed on to me by my former boss, he was going away on a holiday and gave me the job to do. I went to the cottage and found that the client was my former History teacher Miss C 52 single never married looked like an librarian you see in old movies. Glasses and covered head to toe with a turtle neck long sleeves pullover and a skirt down passed her knees and dark stockings. I don't thinks she has ever been kissed, and less likely fucked. She had a nice rack and figure, I thought I would like to see her naked. But I got on with the job, removing the old gav piping and replacing it with copper pipes. The cottage was off the ground and all the pipes were under the cottage. I started by going under and measuring the pipes, I returned next day to change out the pipes. Rebecca asked how long would she be without water. I said I'll put the new pipes along side the old, then I will turn off the water and then diconnected the old pipes and it would take about 2 hours to do the change over. That would happen the day after next. Why not tomorrow she asked, I have to dig trench from the cottage to the watermain so I can replace that pipe as well. It is the most likey reason for your low water pressure. The next day I dug the trench and laid new pipe beside the old pipe and connected it to the new pipe I already had inplace under the cottage, but not to the main as that's the last job. I taped off the new pipe near the main and back filled the trench. Last job for that day I went under the cottage do some prep work for the next day. While under there I heard her singing and could light coming thru a crack in floor. So I had a look and saw it was the bathroom and she was undressing for a shower. The crack was at the bass of a wall, just above the floor tiles. There was no shirting along that wall, the crack was about was 7 inches long and half an inch wide. So I could see her petty well and she didn't get straight into the shower and just sat on the toilet lid and started to masturbate herself. She really got into it and started to moan a bit and say coming or something close to it. I thought I'll try my luck, I got out from under the cottage and went in the back door. I gave a call for her, but not loud and I went to bathroom door and listen for her to say something like what she had said before. When she did I opened the door and walked in on her. She was taken by surprise shock, she said What are you doing in here. I answered I called at the backdoor and thought you say come so I did. I'm sorry to embarrass you. Please don't tell anyone about this she asked. Don't worry I won't, everyone does it. Look you have given me a stiff cock pointing to the bulge in my pants I replied. She just looked and didn't answer, so I asked her How about you and me helping each out. She still didn't say anything, so I walked over gave her a kiss. Then led her to her bed and I fucked her, after she made us dinner and I stayed the night. Fucking her again, we slept in a bit late and I fucked her again, then she made breakfast and then I went to work. After lunch I turned water back on and drain air of the pipes. Then I took in my arm and we had sex again, I kept a sexual relationship with for 4 years. Then she met a man and married him and moved away. I also met someone Jane 26 an accountant, who worked for the firm that did my Tax returns. We married a year later and are very happy together.

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