My Aunt Lucy

Written by , on 2018-10-03, genre zoophilia

I'm Richard 30 architect and since I was promoted, I have to go out of town more often. I own a small cottage with a big yard. I have a large dog called Buster, he a gentle giant. But when people first see him, they back away. As I next door to my Aunt Lucy 56 widow, she earns extra money modelling swimsuits and things for the more mature woman. She still very good looking for age, she mom's youngest Sister. I bought the cottage last year, after Lucy told my mother that it was for sale. I installed a connecting gate to her yard and she comes over and looks after Buster when I'm away. She the only local relative I have in this part of the country. Uncle Steve passed away from cancer 4 years ago and he and Lucy had no children. She was comfortable, not rich and she loves taking care of Buster. All my yard is fenced with 6ft high fencing and Lucy yard is partly fenced 5ft high. Her front yard isn't fenced, as the fencing starts level with front of her home and go around the back of the house and backyard. When I'm away Buster stay in her yard and sleeps in her laundry, so she told me but he has the run of both yards as the connecting gate is left open. Buster loves Lucy even when I'm home and she is in her yard or over at my place he always around her. Last month I came home early from a business trip and I to my place about 7 30 pm and I put bags in my room and went to see Lucy thru the gate. I arrived at her back door and it was open, with the screen door closed. I see into the house and saw Lucy kneeling on the carpet and Buster fucking her hard. I was shocked at this, but also captivated by the sight of Buster fucking Lucy. She was enjoying it as much as Buster was, I waited for them to finish. I was going to knock, but Buster came straight to the backdoor. He must have seen me or sensed me, Lucy was very upset at being discovered having sex with Buster. I couldn't say I hadn't seen anything she was naked. After she calmed down a bit, I told her wouldn't say or do anything to embarrass her. Buster had decided he was ready for round 2 and was licking her still naked body, I said You might as well let him and I sit and watch. No I can't with you watching she said, well how about I join in. Buster can fuck you again and you can give a blowjob at the same time and then I'm just as involved as you. She agreed and while Buster fucked her ass, she sucked me off and I came in mouth. After that Lucy and me showered together and I fucked her that night. Buster had to sleep in the laundry and I'm now getting regular sex from Lucy and so is Buster. I'm getting another dog for Buster a bitch, I want Lucy for my Bitch.

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