A walk in the Woods... Part 1

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I like to walk through the woods. I have spent many hours and days of my life in nature over the years. From elementary school age through today I have enjoyed exploring lands which look to have never been traversed previously. One tract of land that I enjoyed exploring was near the home where I lived as a teen while attending High School. My parents’ home is to this day still there, however the land where I enjoyed this activity has now been developed.

This was near the beginning of my sophomore year in high school so I would have been around 14 yrs old I think. For boys this is an awkward age, largely due to the fact of puberty and those totally random hard-ons. At my age now they are rare but back then I didn't need a trigger, it would just happen. Pow, out of nowhere you're sporting wood and sometimes it can be persistent about not going down! There are times when you’re out hiking when one has to answer the call of nature. As a male this is particularly simple as long as long as the call is of a purely liquid nature. This however is a more involved type of call.

The day is warm and I am hot from swinging the machete that I always have with me on these forays into the woods. I generally wear long pants/jeans and a T-shirt as well as a ball cap when in the woods. There is a house close by where another boy lives with his family. Wendell is a year behind me in school but he would sometimes assist me in cutting trails through this property. The area covers nearly 400 acres and has a natural spring where there is a marshy area thus in places the vegetation gets very dense.

My friend, Wendell had two sisters, one older as well and one younger. The older sister was a year older than myself and was a brunette with a nice figure. I wish I could recall her name but we will call her Beth. Beth had a boyfriend as I recall but according to her brother, the guy was trouble. Frankly I am certain that Beth was capable of plenty of trouble all on her own. Tina was the younger sister and she had dirty blonde hair, a slim but built figure and seemed sweet as I recall, based on the minimal interaction I had with her. I never dated either of them but they did enter my fantasies a time or two. I doubt I am that different from most teen aged boys in that I had imagined all sorts of scenarios where one or the other of my friend’s sisters got caught by us less than fully dressed. I have seen both girls in a bikini which is about all any boy needs to fuel the imagination and at 14 the force is strong.

So here I am out in the woods, no one else around and I develop this raging boner that seems to be demanding my attention. This time I was quite excited and decided to strip completely and leave my clothes in a secluded spot. Feeling a bit daring I proceeded to walk further into the property or deeper into the woods as it were. I did keep my shoes on as there are all sorts of briars and thorns in these woods.

I have on occasion found myself aroused to the point of discomfort and a few times sought relief by masturbating in the woods. So, here I am a few hundred yards down the trail and wearing nothing but my shoes and a smile when I hear something. (Ever hear the joke about a man masturbating? It goes like this. What’s the most sensitive part of the male anatomy while masturbating? His Hearing! Hahah!) Anyway, I immediately start to look for cover, as I try to determine whether it is a person or just an animal in the woods with me. I do not want to be seen or caught like this, do I? Why am I doing this after all? What if it is Wendell? I know he goes into these woods but does he ever do so alone? What if it is one of his sisters, I have never seen one of them in the woods but it could happen. It could be someone else, a total stranger. What would they say or do?

As all of these thoughts are bombarding my brain I am scrambling to search out some semblance of dense brush as well as calculating the distance to my clothes. Can I get back to them without getting caught in a straight path where I might more easily be seen? The sounds are sporadic and random. Rustle, rustle… rustle, snap, rustle… If you guessed a squirrel, you are correct. They generally stick to the heights of trees in these woods but this one wanted to terrorize me for some reason and decided to play in the leaves and twigs under a bush. I have to take a moment to recuperate and decide to start back towards my clothing after the excitement.

My erection has gone down considerably and I debate for a brief moment trying to revive it but I don’t have anything to use as lube nor do I have any tissues out here so I figure that time has passed for now. As I walk back towards my clothes I imagine getting caught like this by Tina, Wendell’s younger sister. Would she laugh and tell the whole school or neighborhood; her parents and mine? What if anything might I have to give her or do in order to secure her silence? Would that even be possible? I imagine a scenario where she makes me do things to myself for her entertainment, then to her directly as well.

The trail here follows a natural looking ditch which is pretty clear, as if deer may use it. The woods along both sides are thick. This secluded area is where I feel safe enough to masturbate. Wendell and I have hidden a few magazines out here. It is not far from the perimeter of the land but it is deep enough to be private.

As you might expect, my erection has returned and it seems determined to be a problem should I attempt to dress prior to handling things as it were. Thus I find myself standing in a small clearing not far from where I left my belongings, determinedly pounding one out so to speak, just off the path, near a dense stand of brush. I am nearly to completion when I think I hear the crack of a twig and crunch of leaves, another squirrel right? As I turn to inspect the noise I find that I have been caught, only a few dozen yards between me and my clothes there stands two younger girls from down the street. Robyn and Lindsey are neighbors from a few houses away. They are both in the same grade as Tina, Wendell’s little sister, or maybe a year younger… They ride the Jr. High School bus. Tina certainly appears more mature and wears more make-up, though Lindsey has very large breasts for her age, lol. This is something a young boy takes note of, though to be honest, at the moment it wasn’t really on my mind.

Frankly, at the moment I was scrambling to try to cover myself with my hat, and desperately trying to think of some way to keep from getting into trouble with our parents. It also occurred to me that there was a chance of other kids being in the woods as these two girls often played with a group of boys and girls from a mobile home park across the street, I had never seen them in the woods alone or otherwise though their land backed up to the wooded area just like mine and Wendell’s. Most families on our side of the street had between 3 and 5 acres each.

Lindsey was a bold girl. I think her larger bust gave her a sense of confidence that many girls her age lacked. I am confident now it was she that convinced Robyn to sneak up on me rather than turn away after discovering me. She had kind of flirted with me once upon a time and I had even baby sat for each of their parents to go out a couple of years before. This did nothing to help me in this situation, however.

I could not get past them to escape, though for a fleeting moment I did consider abandoning my clothes and sprinting for home. The problem with that scenario being that I would have to very nearly traverse Wendell’s yard to get home unless I went down the street which was not an option I favored. Like a deer in the headlights I basically froze at this point.

“What are you doing out here?” Lindsey asked me? “And why are you, like That!” She says, pointing. Whether she means naked or erect I am not sure. “Is there something wrong with your clothes?” Maybe she didn’t see my erection.

Robyn for her part is just kind of staring. It occurs to me that since she has a brother she has probably seen a naked boy a few times. Lindsey spends the night with her a lot so maybe this will not go so bad after all. Lindsey had two younger sisters, so in other words, both of these girls are the oldest children in their families. I am making my way towards where I left my clothes as I try to come up with an answer that makes sense but all I come up with is “Getting some sun.” Stupid answer right? What should I have said?

“Then you won’t mind taking a walk with us,” suggests Lindsey. “Maybe, you can show us where these trails go? You don’t have to leave just because we’re here, right Robyn!”
“I need to head home, you girls really shouldn’t be in these woods anyway.” I say in an attempt to remove myself from the situation ASAP. I am looking for the spot where I left my clothes now, trying and failing to protect my modesty. Ever get that sinking feeling?

Lindsey is close by as I reach the spot, she grabs my hat and sprints back a few steps, “I think I should wear this. After all you said you wanted to get some sun.”

“Where did you put my clothes? This isn’t funny. Robyn?” I say accusingly. “Girls, look, give me my clothes and I’ll tell you whatever you wanna know about the trails. I can’t stay like this, what if someone else comes? Where are my clothes?”

“Come on Robyn, Let’s go explore.” Lindsey says as she turns and starts down the path. Looking back a little shyly, Robyn follows.

“Wait! What about my clothes?” I beg as I scramble after them.

“I don’t think you need them, after all, nobody made you take them off and you wanted to get some sun!” She says laughing and strolling down the path in an almost sprint.

I hesitate to join them; I could just wait for them to come back. Not being familiar with these woods they will almost certainly return this way. But what if they don’t, what if they get lost and come out on the road? Would they return to give me my clothes? Alternately, I could go search for my clothes. After all, where could they have put them? I almost do, and then I worry about getting too close to Wendell’s house in my current state. At least in the woods I have a little shelter from being seen, sort of. In the moment I figure I have no choice so reluctantly I give chase.

Robyn and Lindsey are not far down the path, are they waiting for me? I am still trying to cover myself with my hands and looking around but see nothing to aid me in this. As I approach them, Lindsey says, “If you hang out with us for an hour, we’ll show you where we put your clothes. Deal?”

Either way I’m stuck so I agree. We walk around the woods following trails and my erection mostly subsides until Robyn points out that it has shrunken by saying, “Weren’t you bigger before?”

It takes me a moment to realize what she means. Then, suddenly aware of my being naked and alone with young girls I become erect. The girls find this fascinating and want me to “Do it again!” As if I can become flaccid and then hard on demand. I find myself instructing them on how it works before I realize how inappropriate this all is. After all I am 14, almost 15, and they are around 12 or 13. Thankfully they never ask me to masturbate. I guess they don’t know what that is and I don’t offer any more info than that boys get this way sometimes when they get excited and horny. There was more talk than I want to get into about what makes guys horny but blamed it on being outside naked and knowing they were looking at me.

We were walking back out of the deeper paths when Robyn asked me what I was doing when they first saw me. This was a bit of a shock to say the least. I attempted to play it off…

“What do you mean?” I ask. “I was about to get dressed and go home.”

“It looked like you were massaging yourself, there” She says, pointing again. “We saw you… Show us what you would have done, if you hadn’t heard us first. Then we’ll leave you alone.”

Whoa, where did that come from? Have they been working up to this all along? I can’t just… Can I? “Robyn, I can’t just… “

“Just what? You were already doing it, just finish, here is about where we were before.” She says, looking at me with her big brown eyes. Blushing slightly, yet not backing down as she looks into my eyes then looks directly at my cock and even steps forward as if to take it in her hand.

Lindsey breaks in about then saying, “Show us how you beat off and we might show you something in return!”

This brings a startled look from both Robyn and me which kind of breaks the tension as I process what she said. “What do you mean by that?” We both say in unison.

“Come on, Robyn, the least we can do is give him a little flash. He’s naked and evidently horny so it’s only fair.”

“The deal was, when we get back here you get my clothes.” I say, dazed by the turn of events. “Let’s leave it at that. OK?”

“Whatever, come on Robyn!” Lindsey says, walking toward the end of the path and thus out of the woods almost into Wendell’s back yard.

Once again my heart pounds as I hiss “Wait! Where are my clothes?”

“They are over there, under the shed in the Henderson’s yard. Of course they might be home now. Not sure really… Good Luck!” Lindsey grins as she heads down the last few yards of the trail.

“Robyn?” I beg, “Help me out?”

“Well, she says, as she looks at my naked flesh once again. I’m not sure how but I can try to help” reaching towards my cock.

I almost stumble as I retreat a couple of steps. “Lindsey,” I call out, “OK, ok, I will do it! Just get my clothes first please?” Lindsey turns back with a knowing look. She has basically won after all.

For her part, Robyn promises, “I’ll get them after,” as she grips my penis in her fist for the first few strokes.

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