Dog Park

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I took my stud out to the local dog park yesterday. He didn't seem interested in breeding me after my shower, so I figured he neeed to go out. I take him there occasionally to socialize him with a wide range of people and dogs. The paths are extensive, wooded, and next the the river. Leashs are optional so there are dogs and people everywhere. I keep mine on a leash because he is a stud. When we go there, I get so horny because of the outdoors and he loves to breed me when we are outdoors. We were taking a break at one of the benches along the trail when a middle aged man and his white Newfoundland asked if they could sit for a minute. The two dogs checked each other out and were getting along fine. As we were talking my stud would stop playing and come over and stick his nose between my legs and then go back to playing. Of course that caused me and the other owner's conversation to joke about a stud's one track mind. That led to the guy saying how bad he felt that his boy never gets any action just like him since his divorce 2 years ago. I said ah I'm sorry that sucks. I didn't say how long it had been for me. I just said I didn't have time for dating, my boy keeps me to busy. He replied with oh he's a lucky boy. I smiled and laughed, stood up, and told him to have a good day. We walked farther down the pathway than we usually do and soon found a secluded area a little ways off the path. My stud was going crazy while waiting to make sure we were alone. Finally I couldn't wait any longer either. Pushing my jeans down, he was already knocking me to the ground. He was on me fast and hard. On the 3rd thrust he knotted me and there we were stuck together. I dont let him do that when we are out because we cant make a quick escape and he takes so long to unload his massive load. When he was finally done with me. I waited for him to clean me like always, but he had become distracted which usually means someone is close by. If I stood up now I would be squirting that massive load all over my Jean's, so I got as low as possible pulled my stud close to me and listened for sounds. Behind us I heard the familiar voice of the Newfoundlander's owner. That was amazing can my stud take a turn? They had followed us in the sand along the river. There wasnt any sense in denying my unfilled passions or that we were busted. I said yes sir if you like. I held my studs leash up into the air and lifted my ass up in the air. The owner took my leash and released his panting stud. The warm wide tongue hit my ass and began devouring the cum from my stud. I orgasmed immediately and was panting as loud as the two studs. He mounted me but due to a taller much bigger animal I was forced to raise myself high to meat that huge stabbing cock. Sharp pain hit like lightning as he hit the spot and I pulled away slightly to keep him from knotting me right off. I needed this to last longer. He was stretching my ass and his thrusts felt like a freight train against my dripping ass. His owner was chanting that a boy breed that dirty bitch and fuck her good boy you deserve her. His chanting alone was causing orgasms to crash through me one after another. My jeans were soaked. I lost count of how many times that monster raped me but when he finally stopped, the guy released my stud to take me again. The guy knelt down and said you're a great little bitch and when our boys finish with you, I'm going to breed you too.  I couldn't beleive what was happening but I hadn't been gang banged in a long long time and never by stud dogs. I cant remember ever having this many orgasms and I was so ready to feel his cock inside me next. He didn't waist any time pushing his cock into all that cum and was soon slapping his loins against my soaked ass. I was shocked at how well he filled my gapped ass and how long he was lasting. I pushed hard against his attack and begged for more. Suddenly he pulled out, rolled me over, climbed up over me and shouted take this bitch. Shoving his hard cum soaked cock into my hunger mouth and unloaded in my throat. Both dogs were given turns cleaning me until they finaly had enough. After fixing my clothes and taking back my studs leash, the gentleman ask for my number and stated "my stud will need serviced on a regular basis and obviously you need him just as much. I know of some other owners who would appreciate having a breeding bitch as well" with that he took his stud and walked away.

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